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  1. They weren’t happy nonetheless, thought he was theirs and Guasch, unsurprisingly, kicked off.
  2. They weren’t happy when he left for Salford. Guasch wasn’t happy when Julian Bousquet was banned for 4 games for nearly killing Fages in 2013. It’s long-standing.
  3. Or his agent is touting his name out there to force Saints to go big and/or to get his name out there.
  4. It gets peddled a lot on here that he should go back there despite there being issues between Fages and Guasch.
  5. I’m a big Fages fan but Jonny Lomax is definitely the best half we have.
  6. There’s nothing to suggest he won’t get that money at Saints. The Catalans link is, I feel, a lazy one and gets peddled a lot. He’d walk in to most Super League sides with ease.
  7. Woolf has said in the press today that he wants to keep Fages, though we’re likely to lose some players this off season. Coote has expressed concerns of homesickness, Naiqama is off contract and has just become a father I’m told and Bentley has been linked with Leeds. Bentley is a must keep, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Coote and Naiqama go. Fages is the scapegoat amongst Saints fans. He apparently doesn’t offer enough in attack, despite starting the season well. I understand what people mean but the game is generally pretty robotic and structured, it’s not an exclusively Saints or Fag
  8. Or because he never hit the heights of his first year and then played just over half the games in his final season, contributing one try as NZ disappointingly finished about 13th.
  9. You know that these people have to fly back to Australia once it’s after, right?
  10. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9532365/amp/Australian-cricketers-Adam-Zampa-Kane-Richardson-escape-India-travel-loophole.html#click=https://t.co/Qu6WIk6mbP
  11. Yeah, the ones who actually play International Rugby, the ones who actually have a plan for International Rugby, the ones implementing their plan for International Rugby and the ones seeing the rewards of their plan for International Rugby don’t want to play International Rugby. Good job we’re flying the flag for International Rugby by playing...erm...the Combined Nations.
  12. https://amp.news.com.au/finance/economy/federal-budget/federal-budget-2021-borders-to-remain-shut-until-mid2022-as-international-travel-delayed-again/news-story/0dd207ee00ff6f70ed5c63354da71758#click=https://t.co/3coexoDnQM
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