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  1. I'd say this was most likely the case. She's becoming a new mum in a country she hardly knows, half a world away from family and friends, with travel difficult, while her bloke is off doing his thing - which includes travelling interstate a very fortnight. Credit to George that he's putting her first, if that's the case.
  2. I quite like the fact that NRL and Superleague aren't carbon copies of each other. Different continents, different sporting cultures, different rugby histories, so I don't have a problem with some different rules.
  3. BT plc is putting BT Sport up for sale, it was reported last night, so they were unlikely to enter a bidding war for rights for any sport at this time. In two years time, when the pay TV sector has consolidated, then we can test the market again and see what's possible.
  4. I think the numbers are pretty much bang on for what we're worth to a broadcaster/comms company. If we sold the deal to BT for say 35 mln, plus production costs, BT would need to generate around 40mln new revenues a year to make it worthwhile. BT make an average of £430 per year from each full subscriber (ie takes their full Internet, phone, TV package) So BT would need to attract around 95,000 rugby league fans to switch to their full package to make it pay. Given our known viewing figures, and the fact that some people already have BT Sport, and some wouldn't switch b
  5. Agree. Getting Sky to agree to pay this level of money while dropping exclusivity is a huge win, in some ways more important than the cash. If we can get superleague games on FTA throughout the season, that will benefit all clubs, beyond superleague. It potentially keeps the sport higher in the public consciousness, boosting tickets sales and sponsorship value, and, if we make the most of it, raises the chance of a better deal next time. Following on from what should be a very visible world cup, we have a chance to show the wider public the best of what we've got.
  6. The administrators ARE the clubs, not some independent governing body. Unlike the FA, ECB, RFU etc - which have independent revenue streams and gather power from thousands of community clubs - the RFL is controlled by the 30 odd English professional clubs. In reality it's a private members club, not a national governing body, and the only debates within it are whether the richest and biggest members of the private club should have a bit more money/autonomy. There are historical reasons why this is the case, and RL probably wouldn't have survived without it, but we shouldn't expect
  7. Yep, I bought 6 tickets for that early on. It's been quite an easy sell for non RL mates: World cup semi final - England - Emirates, even at £50 a go (which is less than the average Arsenal ticket in the same stadium). Selling RL in London isn't rocket science... big games in big stadiums
  8. I doubt it would make a loss - I'm sure you could sell 5,000 tickets at, say, the mini Ethihad on the Friday night, with full beer festival vibe etc and a fiver for kids. Enough to cover the costs. As for TV, England's third place playoff at the football World Cup got around a third of the UK viewers as the semi did - so if we repeated it would still be up to 1 mln viewers, not to be sniffed at in rugby league. Obv if England not in it it would be a lot lower, then they can red button it. I'd probably watch it if I was home/not travelling to the final, but I know most wouldn't.
  9. If the club is going part-time next year then it is, I'm very sad to say, the beginning of the end. And to be honest, when you think about how much money our imaginary Aussie/northern millionaire would have to spend to get LB into SL and keep them there, it's probably not the best thing to spend the money on if the RFL was out fishing for investment.
  10. It might be a big place, but - compared to the heartland - the player base is very thin. We can see what the quality of the L&SE part-time player pool is: it's Skolars plus the Broncos youth team, which would be bottom half of L1, where the Skolars already reside. It isn't going to be viable to run a second London club at that level. Any player who has more ability will head north, without Hughes' money to offer them FT wages in London.
  11. If Broncos are relegated to League 1 then the club is dead anyway, even at Trailfinders. There's no need, or indeed the players, for another semi-pro London club. Skolars fill that role already, and we can see what that standard is. Broncos are only even potentially viable as a full time club, so that means 5-6k a week crowds at a minimum. Atm Hughes makes up the difference.
  12. Pretty average number for Roosters there, I thought they were a bigger club than that.
  13. Almost. I understood it to mean Rosslyn Park while no crowds allowed, then Ealing when they are (so from May 17), and then Plough Lane once AFCW have played. (Perhaps late July). Is that right?
  14. You're right Dave that the playing arrangements might be the best available given the circumstances, but it's the tone, which you highlight in your second para, that depresses me. It makes it sound like we're suffering Toulouse's presence, doing them a real favour, and making sure they understand how grateful they should be for us deigning to accommodate them in "our" competition. Not a hint that they are an integral and equal part of the community, and not a smidgen of recognition that to participate, both French teams already incur far more costs and generate far more revenue tha
  15. Indeed. According to the dates in the Dons document, Broncos will have to find a venue for FIVE home games where crowds will be permitted before the move to Wimbledon in July. That is: Bradford, Dewsbury, Swinton, Whitehaven and York. As much as I dislike Trailfinders, and think AFCW will be a great improvement spectator wise, if the choice for those five games is Richmond, Rosslyn Park or Ealing then Ealing is by far the best. Is there any chance of a final batch of games at Ealing for the first team, or have bridges been fully burned?
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