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  1. johnlancs

    Challenge Cup Invitation to NRL Clubs

    Not into the whole group stages thing myself, as most have said it will probably result in SL teams making it through For me the easiest change in challenge cup would be to introduce reverse seeding, where if any teams get drawn together and there is a division of more 'gap' between the teams, the team from the lower division gets the home draw. For example Wigan draw Barrow at DW, due to the divisional difference the game is reversed and is played in Barrow, which would (hopefully!) Drum up more interest, gate receipts and who knows....maybe even a shock or two!
  2. johnlancs

    Reserve and Academy teams

    I don't know if this has been addressed elsewhere in the forum, but couldn't a solution be to move existing reserve teams into league 1 on condition that they only play u23's or some such criteria? Might drum up further interest in league 1, while also offering chance for more young kids to experience first grade rugby etc
  3. I have read a few threads on the 2019 league Restructure (long time reader, first time...for a v long time...poster) and wanted to put across my thoughts. I would love to see the return of 14 team ft super league, let's take the final league tables of 2018 and this would be the following line up: Castleford Leeds Hull Salford Wakefield St Helens Wigan Huddersfield Warrington Catalan Leigh Widnes Hull KR London (finished second in champ) Below that for me a 10 team championship works best playing each other home and away. This would entail (based on 17 finishing positions) Halifax Featherstone Toulouse Batley Sheffield Dewsbury Rochdale Swinton Toronto Barrow League 1 Now personally I would take the current 15 teams (discounting Oxford and Gloucester but including Bristol) and seperate into 3groups of 5. Play home and away (so 8 games) plus another 4 cross over games (so 12 games in total) Group 1 Whitehaven Workington Doncaster Hunslet Oldham Group 2 N.Wales W.Wales Bristol Bradford Keighley Group 3 York Newcastle London Hemel Coventry Winner of each group goes into the 'playoffs', possibly with winner of French elite league. There are two finals, both played home and away, winner of each final is promoted. Hence two still go up, and two come down to replace them (as groups are not broken up my north, south, east, west etc). Still keep the lower league cup (who's name escapes me....Northern rail cup?) But scarp the big bash and make it a 9s tournament instead Basically it's based somewhat on the Spanish football lower leagues. Finally, for challenge cup I would leave as it is, ie open draw, but would introduce reverse seeding, if there is a one division or more gap between the teams. Or if Wigan draw Whitehaven @ DW, it would be reversed to be played in Cumbria, which would make a far more entertaining spectacle and drum up more interest etc! Sorry that's a long old post