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  1. Correct , both football and basketball can be played ( practised ) on your own or any number up to the full compliment of a team , most other sports ( team ) require significant numbers to play or even practice them
  2. Sports that have genuine regular International competitions create interest and therefore knowledge of those sports , those that don't , don't
  3. No , it was Leigh , Lancashire , I'm sure she's visited from her home in Bolton ?
  4. Sarah Cox on R 2 yesterday referred to Leigh as a " lovely part of the world " , top bird our Sarah ?
  5. They were the last team to beat Man City in the FA Cup in 2017
  6. They have to hit this hard , to not will spell disaster IMO
  7. So , what happens now with Leicester City Football team ? Everybody into a hotel for quarantine ?
  8. Be interesting to see what the FA do with regards Leicester City Football team ?
  9. No it's just getting that way now , complete boredom
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