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  1. Just think how good he'd be if he was up here for a season after all that tattie Ash and Cumberland sausage, eh.
  2. Windz of 55mph make it iffy for crowsafety ty. They should not use the stairs at the town end for access to the popular side.⁹
  3. Is there any commentary today? They his it well last week.
  4. Great to see the old stadium so busy. Well done to all involved. UTT
  5. Is there a commentary of the match?
  6. Surely not after 1400 at the previous match
  7. What was the attendance at the Lke game?
  8. Bickersdyke and Stephenson for a while to be out now. Looking for loans.
  9. Shame about the growing list of injuries as advised by Gary We really need our full squad and best players to start the season especially Oldham. Seasons are Al about confidence and building momentum. We need a win to start which will be difficult. Here's hoping. UTT
  10. That is really true rivalry aside, it's the only time we get a half decent gate these days
  11. Good problem to have Craig, I went ftm despair to nervous, to hopeful, to worried to joy in the second half. It's worse listening than watching and Peter Smith was a hard listen today, can't we get8 a Town person on radio Cumbria for our games . Did we beat just games crowd of 1476. Thought accordance was going to blow a gasket when Hutten got the try. Made my day UTT
  12. Excellent appointment, best of luck Graeme
  13. We try again but have numerous injury concerns and Jarrad Sammut suspended. We could hopefully get a few back available for the match or we could be down to the bear bones trying to raise 17. Haven will be stronger no doubt but we know we can compete? It should be close either way and attract a decent crowd.
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