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  1. Yes, given the amazing TV coverage plans, i think (hope) we can get a women's euros style roll on. If so i think we could shift another 100,000 tickets easily once things get going. It may be that attendances for the men's tournament don't end up much higher than 2013 (adjusted for number of games) but given the pricing is a lot higher revenues should be decent. I'm genuinely excited about the opening weekend, if a little worries about the state of the England squad. Overall, still optimistic about the tournament.
  2. I know, the point would be that by guaranteeing every team at least one home cup game, they could include it in the season ticket to soften the blow of reducing league fixtures.
  3. yuck. I suspect this is all about trying to guarantee season ticket holders at least one more game after scrapping the loops. It won't work. First mistep.
  4. Yep, I agree. Look at the sort of financial guarantees the Dolphins are having to provide in the NRL. If an owner can come up with a UK-appropriate version of that, happy days, I'm all for it and the proposed system seems to allow it, even encourage it. But saying "you're in cos you're in a big city" has been shown to fail and I'm glad we've (seemingly) moved on from that.
  5. I'd hope all that will be a taken into account in the grading criteria. But for the three clubs mentioned, Leigh would still come out on top due to its underlying fan base. If each of the three had to rely solely on funds generated, London would close tomorrow, and Newcastle would sink quickly back to the bottom of L1. Leigh would still be there or thereabouts in the Championship. My hunch is that Derek ends up voting for this.
  6. We'll have to wait and see for the actual criteria, but nothing I've read so far suggests that geography will be massive dealbreaker for a club, ahead of other factors. IMG are looking to improve and enhance existing strengths, not take a punt on speculative projects. If I were a Leigh fan, for instance, I'd be quite confident that Leigh would be ranked higher than London or Newcastle as things stand today.
  7. Indeed. And now the excitement of the announcement has subsided, I'm left feeling that IMG's aim, with full agreement from the RFL, is to make the best of what we've got rather than reinvent the wheel. Obviously the non-structure stuff is all about that, but for me all the categorisation stuff fits in with that too. If you stop looking at the the clubs through a sporting rivalry lens, and instead see them as different parts of a business, it kinda makes sense. Make your most successful outlets market leading, and outline a structure for the next group of existing outlets to step up. They're explicit about not going into new countries, and even France is capped at what we have. This is the end of pins-in-map expansion in my view. It's about looking at where the game is strongest - defined in ways we're not quite sure yet - and making the most of that. Five years from now I wouldn't be surprised if the top tier was M62 plus France, and IMG being fine with that.
  8. I hope BBC Sport are sending a camera down, it's only round the corner. There'll be some classic stormings out I reckon
  9. Well, let's see what the proposals actually come up with, we're still mostly speculating. However I find it hard to see any scenario where the top tier clubs have only 9 home games a season. Loops are here to stay, for good or ill. Also, remember the fundamental difference between the sports is that Struss is proposing changes to the domestic game primarily to make the England team better, whereas IMG is proposing changes (we think) to make the domestic game itself stronger. There's less of a conflict in aims in rugby. Whether that means any IMG proposals will get through is still to be seen.
  10. The comparisons with what's going on in cricket right now are interesting, but the parallels only go so far. No county, rich or poor, member owned or not, can accept the cut in cricket that's being proposed. Rugby league clubs aren't, as far as we know, being asked to accept a cut in rugby, and if the rumours are to be believed a significant number of them are going to be granted ring fenced status. If I was a fan of one of the clubs being left out, I wouldn't be worrying about whether my owner was going to sign up to something harmful, I think we'd be on the same page. I don't however think there will be anywhere near the unanimity among rugby fans as there is in cricket, as many rugby fans aren't being asked to make many sacrifices at all. (we guess) Fans of those clubs left out will need to unite with their owners and find a way to collectively pressure RFL/IMG to keep the pathway open.
  11. "introducing a framework that will allow investment at the team level" = licensing/franchising of some sort, surely?
  12. I'd say it was around a third of that, given most people do watch another sport or sports too. So dropping Superleague could lead to 50,000 cancellations at £500 per year ARPU (Average Revenue Per User - Sky's key metric which was always in their results) = £25m a year in lost revenue. Which, uncoincidentally, almost exactly equals the value of the Sky contract plus production costs. We've kicked these figures around before and came to the same conclusion - that what Sky are paying us now is about what we're worth to them. The challenge is to build the profile and presence of the sport so that Sky or someone else will pay a bit more - that's where IMG come in.
  13. NBC doesn't own the global rights to these sports.
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