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  1. Well , we do actually , but last time we tried it , it wasn't pretty
  2. Is this the organisation that's just cut $ 65 million from its budget ?
  3. They're not making it easy are they ? Then again , we beat them last time , it was Widnes we struggled with
  4. My very last on this Most if not all clubs have similar foundations/trusts that do exactly the same Again well done Newcastle Thunder
  5. Probably about a decade ago , before I posted on this site , I spent time on RL fans MB , in one of our many ' debates ' , many involving our apparently no longer on here ' expert ' Scotchy ( smokey TA on Rlfans ) , one of them was an idea I suggested for the RFL to fund teams of marketing footsoldiers , one allocated to each club , but for them to all work as teams focussing one one home game at each club in turn , all overseen by a local manager and then those answering to a GM/CEO , this way the various ideas and initiatives could be evalued ,tweaked and shared among the clubs , the feedbac
  6. My second and third posts No jibes , I don't do jibes , you need to reread my posts if that's what you saw No excuses , just simple facts , why can't clubs in Coventry or south Wales do similar ? , Mostly money Why aren't clubs in the heartlands doing similar ? , They do their best with the money they have , and within the other constraints of other bigger clubs nearby with bigger budgets and profiles who get in first As I put , well done and thank you to the owner for his enthusiasm and investment
  7. So if Newcastle didn't have any money, would they be employing CO's setting up clubs and school tournaments ? Who would be doing it ?
  8. I assume you mean me Damien ? But I have congratulated them And indeed , the usual suspects also find it hard to congratulate without comparing to other clubs as well , which I've just suggested above isn't really fair
  9. If ? Find them a billionaire to buy a stadium and poor money into them , and all the other good stuff they are doing , simples
  10. If the lower tier clubs had been sorting out a YouTube ( or similar ) highlights show as they should have done years ago , they'd have been working at that level by now
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