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  1. The best locals we have, can retain and resign. With a couple of others that are better than we have in the half's and at hooker.
  2. 14 -12, very competitive first 30 mins then they realised they were rubbish and conceded 60 unanswered points. Glad the cricket was on so I could split my attention and its been sunny up here in the not so frozen north. Admiration once more to the travelling support. Hope we get a good new coach, so we can be optimistic again, after a terrible season. UTT.
  3. Think DPSC are running a coach.
  4. Thanks Chris for the promotion we all enjoyed the ride and 3000 at DP. Thanks for falling on your sword as we could not afford to sack you. The strategy this year was wrong perhaps you did not have the budget we still don't know why we went wrong financially but we might want a small quick team but you need a couple of bulldozers in the Mills, Pickering, Mon Moi mould, quick wings and big stong centres. We can now take stock and see who we can get to take us forward see what we can afford difficult when success dictates the gates. Then see what locals we can get back and retain to build a team over the next 2 years if we have that time. Marwood and Walker would be great. Can we retain Cain and Malik, Cus and Fitzy, Thomposh, Bickersdyke and Matty Henson. Hopefully but that is up to the BOD and the new manager.
  5. Small comfort but we have the best forum in thr league.
  6. Sorry my mistake getting old thought it was blindside jonny. So feel free wire in.
  7. From Dewsbury bought a ticket for that game but was ill. One of the better guys.
  8. They will not count the season ticket holders that's not new money. So 1427 is quite a good crowd given the circumstances. Only about half of the gate for last year's final.
  9. That's the spirit Mr F. Well back to the gate and the need for much needed revenue so we can have a club next season and retain and recruit a competive team. We have estimates of between 1300 and 2000. So we're these mostly kids or do we have 1000 plus paying the early bird rate of £12. Plenty of pints sold and perhaps a few staying in the sun in the fanzone? So hopefully all in all a good earner if not a vintage performance.
  10. Well what was the gate after all, Peter Smith part of the commentary team said it looked like 13 to 1400. From Mr U,s post did not seem to be more than a couple of hundred from Haven and I know his comment was tongue in cheek. The commentary was painful both what was reported but also the speed of delivery but better than nothing for us exiles.
  11. Just checking the weather and someone is smiling on us. Rain before the game then dry from 2pm till 10pm with sunshine from around 5pm. So should be OK for thr fanzone to welcome our neighbours whatever the result. UTT
  12. What a shame the predicted 600 to 800 has shrunk. Hope they reconsider even though the weather is not great and we get a great game and atmosphere from a good crowd.
  13. There are other fans from Workington who want both clubs in the west to do well except when we play each other. And then the games to be competitive. When living away during my college days and back visiting I would hope to take in a Town match but if we were away would go through to the Rec for my rugby fix. I am sure there are many like me who realise both clubs need each other and the derby's that bring in bigger crowds and revenue. Its us 2 clubs against the rest. There is no place for the hatred and aggression, sledging OK but keep it under control in what is still a family sport without segregation and the need for police control. Enjoy the game and wish each other well at the end, please.
  14. Hope you are wrong about TOWNIES staying away when it is clear we need the revenue from our last home game. The board tried to attract support to the last game but we only had 751 plus a few tickets bought by people who could not attend We need those 700 at least to go to what is a Derby, accept the derision from Haven fans and encourage the team. The confidence going into the close season will be very dependent on how the players staff volunteers and supporters react to this game.
  15. £9535 raised to date and amazing continued support from supporters of other clubs. And we had thanked Fev fans for their support which was great.
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