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  1. Mega effort. I’m off with my lad to Catterick Crusaders this morning, so long as storm Den behaves himself
  2. Adults barley have the temperament to cope with winning and losing never mind a 10 year old. Removing this element creates a platform for learning without any expectations other than self improvement.
  3. My concern is the amount of game time young players get. It's not healthy to play for Dewsbury one weekend and then KR reserves during the week. DR is a mess, players need to be on extended loans like they are in football.
  4. Quite a statement that considering only one of your points is a fact. The thing is people think they can say what the want and also there are those who like to get outraged about it. I was brought up to ignore both.
  5. Could be the key to a TV deal
  6. Catterick Crusaders and RL have a lot of potential in North Yorkshire, particularly as football is a shambles at youth level. The Garrison could be a hotbed of the game. I wouldn't call Leyburn or Settle obscure either. Quaint maybe but obscure?
  7. 5 minute piece on Radio 4 this morning. Nick Robinson had never seen a game of RL so Sir Kev offered him some tickets. Struck me from the hints Nick Robinson was making, that the role of Prince Edward the royal maverick sits rather well with the maverick of sports.
  8. We as a sport in the UK have a duty to bring credibility to expansion abroad, so there's more at stake than just pounds and pence. The fact Red Star are looking for endorsement is both flattering and challenging.....and worth the risk.
  9. Simple solution for SL is to guarantee places to a national presence, so at the moment 12 English places where P&R take place between English/Welsh SL clubs and the Championship. The other places are international franchises, so the league only expands if a foreign team makes SL. The natural thing to do then is offer another place to France and then offer bids for the final place to make it 16 teams. Franchises are then for 3 years. This way foreign teams avoid relegation unless there is a viable reason for them to be in the championship but only after the 3 year licence.
  10. Considering Batley spent nigh on an hour in their own half without scoring a point I was of the opinion one pack was more dominant than the other. Dewsbury executed more effective exit sets from their own line. They often made over half way whereas Batley didn't. For both sides is was a knock-on athon. Both sets of halves huffed and puffed, until the 35th minute up to mid second half where Dews halves created 3 tries for the backs. I also thought Batley weren't as fit or enthusistic. Maybe I'm not as unbiased as I thought but I would be interested on a hearing a professionals opinon of the game.
  11. From my relatively unbiased view, I thought Dewsbury's pack was a dominant force, Batley's was quite weak with much lower yardage gained. I would be worried if I were a Batley fan.
  12. that brought back some happy memories. I loved the atmosphere at the game and that team is far better than what we have now (other than Sean Long's defence).
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