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  1. You can tell which players will make a good Captain from their Eyes, steely determination and a will to win. Burgess has that in Spades.
  2. Says the man who posts the same reply 3 or 4 times on one thread
  3. How much profit do you think a Nines tournament will make? Lucky to break even IMO. How much did the Auckland nines make with initial big sponsorship and big money coming from the Kiwi governments? Answer... Not enough to keep persisting with it. The Nines concept is not embraced by all that enjoy Rugby League, no one I know is passionate about the concept.
  4. Punters speculation. Whenever I see Mascords name in a thread I move on. I have no time for that man whatsoever.
  5. Is that massive speculation or do you have some facts?
  6. Not much I would suggest. You obviously have a massive chip on both shoulders. Why don't England host a Tournament like this and show the Aussies how its done then?
  7. If Parramatta have a reasonable season I would be surprised if they do not average around 20,000 + for home games.
  8. If they were keen and motivated I am sure they would have called Parramattas Leagues Club or Ticktek and checked availability and not taken media reports for gospel. That is what intelligent people do.
  9. Maybe it was sold out and a few hundred did not or could not make it. Who cares? Did you want to buy a ticket?
  10. I am not sure, but the population of the Cook Islands even allowing for their citizens living overseas makes them a none starter for me.
  11. Not sure about giving a spot to the Cook Islands though.
  12. That happens a lot at Suncorp, people buy the cheapest seats and then stand in the best position they are able to, we saw it first hand in the last World Cup
  13. The Stadium officially holds 30,000 The crowd today was 29,047 You can nitpick that if you like.
  14. Why was he offered a bursery to learn to Coach or indeed accept a bursery to further his career. Its not like he was on the bones of his ass. Maybe he payed it back because he never invested those skills back into the code that funded him.
  15. Greg Inglis has retired from the game. It is a sad way for one of the best players of his generation to call full time but he knows best. Good luck to him in the future. One of the greatest sights in the game in his prime. https://www.news.com.au/sport/nrl/greg-inglis-makes-a-call-on-his-rugby-league-playing-future/news-story/c64d2f4eb337e73ade7dbb788dd617e0
  16. "Flanagan was de-registered as a coach in the NRL indefinitely for failing to adhere to the conditions of his suspension in 2014" He could probably sign with a Super League Club. https://www.news.com.au/sport/nrl/nrl-announces-shane-flanagan-action-on-wednesday/news-story/156a8d89863aabc8d7112d6575772bb5
  17. Who are the best player's in the NRL then? Its nobody at Canberra in my opinion.
  18. It is School holidays in Oz at the moment, maybe that is why. ☺
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