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  1. The identity of the sport is changing. Get over it.
  2. They're Zimbabwean dollars. You'd only get a loaf of bread with that.
  3. I guess you missed the game at Wembley this year
  4. The Swinton name will be forever tainted. Which is ironic.
  5. Karen Brady Peter Jones Mike Brewer Any Premier League manager other than Sean Dyche Ed Winchester
  6. off saarrrrd! Would empty Hull
  7. My lad plays U10's and by and large they have the bigger kids playing the way you've described, going into contact and laying off the ball where possible. My lad is a skinny little thing with a big heart, he just needs to catch up and they seem to be encouraging that as much as possible, even at the festivals.
  8. Where have shown double standards when it comes to being politically correct? If calling the kid fat upsets you so much, I take it back, It's the normal size kid that's busting all the skinny kids. Hopefully that's not too insulting to the vast majority of underweight waifs being swatted about in that clip. I never said he was breaking any rules BTW, however I have strong opinions on what could be done to improve them but it seems you'd prefer to ignore that point to slather in outrage on a point of fact.
  9. I'm being factual, the kid isn't a beast, he's over weight. At that age he shouldn't be in the obese category running amok among far smaller kids making their lives a misery for his and his parents amusement.
  10. If ever there was an example needed of young players not being graded on age, this is it. That fat kid doesn't have better skills, just more mass. He is the only kid getting any fun out of that, apart from some moronic parents. All the others are getting hurt or spectating. IMO it would be a better way forward for developing the game at youth level if you graded kids on size and ability, and not age. That way you can keep kids engaged in the game and justify keeping contact sports the way they are.
  11. On one hand we want to embrace new markets and embrace new fans and then there are some horrendously negative trolls allowed to tramp across this site unhappy with that. Go and bother some other sport you effin idiot.
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