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  1. 1970's school spam fritters - disgusting, followed by sponge with pink custard.
  2. If licencing returned? We'd just operate at the lowest standards to incorporate Wakefield. It's a 25 year+ project.
  3. I'm not spinning anything? Get off your high horse FGS. The SL era has thrown up many inconsistencies in how clubs are treated. The many club failures, unequal investment, expectations being lower/higher on some clubs than others. Salary cap breaches, unequal points deductions, "mergers and aquisitions", academies, second teams, dual reg etc etc etc. As much as the pandemic has thrown up new issues, SL are proving to be as ill equiped to deal with them now as they ever were. This is relevant to TWP because SL has shown their inability to do due diligence (remember licensing? that was a farce). Has a 25 year track record of under investment in expansion and then getting seriously cold feet if it means clubs get less dough to buy another second rate crock. A 25 year track record of poor youth development and yet expect clubs like TWP to generate their own. I've lost interest over the last 25 years due to the above but at least TWP brought some spark and glamour back into the game. However the fact is the foundations on which SL is built does not provide a sound footing for new clubs like TWP. It's insane watching SL repeat the same mistakes but then expecting a different outcome. I also believe raking over the ashes for clues as to why this happens is simply a diversionary tactic.
  4. That's splitting hairs. Plenty have pulled out, Crusaders in a similar if not as timely fashion.
  5. Its a relevant question to ask if clubs are sanctioned equally.
  6. Thank God. Our family trip to France last year was an epic because of that road. Fortunately having lived in Sawtry for 3 years I knew the back roads to get us to the A1.
  7. A14 Huntingdon to Cambridge is the worst road I have ever been on
  8. I believe 'spoons in Dewsbury is shut for a refit. Plenty of nice areas on the outskirts of the Borough.
  9. Spike Island was right next door to where I worked. We could stand at the top of the gantry of the chemical plant and there would be regular "liasons" going on in the bushes.
  10. I had the pleasure of a year living in Palace Fields while working for ICI in Widnes. However it was 30 years ago! Driving through Runcorn today is still dull and soul-less as the town's roads were designed to help you avoid the place. The new bridge helps avoid Widnes as well. It's like the planners are trying to tell us something.
  11. Runcorn. Its only redeeming feature is the bridge but then your out of the frying pan and into the fire.
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