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  1. Adam Higson scored one very similar last night for Leigh
  2. As I work with somebody who denies it , but I'm fairly sure will happily blow half his income gambling , it is a mugs game , the industry isn't there for you and your ' interest ' despite their recent ' soundbytes ' , it's there to take as much money off you as they can as quickly as they can , it is a drug to many who are as addicted to it as the local junkie
  3. It's not odd Dave , it's disingenuous , people use it to enhance or degrade their or others arguments on here , when they know the truth You know who I'm referring to here
  4. They should have just offered them Paul Pogba
  5. The primary influence is schools and community clubs where they first get to pick up a ball with some coaching and competitive matches RU recognise this which is why clubs offer ' rugby tots ' for age 3 onwards
  6. Did you say the same 3 years ago after Leigh had beat you and Saints in the first 5 games and narrowly lost to Leeds , who won the GF ?
  7. You're welcome as ever at the Cathedral of Light Mick
  8. As I've put above , Wigan used to grab everybody and anybody , my son played at a community club in Leigh , a coach at a different Leigh club approached us for him to move to his club , he suggested if he moved the said coach could then get my son onto the Wigan scholarship , as he had done with others
  9. Burnley , it's well known that Wigan sign EVERYBODY RFL rules used to state that you could only have a maximum of I think 12 from any age group on your scholarship , but I've been told by reliable sources ( parents of kids on Wigan scholarship ) that there were always double the total number allowed at Wigan scholarship training sessions
  10. In that case Tommy Makinson and Joe Burgess are products of Leigh , thanks for that Burnley
  11. Well that's us through , another cold wet one , a workmanlike performance from Leigh , see who we get next
  12. Well don't expect me to humour him I've got a game to go to
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