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  1. The Revolutionary Code

    Excellent article. Shows you how the other code dominates the media. Hopefully it can be changed soon.
  2. Super League predictions 2018

    Listening to Talksport 2 this afternoon. Phil Caplan saying that Catalan signings could get them in top 8 & even might make the Top 4!! In particular Michael Mcllorum.
  3. Super League predictions 2018

    Knowing my luck, i'll probably be wrong. I just hope they do it.
  4. Super League predictions 2018

    With the players they've got & McNamara in charge. I really fancy them doing it.
  5. This is brilliant news. About time we've got something to be excited about. I really hope it works.
  6. Super League predictions 2018

    I think Castleford will struggle in 2018 ( I hope I'm wrong, really enjoyed the rugby they played last season) however teams might know how to play against them now. I have this feeling that the Catalans might make the Top 4. Wigan will struggle this season.
  7. Do you not think Stevie Ward would be a better option?
  8. Does anybody know who's replacing Danny McGuire as Leeds Captain? I've just seen on Wikipedia that is Kallum Watkins, however there's no mention of it on the official website.
  9. Did he not recommend Salford to Dr Marwan Koukash? (Who saved the club from going under)
  10. 2018 Kits

    Just been on the Bradford Bulls website, they've released the Home Shirt for 2018. From what you can see, looks nice.
  11. 2018 Kits

    Had hoped Widnes would have gone for an 80's Retro look
  12. 2018 Kits

    The person on the left looks confused!
  13. I've got a feeling that this could like the 2008 World Cup final. It will be tight. England to beat Australia between 1-6 points. Come on England, you can do it.
  14. Totally agree with your comment. 100%. Well done Tonga.
  15. For a second I thought it was the 2013 semi-final all over again!!