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  1. It has been very frustrating, but now I have sort of come to terms with the fact that this is just the team we are this year. We all know that consistency doesn't count for much when it comes to the big prize. If we can bring our A game when it matters and lift another trophy then I can't complain. Some of the performances this year have been nothing short of humiliating though.
  2. Hull just don't win at Headingley. Throw in the fact that Leeds are desperate and Hull have a cup semi 6 days later and all signs point towards a comfortable Leeds win. Leeds by 16 Obviously I hope I have got it badly wrong, but honestly, in my head I have already written this one off.
  3. Well it does sound like the kind of thing that Paddy Power would do.
  4. That's the shirt if anyone was wondering. The shirt itself is fine. The sponsor like that looks horrific.
  5. Not good. Hope it all goes well for the big man.
  6. Perhaps not right now, but bear in mind he hasn't even played 20 rugby league games yet, let alone at the top level. With the progress he has made, in another year he could very well be good enough.
  7. Assuming he doesn't make the GB team then that's a no brainer. He is tailor made for 9's.
  8. It happens fairly often. Once you have "switched off" it's very hard to turn it back on again. Credit to London for not giving up.
  9. It's almost a case of it being too easy early on I think. If London had competed a bit better earlier on and made us work a bit harder we probably wouldn't have seen this. But when you go in at half time knowing the game is over and suddenly the other team start really getting stuck in it's really hard to pick yourselves up again.
  10. Dross from Hull this second half. We never seem to be good at keeping the foot on the throat. When we have games in the bag early they inevitably end up like this.
  11. London are in this game. If they score again in the next 5 minutes or so we will start panicking. The cue is on the rack.
  12. All of Hull's early intensity has disappeared. I honestly wouldn't be surprised if we don't score a point in the second half.
  13. I understand that they want to showcase what is a very exciting relegation battle, but in hindsight it does seem a very poor choice. They are damned if they do and damned if they don't though. What if London had caused another shock and won a classic?
  14. I think in this case, yes, that is the best course of action. Punish them in some other way perhaps, but Wakefield playing in the final really wouldn't do anything for the women's game. There will be a lot of people there who have never seen a women's game in the flesh before (I'll be one of them). They need a good competitive game.
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