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  1. If you have SL1 and SL2 then each league plays each other home and away and the teams from the other league once, a total of 28 games. No loop fixtures Magic to get to 29 fixtures Playoffs top 4 of SL1 and SL2. Grand finals dictate winners and promotion/relegation between leagues. Championship for the rest. Promotion to SL2 based on criteria but still an open pathway of 1 up 1 down. SL1 showcase on SKY, SL2 fixtures FTA (could be v a SL1 club, SKY, BBC, C4?). Look to improve sponsorships from these games. Championship on Our League, keeping current production qual
  2. No it's not when your marketing budget is a precious asset to be spent wisely. SL has had 25 years to make it stick but no-one has been scared off creating their own Super League in that time. That's a fact. It is not a trademark. However I bet if the SL rebranded to be "The Premiership" the sport would fold under it's legal costs. SL needs to face facts. It's only Super by it's own standards and those standards, as they have been played out recently, are not particularly high.
  3. I didn't publish the picture, I referred to it. Bet Fred Super League is ambiguous and the whole marketing message is a mess that appeals only to the zealots such as yourself.
  4. Which Super League? There are plenty of them. A thread about rebranding and the branding doesn't tell anyone what the sport is unless you are in the know. Very peculiar attitude to marketing.
  5. Oh right, but which sport. The logo tells me nothing. It's got more in common with world of sport from the 70's. Are these wrestlers then?
  6. I disagree, there are many parallels with top clubs controlling the direction of a sport that ultimately, is unfair. The government think so anyway. If you don't think a precedent is being set then that's up to you to ignore. I believe it could be a seismic manoeuvre. I also disagree with the above.
  7. Considering the very real prospect of the government applying a TV rights levy to Premier League incomes (if that sport can't get its act together and spread the financial benefits - mainly due to clubs self interest btw), SL clubs should take note and show far more interest in helping lower league clubs achieve a good outcome. If I was a lower league chairman I would be lobbying my MP for a similar inquiry by the DSM.
  8. 1970's school spam fritters - disgusting, followed by sponge with pink custard.
  9. If licencing returned? We'd just operate at the lowest standards to incorporate Wakefield. It's a 25 year+ project.
  10. I'm not spinning anything? Get off your high horse FGS. The SL era has thrown up many inconsistencies in how clubs are treated. The many club failures, unequal investment, expectations being lower/higher on some clubs than others. Salary cap breaches, unequal points deductions, "mergers and aquisitions", academies, second teams, dual reg etc etc etc. As much as the pandemic has thrown up new issues, SL are proving to be as ill equiped to deal with them now as they ever were. This is relevant to TWP because SL has shown their inability to do due diligence (remember licensing? that was a f
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