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  1. 48 games ? Added to the ones already broadcast gives around 60 , how many do we normally supply ?
  2. I fully understand your point , but again , what are you suggesting they do ? You combine the expansion argument with accepting what you consider is a poor broadcasting deal They are 2 different issues and are not connected We constantly see people on here criticising club owners as useless , and yet they've got themselves into a position to be a club owner , it's just a shame that those on here who seem to have all the answers haven't managed to get to that position
  3. You'd hang around long enough to get your money out ? The longer you ' hang around ' the more it costs you I paid £ 22,500 for 3 shares in a RL club , I sold them for £ 1,500 a few years later , that was £ 1,499.99 more than they were worth
  4. Don't buy the bigger house , invest in a RL club instead , I did , you know it makes sense
  5. That's all fine and dandy Dave Until they get relegated next year
  6. Which is why I suggested a mini league of 9 rounds , then starting on Boxing Day to stretch next season out running up to the WC
  7. Yes , it was incredibly stupid to push through essentially a full season so late in the year
  8. Indeed , some charities rely on Oil rich countries to support them , they then masquerade as football teams
  9. If you can follow your team home and away great ( I believe a sizeable away support enhances most sports ) but it isn't mandatory
  10. Obviously according to our friendly poster yipyee ? , I wonder who he used to be ?
  11. So if this isn't you suggesting club owners refusing the SKY deal , what is it ?
  12. But as I pointed out , with the potential to lose half of SL , then there is no SL , just out of interest how long would the NRL last without broadcasting income ?
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