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  1. Thank God. Our family trip to France last year was an epic because of that road. Fortunately having lived in Sawtry for 3 years I knew the back roads to get us to the A1.
  2. A14 Huntingdon to Cambridge is the worst road I have ever been on
  3. I believe 'spoons in Dewsbury is shut for a refit. Plenty of nice areas on the outskirts of the Borough.
  4. Spike Island was right next door to where I worked. We could stand at the top of the gantry of the chemical plant and there would be regular "liasons" going on in the bushes.
  5. I had the pleasure of a year living in Palace Fields while working for ICI in Widnes. However it was 30 years ago! Driving through Runcorn today is still dull and soul-less as the town's roads were designed to help you avoid the place. The new bridge helps avoid Widnes as well. It's like the planners are trying to tell us something.
  6. Runcorn. Its only redeeming feature is the bridge but then your out of the frying pan and into the fire.
  7. Most posters recognise that the season is irrelevant. For the long term prospects of RL as a community game we need to show patience. Or we throw most of the hard work done by volunteers and altruistic community leaders under the bus to give a few narcicists their way.
  8. I would start the season in September with a break after Boxing day until March and then finish in and around May/June with promotion for season 2022.
  9. Widnes, Bradford and Leigh also know how to spend money they dont have in the pursuit of glory, so I would take what they may think is the right option with a large pinch of salt. The best thing by far is to accept the pandemic has scuppered just about everyones plans except those with the deepest pockets and set up to fight another day rather than try and make a silk purse from a sows ear.
  10. Highlights is the best way to watch gridiron but its the worst way to watch RL. The SL show is just a procession of tries.
  11. They went metric before we did didn't they? Surely a stand off should be a 0.625 and a loose forward 0.375?
  12. His nose would still be in the dressing room
  13. Can't we fit Gary Rose in there somewhere?
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