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  1. It's the only silverware either will be getting , we all know the SL flower vase will be going to the pies
  2. You can spin things anyway you want , I was just pointing out the nonsense you had posted as usual
  3. Leigh didn't suffer any serious financial difficulties after their 2005 SL season until the owners business collapsed 4 years later , they actually posted a profit on that 2005 season , admitted their on field performance was terrible Post 2017 was a decision made by the owner to not pay a completely new squad of underperforming players a 2 nd year , simple as , on field we were very competitive and didn't finish bottom Nonsense by you as usual
  4. Mugs game , how many poor bookmakers do you know ?
  5. Oh , I don't know , we know who's winning the Challenge Cup , and it ain't Wire , the 1895 Cup on the other hand is fairly even
  6. Anyway I've had my fun and as I don't want to upset the mods and I've some work to do , I'll leave it there
  7. Down one ha , I assume it's still a no then ?
  8. You'd be the expert there , I do admire at times your squirming and turning , it is most amusing Go on , call me a ' middle aged man ' again like you've done in the past , its what you usually do when you're getting an ass wupping
  9. So who are you adding to the 6 we currently have ?
  10. Fine , good for them , have you asked them that ? , You've ' polled ' the fans of 2nd tier professional ice hockey and Basketball teams ? Have you ?
  11. Yes and they are both sports that have never had P and R , so they don't know what they are missing , also they are imported sports , not sports that were born in the communities that currently play in them Do we need P and R in UK Baseball ? , No , how about gridiron ? , No Your argument is lost , learn to live with it , you are a Leeds fan after all
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