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  1. They would have. There’s obligations that needed meeting which has resulted in this.
  2. Feel for Holmes a bit. He’s copped one from Myler definitely but the red mist descended and he deserved to go.
  3. Are we expected to feel sorry for a side that played three times in thirty-odd days, who then went on a five game unbeaten run that culminated in a Cup Final appearance and are now having to play catch-up? Because, I really don’t. When you factor in that this is a club with no Academy and Reserve Grade, which makes their two final appearances in a year more impressive, I really don’t see why I should feel sorry for them.
  4. Some good performances from the young lads and debutants this evening. Fair play to Salford for getting the win though.
  5. How many global pandemics do we have each year?
  6. 4 of 17. 23%. It’s a young side. It makes a nice change from Pie Sports TV with Clarke, McDermott, O’Connor and Carney.
  7. Ah, being successful and getting to finals? Poor, poor Salford.
  8. Diagnosed with Bipolar? Come and be the head of The RFL.
  9. Probably because these people have been in bubbles for months, some of them away from home, others in a different country and they deserve a bit of a break.
  10. Salford by 18. The brainless get their “meaningful game” as a Salford win will put them on a points percentage with Cas, so if we end up with this absurd eight team play-off, they could be in. How exciting. Looking forward to seeing our young players, hope they go well.
  11. Aye, imagine being disgruntled that a team with a possible 81% win percentage this season is in a play-off series with a team with a 37% win percentage this season.
  12. And lose TV money, a vital source of income? That would have been a good idea.
  13. Given the reaction I’ve seen online regarding this proposal, yes.
  14. And do you think 6th v 8th in a knockout game would have significantly better ratings than 6th v 8th in a meaningless end of season game?
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