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  1. Leigh reaction.

    Fantastic heart warming effort from 1-14 well done lads on the downside poor officials missing some really cheap shots
  2. Sammut

    Hells bells leave PV alone and enjoy what's happen now ! Could we have expected any higher pre season ? Well done town let,s see it through to the end !
  3. Town v Broncos

    From 1-17 we were excellent today, we were on the mark from the first minute,confidence is oozing through the team,and we have a stud that is almost fully fit for the first time this season, well done Town !
  4. Garry Schofield & Paul Newlove in Workington

    Hello how much are the Washington dinner tickets with Brett Kenny pls
  5. Town V Haven predictions.The bash!

    Well let's just say it's an 80 minute game and we got 2 absolutely vital points
  6. Batley reaction

    No argument that it was poor today but... Veivers to Go no way, who would replace him ?? It's a mess alright but the bod have little finance to play with, at the start of the season we would have taken survival and invest next year that is still on,
  7. Dewsbury reaction

    Let's have a reality check, if we had took the 2 pointers on offer on Sunday we would have won, Wednesday we were beaten by a side that made fewer mistakes,and we didn't have our best team available, the kids are alright and will prove to be an asset, the reality is with the crowds as poor as they are, the bod are doing the best they can. We have the best coach and I do believe we will be ok, it was always going to be tough just hope we get through the next two games injury free Come on Town !
  8. Dewsbury reaction

    Mmmm disapointing night I agree but the criticism on ritson and forester is too harsh, the blatant assault on Sam was a disgrace, which is all that can be said about our kicking game. We need a leader out there and soon
  9. Sheffield reaction

    The try after half time was a joke, as was the constant laying on, and sly hits. That said we should have taken the easy 2 pointers. Fifita isn't worth a place in the squad not fit and no go in him, just hope some of the guys are ok for Wednesday as these are the must win games that will count,
  10. Steve Scholey

    Well earned he grabbed the opportunity good luck, it's great to see local lads doing so well
  11. Three in a row ?

    Two in a row brilliant ! Can we make it three ? Well done lads Up the Town !
  12. Monthly forums

    May be a little dumb here but, didn't the club used to have forums in the risman bar ?? Where a director a coaching staff member,and player held Q & A sessions ? Maybe this still happens but if not why can,t we would put money behind the bar if nowt else, and improve the communications does anyone know ?