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  1. Now if count binface gets in , Ceefax is coming back
  2. Lost my Nan just into 2010 at 95 , then all her children finally with my mum 2 years ago 2 years in and the business went thankfully I'd downsized the house Took me two years to finally get over it and have faith in people again Now enjoy what I do but at the age of 59 today not sure how long I can physically keep doing it , working harder now than I've ever done in my life Kids are all good , but have to say I don't really understand them ( comes from having them late I suppose ) I do have reasonable health so that's good Turning into a grumpy old man as recent threads I've started show Less stressed about RL these days , just watch and enjoy win lose or draw , it's just a game Just had the usual pre Xmas row with the wife , be plenty more before the tree gets put away again Overall good Must make a start on my ' projects' ( land rover and ' pop ' ) next year in between finishing the house
  3. I'd purchase investments ( properties ) and use the revenue to ' purchase ' 1 home game per season , this game would then be free to attend , I'd then pay to market this game to the town's population with the target to fill the LSV for this one game every year
  4. Likewise Harry , have always enjoyed watching Jarrod where ever he has played , looking forward to the season more than ever now , first heard the rumour a couple of weeks ago , so glad it was true
  5. Interesting that on tonight's IACGMOOH , the dingo dollar question was what % of adults think Xmas us the best time of the year , they answered at 54% , got it wrong , 34% , maybe the fact most of them are millionaires might have given them a more rose tinted opinion of it
  6. In truth , not much in that interview we didn't already know
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