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  1. A sensible reply. Connor is a wind up merchant who has alot to say for himself. He tries to get under people's skin, and he often gets involved in a bit of handbags because of it. Sometimes he takes it a bit too far, especially when he has spoken out if turn to referees. But this thing about him being a s**thouse I just don't get. I have never seen him do anything to deliberately harm a player. No cannonballs, no late hits, no twisting of arms. He just enjoys trying to wind people up. You're a Wigan fan aren't you? You should look a bit closer to home for a few "little s***houses."
  2. It was Schofield who picked for that game. I assume a free bar was involved.
  3. You only wear a gum shield over your top teeth though. Bottom will still leave a mark.
  4. You still get a draw if no one finds a winner in 10 minutes of golden point. It's not very likely, but it can happen. Came pretty close to it in that Cas v Huddersfield game last week.
  5. 32-16, 15 minutes to go. Wakefield are right in the relegation battle now. Hard to see where their next win is coming from the way they are playing.
  6. The commentary mentioned about it being a bite. According to social media the allegation seems to be that Milner spat at Connor. I haven't seen anything where Connor has been accused of anything. Are the comments you have seen from Cas fans saying that it was actually Connor who spat at Milner, or something else?
  7. Saints will finish top. Warrington will probably finish 2nd, although Hull are starting to find momentum and could push them. Cas and Wigan will make up the 5. Catalans are starting to really slump and I can see them getting edged out. At the bottom, London are still favourites for the drop but it is a genuine relegation scrap now. Whoever loses today is in big trouble imo.
  8. Haha. I knew I would get a response from you. I just think Warrington have problems when teams really bring the intensity. Great team no doubt, but you struggle to grind out games like this. Especially when you are faced with slightly negative tactics. You don't seem able to avoid getting stifled by it.
  9. Great win for Rovers. Once again shows how vulnerable Warrington are when a side really gets stuck into them. Austin's name barely mentioned again.
  10. As is often the case when teams fail to turn dominance into points, they find themselves behind. 2-6
  11. Sounds like Rovers have dominated so far, just not quite found the killer plays to turn it into points.
  12. Another bit of top class commentary there. "Great kick from Myler" as it comes up 20 metres short of where it needed to be and goes out on the full.
  13. Newman will be disappointed with his effort there. It shouldn't be that easy.
  14. So the important difference is having possession on the ball? Regardless of your intentions, if you are flicking a ball on without catching it then it won't be judged to be a pass and therefore it has to go backwards relative to the ground? I aren't trying to play devils advocate or anything btw. I am genuinely interested.
  15. I never really understand this "targeting games" thing. For one, teams at the bottom can't afford to write any game off, every point is vital, and you never know where a win might come from or when a top side might have an off day. Look at London beating Saints for example. Secondly, if you put all your eggs in one basket and say you are going to go all out to win game X, Y and Z and not worry about the others, what happens if you then lose those targeted games? Where do you go from there? Got to go all out for every win.
  16. I thought it was a knock on tbf. But it does raise the question, when does a knock on become a pass? If it's judged to not be a pass then its a knock on because it went forward relative to the ground. However, if it's deemed as a pass, then it's fine, because it's gone backwards relative to him. So when you go up to deliberately tap back a kick, is that a pass or not? And do we judge it like a knock on or like a forward pass?
  17. There are many words you could use to describe Hull (good and bad) but ordinary isn't one I would go for.
  18. ? Very good second half that I didn't see coming. I mentioned Cas' physical dominance at HT, you have to wonder if they expended a bit too much energy in doing that. Connor and Kelly are special players.
  19. Well that was a turnaround. It's not really fair on the other team when Connor has the ball.
  20. Struggling to see a way back for us tbh. Cas have been too physically strong. Yards have been very hard to come by.
  21. Hull never seem to play well in the wet, but I don't think Cas are a particularly good wet weather team either. Got to hope that Sneyd's kicking might give us the edge.
  22. The stuff about drink driving I fully agree with. Clubs should come down like a tonne or bricks on anyone who is convicted of it. But banning all alcohol in season is unrealistic imo and will create its own problems.
  23. Saints will be out to prove a point, but Huddersfield are playing pretty well lately and I don't think they'll get hammered. Saints by 12
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