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  1. Leyth So is the atmosphere better at the HJ when it's Widnes,Saints,Wigan or Cas,Wakey or Huddersfield ?
  2. So they didn't give out daft offers , and all the dancing , flags ,fireworks ,go carts and full size Bejeweled Elephants worked then ?
  3. Ask Wellsy , he brought up the Bulls , and as usual we get bogged down on Odsal Everybody says we need to do more ( and all the club owners are idiots ) , but nobody ever has any genuine idea of what to do , online experts
  4. Thankfully nobody seriously hurt , interesting without doubt
  5. Or it wasn't paying off and they were losing money on it , nobody only the owners/board at the time know Nobody on here knows for certain
  6. The stadium isn't the point of discussion , did all the stuff they did ( much of which many clubs cannot do even if they wanted to do ) repay them with a profit ? , If it did they were stupid to stop , if it didn't , well ?
  7. Or they just ran out of money because they were losing it hand over fist from the start
  8. You do know about the various ' offers ' being made at the time to entice people into Odsal
  9. Complete madness , don't see how you can race on this track
  10. It either pays for itself or it doesn't , I fully understand marketing budgets having set up and ran businesses Id suggest it didn't , that's why they stopped
  11. Surely if it was paying off in bigger crowds it pays for itself ?
  12. And I've now answered it after reading it , the reason I didn't read it was that I wanted to see if I could guess what was in it , and yes , it contained what I expected it to do
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