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  1. They went metric before we did didn't they? Surely a stand off should be a 0.625 and a loose forward 0.375?
  2. His nose would still be in the dressing room
  3. Can't we fit Gary Rose in there somewhere?
  4. You are Utred of Bebanburg and I claim my £5
  5. Spogs and spice. My kids love these old words.
  6. I'm not saying it's not a problem but it's not as big a problem as they would like you to think. I've had to shift my opinions to the political thread so I've put some stuff on there.
  7. Pretty much. His predictions were a huge influence.
  8. I note Prof Neil Ferguson has quit his job as a government advisor on coronavirus for breaching the lockdown. This is the guy who said we'd have 250,000 deaths, then 100,00 and then 60,000 as the data became clearer and it was his advice that got us into lockdown in the first place. Interesting that he felt it wouldn't affect him and he's the expert. Secondly his shift in predictions is fag packet maths IMO. Maybe this is a political point but there's some worrying connections between his work at University College London and the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation which funds research on vaccines and similar diseases across the world. The question is whether he was motivated to predict such numbers? Secondly, as an experiment in control the coronavirus pandemic has worked very well because we're doing some crazy stuff when the data was so flimsy. Very worrying that we can all be herded so easily because someone with a PhD creates the bogeyman.
  9. Unfortunately that's not proven statistically.
  10. I acknowledged that. I envy them.
  11. If Covid19 is all you need you worry about I envy you. Edit - we've been infecting each other for millennia. Covid is not statistically more deadly than other coronavirus derivatives.
  12. I'm having a whale of a time but unfortunately a lot of people aren't. I'm bothered about them and whether the balance was right, and the stats suggest it wasn't. The eff it point, well actually Sweden did take that approach but they've got a social system I envy so could afford to trust their citizens to be sensible.
  13. Has no-one considered whether their reaction to poor social distancing is actually justified? I also think a bit more cynicism about the whole lockdown policy would be a bit healthier than the pitch fork mentality that's developing in our society. Ask yourselves what closing outdoor spaces does for social distancing in comparison to letting us all shop in B&Q, or Aldi, or catch a bus? The policy is a mess and panicky for reasons I cant quite fathom at the moment. Recognise your mortality, particularly if you've been having fun along the way. Have we forgotten that our job is to keep living not staying alive? If you can do this, you may like me be thinking WTF is going on? We've always had flu, some years not so bad, others I've spent Christmas in bed. Why, if 30,000, or possibly even 60,000 people die from a population of 66m, of which 10m may have been infected, have we been in isolation, particularly when somewhere between 30% and 50% of deaths may likely to have been in care homes? That is an effing scandal. WTF constitutes care for the elderly, that's what I want to know. Why am I at home trying to protect them? Come on people, folks queuing for a coffee or climbing on a plane should be the least of our worries. Let's be honest we either fly or we don't. If we do then do it and stop shaming those that do. Even the bloke taking the photo is a prat for trying to moralise. If he was so bothered he should have stayed at home.
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