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  1. So 2 rounds of knockout , then 7 games to sort out the next round ?
  2. Especially group games against the same opposition they play against week in week out , Champions League and Europa cup are different
  3. " There's nothing different around a cup game " , " it doesn't have the feel of a knockout game " , but it is a knockout game , loser goes home
  4. Yes it does , the loser is out , end of , that's why it's called the ' Challenge Cup ' unless you want to go to the original concept of everybody plays a knockout comp to challenge the previous year's winner ?
  5. It's the cup ,it's a different format and requires the purchasing of a ticket , end of
  6. This week's games could see the top 5 break away if results go to expectation and York beat the Bulls
  7. But not Leeds , because Leeds are best , they have facilities and things , and stuff
  8. Come on Baldrick , did you really expect anything more than the reply you received ?
  9. You mean the Lancashire cricket team that play in Manchester ? ,Which some people are suggesting isn't in Lancashire ?
  10. Exactly , not interested in any new area's of governance , in 1895 when our sport began ,all those clubs were from and part of Lancashire ,it's where I live , that's all that matters
  11. Given your from Yorkshire , it's nothing to do with you
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