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  1. Massive gamble IMO , doesn't solve the issues , in fact I don't think any structure will , we need all our clubs to learn how to make more income individually and collectively , we need to somehow create an International structure , without it would seem the Aussie's and Kiwi's , that is where the big money will come from , club wise it won't happen Club RL in this country is survival , growth can only come from the International game
  2. Yes they have created a new comp , but you cannot gauge it a success yet , 3 years down the line perhaps
  3. Once again , Leigh didn't ' replace ' Toronto , they applied along with several other clubs to ' bail out ' SL , and enable the magic weekend ( which might end up not happening given the way things are going ) Rest of your post , I pretty much agree with
  4. So it's been sold with the top England players , but won't have any after in a week's time ?
  5. How about clubs not able to postpone when it suits in the first place ? , Why should Leigh be forced to play a game at 2 days notice ?
  6. Wire turn over the pies tomorrow , they lose 3 players to injury and we see a sudden outbreak of Covid in WN1
  7. Rock and a hard thing , to make money you need a competitive International product , to create a competitive International product you need a lot of money , and considerable time , do we have either ?
  8. Everybody wants a geographically extended growing SL , as long as they're part of it
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