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  1. Just managed to get the little sod to have his last tablet by drilling holes in bits of a blue riband Now on Monday ,back to the vets for his anal glands to be cleared ! , That will be fun , can see either me or the vet losing a couple of fingers
  2. I have to say I'm a little bit surprised at what is still used as PPE in the health service , it seems we are still looking at it from a century ago , with paper masks ( which if we are honest are fairly useless as they will always draw air in from round the edges rather than filter through the paper ) and simple masks I have a Tribord Easybreath full face snorkel mask , it is air and watertight , it offers good visibility and is comfortable to the point I've spent up to 40 minutes in the water without taking it off , surely something similar to it , combined with either a reusable or disposable filter could be designed that would provide much better protection The question of sterilising could easily be solved by either steam ovens or UV light Give as we have seen with the ventilators , a specification for a full face , fan air fed mask using rechargeable batteries to a Dyson or G Tech , and something could be produced at reasonable cost It seems to me that we can spend trillions developing electric cars that will not save the planet no matter what anybody tells me , and similar developing wonderful health machinery , but something as simple as providing a safe environment for health staff is virtually the same as Ms Nightingale had ?
  3. Yes , just what I posted on Tuesday , most people are driving slowly just as they are doing everything else , but the morons are using the empty roads as race tracks , on Tuesday morning I had to nip to winwick near Warrington to finish my job and pick up my tools , I had 3 tossers come past me like I was stopped A couple of days ago the a580 ' East Lancs rd was blocked due to an accident , how in god's name can you have an accident on an empty dual carriageway unless you are being a prik
  4. Didn't go out yesterday , but did walk down to Leigh ASDA on wed and Thurs , what I noticed was the amount of discarded rubbish lying around on the street , in front gardens , there are some lazy ignorant bstds out there , really pisses me off
  5. Yes , the stupid woman from SKY news , I was swearing at the TV while she was asking stupid questions , essentially asking who was responsible ?
  6. Indeed it can be Robin , small amounts aren't an issue , any dog stuffing a large block of Bournville would be in trouble
  7. At least I've got some ' income ' to pick up in 2 months time , just need to stretch out the current bank balance till then I'm looking at 4 months till my career starts again , then just another 8 or so years
  8. I ' invested mine into ' Sporting Club Leigh '
  9. And we appreciate it ckn , but given your £250k salary , so you should
  10. To get my dog to have the last little piece of his ant biotic tablet , I drilled out the centre of a piece of a KitKat and inserted to tablet It worked
  11. Yep , everybody out , and a few fireworks let over from NY
  12. Was she on holiday every time we've met ?
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