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  1. I don’t imagine anyone will be going to Canada anytime soon.
  2. Can you not see how moving WWR, Skolars and Coventry to the Southern Conference is effectively relegating them to a far lesser standard, of which they will receive no funding from The RFL, which will then have a knock-on effect on the way those clubs run? I can’t see an argument/your argument/call it what you want.
  3. What’s the barometer for “being good enough for League One”? When South Wales joined League One, it was seen and painted as a development league by The RFL and then that changed within a couple of years. Is that the fault of the clubs that The RFL changed their plans and should they be punished with relegation as a result? Clubs don’t need pathways? That’s a new one on me. These clubs are merely surviving, they hold little purpose other than for a few hundred ageing people who watched these sides in hay days long gone. We as a game are funding these clubs to merely exist when amateur teams, your Siddal’s, Wigan St Pats’ etc are the ones providing players for these clubs and are receiving little to nothing for producing players ranging from Internationals to those who play for the love of the game at League One level. It’s misguided, IMO. Punishing sides based on nothing than their postcode and relegating them to a lesser level, which the current Southern Conference is, is unfair and discriminatory and, IMO, the wrong direction for the game. If finances at clubs significantly worsen, smaller, regionalised conferences from the current sides we have is a better way to go, again IMO, than unfairly relegating some sides because some northern lads don’t like travelling for 8 hours twice a season.
  4. Isn’t the point of a forum to have discussions and debates with people? So, you want to relegate three sides based purely on their postcode to a lesser level and you expect these clubs to continue to grow? Can’t you see how that’s unfair? Skolars have a pathway from their junior levels to Academy level/Broncos Academy and a pathway to their first team. West Wales, I believe, have similar. Do Rochdale Hornets or Hunslet, for example, have anything like that?
  5. You made no mention of retaining southern clubs, you’re now backtracking and changing your argument. A Southern Division of three teams is effectively killing them off. There’s also no way you can add more teams, because that means the funding teams get is watered down even further, which almost certainly wont happen. I also don’t think any southern side is anywhere near ready to step up. Much like Football, you have to go down to about the sixth-seventh level in Rugby League before true localisation of leagues, so I’m not sure you have an argument on that. If this pandemic is as financial damaging as some predict, it makes more sense, IMO, to merge the Championship and League One and split it into smaller, regionalised conferences, with cross-conference games and a play-off structure at the end of it to decide an ultimate winner, much like the NFL. For example, Bradford playing ‘home’ and away against Batley, Dewsbury and Hunslet, for example, significantly reduces travel time and costs and playing against a selection of cross conference sides once, either home or away, is likely to significantly reduce costs to these clubs after this difficult period. Pushing sides away because some northern lads have to travel 8 hours on a Sunday is discrimination. These Southern lads do it every other week.
  6. So you’re openly discriminating sides based solely on location? There’s a lot more to Skolars, Coventry and West Wales than what goes on the field on a Sunday. The three clubs probably do more community work than most heartland sides at their respective level, for example. For example, you’re willing to have the plug pulled on community work within one of London’s poorest boroughs because Hunslet (or any others) don’t like travelling over three hours? I’d argue that work is more important than the outcome of a Rugby League game. You have raised a point that will probably need addressing at some point in the future. We have 25 non-Super League clubs, soon to be 26. Given the loss of income from this pandemic and potential for change in terms of the money trickled down to the lower leagues from the next TV negotiations, is the amount of travelling actually a good use of the money these clubs have/generate and is there a way in which we can as a game keep as many of these sides as possible (in terms of do they still want to be here and do they have the finances to still be here, not some archaic postcode war)? Could a move to a merging of the Championship and League One and number of location based conferences help reduce travel time and costs for sides, for example? Whatever the answer is, it’s not discriminating on sides who have done nothing wrong but fight to set up and establish Rugby League clubs in new areas when we have “heartlands” teams that have no player pathway, no academies and no community programmes.
  7. What argument is that then? Other than postcode? There’s probably more going on at Skolars, Coventry and West Wales besides what’s on the pitch than some northern heartland teams.
  8. Southport was my first thought. Nineteen miles from St Helens, a team in non-league football and a population of 90,000+. Turns out Sale is fewer miles to the heartlands (Warrington) and has a bigger population.
  9. A thirteen aside competition. Taking the seven Super League games played prior, you have a 15-20 game season there before/including play-off’s.
  10. What strategy is he referring to? There simply isn’t one. This North American expansion we’ve seen is one man’s dream, which he’s achieved/achieving. This isn’t the work of The RFL.
  11. All of them. No club should be discriminated on purely on their postcode.
  12. Interesting. The disparity at Championship level is quite big as it is, so throwing some of the smaller sides into the mix could make it far greater.
  13. 10,000 French people sounds ridiculous. I was there and I would be surprised if there was 1000 there.
  14. Sorry if I misunderstand, a Super League and then a Championship made up of current Championship and League One sides?
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