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  1. Crowd Watch week 6 of the 888's

    It seems so. As do the NFL, NFL UK, Miami dolphins and Yorkshire County cricket. I must be particularly important.
  2. Structurewatch

    so many circles.
  3. Crowd Watch week 6 of the 888's

    Can I say that both carnegie and lufc do market to me as do the rhinos
  4. Crowd Watch week 6 of the 888's

    it was you who asked why ignore the Leeds v Wigan game, we can ignore the Leeds v Wigan game because there is clear differences.
  5. Crowd Watch week 6 of the 888's

    The NRL shirts have become a thing. Its become a Marvel Superhero round. Leeds v Wigan happened 2 years ago and has been followed up with nothing.
  6. Crowd Watch week 6 of the 888's

    Whilst comparing x to y may tell us whether or not x is larger than y, it doesnt mean that x being larger than y is of any use or importance.
  7. Structurewatch

    again, you have needed to hide behind an argument that wasnt made to cover for a lack of counterpoint. You are free to establish any mathematical truth you wish. Whilst these mathematical truths are flawed and biased comparisons, this will be pointed out. You may believe this to be is an enjoyable season if you wish. Nobody has questioned that at all. In recent historical terms they are poor. Better crowds were a crisis last year and the year before. This is the position that you are coming up against. That a previous season which had more teams involved for more places with a bigger difference in the effect of finishing in those positions had a problem with dead rubbers. But this doesnt. That crowds last year and the year before were terrible and a crisis level were better than this year, which arent too bad. All the issues that necessitated a change have worsened yet you are selling this as good.
  8. Crowd Watch week 6 of the 888's

    Your central tenet is flawed.
  9. Structurewatch

    You are allowed to enjoy whatever you want. Nobody has at any stage said anything different. Anywhere. Which is why even though I will leave a little space for it here.......................................You wont be able to provide us with any examples of it. You simply havent been allowed to make flawed and biased comparisons and proclamations of success.
  10. Structurewatch

    I am pointing out the redefinition of dead rubbers. The problem was highlighted that there wasnt much to play for under the old system and this would solve that problem This season is apparently an example of this happening despite last season having fewer points covering more teams with more difference in the effect of finishing position. It seems like attendances falling, like the number of overseas players, like tv viewing figures, 'dead rubbers' is another problem this structure has solved simply by pretending its no longer a problem.
  11. Crowd Watch week 6 of the 888's

    I was saying those things happen now, thats why the RFL dont get to absolve themselves of responsibility now. I would be perfectly happy to see SL step up and take an Premier League type role and the RFL relegated to an FA type of role, but they would need to give up a lot of power and money to do so. Though i would have a fundamental issue with the logic you are claiming here. Firstly the RFL have a duty to these clubs, it is part of their charter. Secondly, it is because of these private businesses that the RFL exists as anything more than a pub meeting of hobbyists. Thirdly and most importantly, are Wigan selling Wigan Warriors or Super League? In Isolation Wigan Warriors arent really of any use, they need games and a competition. You can market as much and as well as you want but you arent going to get much long term payback from selling Wigan playing against no-one. I would be happy to see SL move to an NFL style model and cut the RFL out of it, but the RFL have chosen to take that centralised responsibility, and are certainly happy to claim the plaudits of any success (or even just take plaudits for pretend success)
  12. Structurewatch

    You're being particularly disingenuous there Dave. What i am suggesting is that there is some heavy revisionism going on here, Last year, there were 3 points covering 1st - 5th, 2 points covering 1st to 4th. Only once was the LLS won by more than 2 points during licencing.
  13. Crowd Watch week 6 of the 888's

    You are still struggling to make these attendances something to celebrate. being better than our worst year of our short turnaround, poorly marketed pay ticket play off system. and worse than the majority of regular season games they replaced isnt success.
  14. Crowd Watch week 6 of the 888's

    The RFL dont get a say, dont get to force their preferred structure in, dont get a vote, dont get to take a share of the money, and then absolve themselves from responsibility.
  15. Structurewatch

    Im not spinning anything. I think you have spent so much time spinning recently you have forgotten which way you are facing. It seems enough people have said it enough times you have fallen for it. But facts are, that there is less on that game than there would previously. However much you would like to push the chances of Leeds finishing 1st-4th because its still a mathematical possibility, doesnt avoid the fact that the benefit of finishing 1st compared to 4th previously was so much higher. Im pointing out that if this were last season, and if you were talking about this exact situation under the previously structure, then we would be talking of these games as dead rubbers, or at best fairly unimportant outside the limited importance of the LLS. Yet there would, by what you are defining now as importance, far more resting on finishing 1st instead of 4th.