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  1. I'm sick to death of being stuck at traffic lights while the moron in front of me checks their bloody Facebook or twatter page when the light goes green Stupid invention
  2. The reason I know is I've seen Sam there plenty of times , maybe he went to the Reebok as well , I've no idea , but he was a regular at the Leigh Restaurant
  3. Correct , that's why Sam made weekly visits to the one in Leigh
  4. UK RL fans know who he is , and they are already attending games
  5. Basically pointing out to the Op that Shaun Johnson wouldn't be some massive draw to bring in loads of new fans to Wigan if they were to sign him , only the real hardcore fans would have an inkling Also the assumption that he is actually any good anymore
  6. Lamport has a bubble type covering in winter just over the pitch allowing football to be played in it , why would that have any relevance to what will be happening ( hopefully ) in this comp ?
  7. I was taking the P , all coaches work on all aspects of the game , as regards inovation , well in truth it is sadly lacking in virtually all the pro leagues , too much emphasis on completion rates and then hunting mistakes , all IMO of course
  8. What was in them , some butties a flask and a blanket ?
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