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  1. For as long as I can remember I have associated the NRL with good defence. There would be the occasional blow out, but the majority of games were hard fought contests where points were hard to come by and it took a special play to break a side down. What has happened this year? I don't watch every game, far from it, but every week I'm seeing big scores, soft tries and comfortable wins. Have rule changes made a difference? Not having fans in? Extra workload due to covid?
  2. Maybe we are just a little deluded and think the players we have are much better than they actually are. But I just refuse to accept that they are this bad. Individually they all show what they can do from time to time, but as a unit they are dreadful. We need a new coach with some new ideas. A total change of philosophy and direction.
  3. Its a pretty sad state of affairs when we are just pleased that Salford (previously 3 from 10) didn't put us to the sword.
  4. We have actually dug in not bad. I still don't see us winning it though.
  5. I can tell you aren't a Hull a fan. You are clearly not as experienced as us at spotting the signs. Salford by 30
  6. I dont disagree. Its a bad tackle and he can't complain if he gets a ban. But at least it wasn't from the side which are the ones that really make me wince. It was with the natural angle of the knee. The problem is its easy to get it wrong and then it does become really dangerous.
  7. I'm surprised it wasn't 10. Although to defend Fash a little bit, he came straight from the back. It didnt put the knee in a unnatural position. Still don't want to see it though.
  8. Their defence looked sloppy and lethargic from the start. You could maybe blame their attack on missing Abdul, but that's bo excuse for some of the defensive efforts. They were a shadow of the side I've seen the past couple of weeks.
  9. That defence to allow Leeming to score was shameful. Embarrassing half from Rovers.
  10. Just reading that Atropa (Hull's main shirt sponsor) have requested Hull wear their 2005 replica shirt that they wore last week again. Forgoing their sponsorship for another week, since their name isn't on the shirt. For those that aren't aware this shirt is a fundraising one for Rob Burrow. £5 from every sale is going to him. Great gesture from Atropa to do their little bit for Rob.
  11. All depends on his health. If the shoulder has improved a lot and he feels up to it then it's his call. But I wouldn't want to see him come back, be a shadow of his former self, and retire with his shoulder even worse.
  12. There may be something in that. He has had some very experienced and respected guys working alongside him and it may well be that he has just been along for the ride all this time. We don't really know what happens behind closed doors though.
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