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  1. 2 games or 22 games, we've got 14 players unavailable at the minute for one reason or another.
  2. Joe Bullock and Matty Russell have both joined Hull on a short term loan. Makes sense given how many players are unavailable at the minute. Especially the Russell one since the youngsters we have in the backs who are capable of playing SL have already been deployed and we don't really have anything else. I don't really like loan players taking chances away from academy players but we really are bare bones at the minute and will be for another couple of weeks yet.
  3. For me there were 3 contentious calls in the game. Some people have said about forward passes in the Leeming try, but to me they were the sort of passes you see 20+ times a game. They were borderline but you see passes like that allowed all the time. So that leaves the ball steal, the Wardle try and the Penrith disallowed try. The ball steal was obviously the wrong decision, and to me, the disallowed try was obviously the right decision. It didn't look like a try in real time, and not of the replays suggested the ball had got to the ground. I'm surprised how many people think it should have been given. The Wardle try is the big one. I don't think it was a try. However, I also don't think it's such a horrible call as some are making out. I do think the ball got to the line. They showed an angle afterwards (that I don't think the video ref saw) from the opposite corner flag which looked to show the ball on the line. The ref also got in for a close look and gave it on the field, which suggests he saw the ball on the line. I would have disallowed it for a double movement, because there's no doubt he was short initially and then there was a lot of wrestling and then it got to the line. But even that isn't an easy call to make, because there's nothing to say that Wardle promoted the ball. The Penrith players were pulling on the ball and wrestling and Wardle is doing the same. So is that double movement? If you showed me the video for the first time and said is that a try I would say no. But I don't think it's the shocker of a decision that many are making it out to be.
  4. It's perfect, because if the Aussies winge about it they are effectively admitting that they do care and do take it seriously.
  5. Wigan got lucky with a couple of calls, but they deserve that win. They came up with the moments of quality that Penrith didn't have.
  6. No no no, they are the best team in the best competition in the world. One of the best teams of all time in fact. Apart from when they play a SL team it seems. Funny that.
  7. That was very close, but on what was obviously a reheared play French really needs to check his run. It won't matter. Penrith don't have another score in them. Wigan are too pumped in defence.
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