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  1. I thought the Championship grand final was going to take place at a neutral venue?
  2. "Question, Why have Warrington not kept him on?" I've got no idea to be honest with you.
  3. The same Bodene Thompson who just played for Warrington? From what I saw I thought he did alright for the wolves.
  4. I'm glad they've signed Gadwin Springer. He'll do well at Toronto. 👍
  5. I think he's done a brilliant job. Just take the team to a new direction.
  6. I just wonder whether a new direction is needed. Time for a change?
  7. Rage

    UK SL Attendances 2018

    I think nowadays it's called the Premier League. Leeds United were the last champions of the old Football League First Division (1991-92 season).
  8. Any London Broncos fans going to Toronto to watch the game?
  9. I actually think Cas will win this. Pressure will be on Wigan.
  10. Heart wants London to win, head says Toronto. Looking forward to whoever goes up in the Super league next season. 👍🏻
  11. Just got back from the game. Congratulations to Toronto. They had a plan and succeeded. Leeds were just poor. I'm glad the season is over. Forget about this year and let's move on. Looking forward to seeing Toronto in the super league next year.
  12. Rage

    I make Widnes favouites.....

    Good news for Widnes fans. Wellington Albert has signed a contract extension. Hep Cahill is the new club captain. Things are looking up. 👍
  13. Rage

    I make Widnes favouites.....

    "What Widnes need to do first is make a strong coaching appointment" Brian McDermott?
  14. According to the Leeds Rhinos website the game will be shown live at Headingley before the qualifiers match.
  15. Rage

    Magic weekend set to stay in Toon

    To give another city a chance to host it. It doesn't have to be London. Newcastle has had it for 5 years now. Manchester had it for 3 years previously I think?. What about places like Sheffield or Birmingham? Hopefully you would get new people going.