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  1. We should play France mid-season then. They’re the best NH nation aside from England and it gets England a game, regardless of the score. If the options are no game (which we’ve done for the past few years), the Exiles (been done and no one liked it) or playing a Northern Hemisphere nation then playing a Northern Hemisphere nation wins every time and that nation, IMO, should be France, the next best nation to England. At the end of the season though, maybe Australia or New Zealand will play England+ though, seeing as we rarely beat either.
  2. 8 of 17 (because, y’know that’s how many actually play) is 47%. It doesn’t. In terms of the arrogant English fans, it helps them because they get to see a slightly closer game but it doesn’t help France at tournaments (or to challenge the top tier two nations in Oceania) as players will not be familiar and others won’t have played tier one nations before. You also need to find some clubs that will release players to play as guests for the French. Good luck with that. I agree, the Exiles is a waste of time. England need a mid-season international against a proper nation, not a squad made up of players who can’t really be bothered. Playing France helps France. More so when it’s played in France. They get a regular game against a tier one side, they may actually get their best possible side on the field too. Playing France helps England. We don’t play enough anyway, so firstly, we get a game for the fans to attend, we get a game to offer to broadcasters and we get a game to get sponsorship for. We also get a chance to try some different things on the field and get players more accustomed to playing with each other.
  3. I know he’s not involved with Toronto anymore but I hope Eric Perez is looking at what’s gone on and what is going on at Toronto and is seeking to sort these things out at the earliest possibility for Ottawa.
  4. Find where I said these words “England are a second class nation”. Go... Australia treat us no differently to anyone else. We, in fact, treat the rest of the Northern Hemisphere nations the way Australia are alleged to treat us. France are about where they can be expected to be. France aren’t great, I never said they were great but I don’t think the way to make them better is for up to 47% of their matchday squad to made up of invitees from other nations, which was your crazy idea.
  5. Haven’t they had visa issues long before COVID-19 was even a thing?
  6. You’re really misunderstanding this aren’t you? France are where you’d expect them to be, all things considered (poorly ran, players unavailability and so few games against Tier One nations). England/GB have regressed since 2017 (this isn’t debatable by the way, it’s factual), which has seen them lose the past five games consecutively, which ended in the removal of the head coach. England remain a Tier One nation, however, IMO, have an attitude problem and believe themselves to be better than they are and some fans blame Australia, which is weird.
  7. Where did I say we were a second class team? Again, I didn’t. We’ve lost 5-6 games consecutively, that was in response to you banging on about a World Cup Final three years ago. We’re a long way third in terms of the Tier One nations. We don’t beat Australia or NZ regularly enough in tournaments to consider ourselves as anything other than 3rd best. We have a chip on our shoulder and believe we’re far better than we actually are. France don’t underperform given the circumstances. Considering they only get to play Tier One nations at World Cups every four years, back-to-back Quarter Finals and being the current holders of the European Cup is about where you can expect them to be.
  8. Find where I said that France are a tier one nation. Hint, I didn’t.
  9. 100% agree with absolutely every word of this. We have the problem. Not Australia. Us. We think we’re something we’re clearly not.
  10. “A decade of poor results”. Again, reigning champions of Europe and two World Cup quarter finals, which is the only time, of late, that France get to play a Tier One nation, as they’ll all to arrogant to bother. ”they pick and choose when they play Internationals” - you mean, like everyone then? ”have years off” - you mean they have some form of player welfare that acknowledges that players play a number of NRL games, Origin games AND International games, sometimes on the opposite side of the World and Australia choose to have a year where they play only two games? How awful. ”cancel tournaments” - you’ve lost me here.
  11. We just got resoundly dicked by NZ three times in a row, PNG and Tonga. We’re in no position to be picky anymore. Australia don’t treat England as a second class nation. It’s a myth.
  12. I’d be more up for playing NZ if there was another nation (or two) to make it a bit more of a tournament feel.
  13. So instead we become arrogant and refuse to have a game because we might win by a lot? How else are France going to improve without regular games against bigger nations? There’s no way you’re going to draft in eight randoms and not have them in the team. Seventeen take the field, eight of that number is 47%. Underperforming? How are they underperforming? They’re the reigning European champions and have got to the quarters of each of the last two World Cups. Given that England refuse to play them (yet our fans ‘claim’ it’s Australia with the problem and that they refuse to play us), what else can you expect from them?
  14. You would be denying them a cap against England under your idea. 8 of 17 is 47%. I agree, something has to change. Namely the chip on the shoulder of English Rugby League, English Rugby League fans and the national team. Attendances in England are not the fault of the French side, it’s the fault of England. A Wednesday night in Leigh with zero advertising? It’s remarkable they got anyone there that night.
  15. Because it’s denying French players from getting capped, for a start. Does it actually help them on the world scale, ie major tournaments, when you’re proposing that 47% of their squad against England will be made up of players ineligible to play during World Cup’s, 9s World Cup, European Cups etc? I’d argue not. Why would it draw bigger crowds. The last two times England have played in France, it’s drawn 14k and 16k attendances. France shouldn’t have to change for the viewing public of Northern England.
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