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  1. 6/10, but that was way harder than the last one. Some really obscure ones there. Disappointingly I didnt get Deon Bird, but I'm used to seeing him in a head guard!
  2. I reckon they might be waiting on government guidance. If we still cant have crowds in then I highly doubt the GF will be at OT. Probably waiting to see what the situation is before booking anything.
  3. I personally dont think you'll find better all round athelete anywhere in the world than in RL. Maybe not as explosive as say the NFL, but that blend of everything is pretty much unmatched in any sport imo.
  4. Not sure how I'd feel about that. He is highly respected amongst the fans over here. But he's never pulled up trees as a coach even though he's had some good jobs.
  5. Bit of a dumb argument. I'd love a crack at owning a club if I had the cash. As would lots of fans I'm sure. Your arguement works with say a referee or maybe even a player. But not many people will ever be in a position to be a club owner even if they really wanted to.
  6. Difficult question. I think it would depend entirely on who would be taking over. The club will be in a better position at the end of his tenure than it was at the beginning. But I dont really trust his judgement when it comes to playing matters. I also think he likes the sound of own voice too much and over reacts and says things he doesnt mean to often. He has been good for the club overall, but that doesnt mean we cant find better. But who has the money to put in at this moment in time?
  7. Where's OF? ? Honestly this wouldn't surprise me in the slightest, but I cant imagine potential buyers are queuing round the block!
  8. I did exactly the same 9/10. I didnt think it looked like Martin for some reason, so I went for Mark ?
  9. The only reason Kelly was here in the first place was because he had off field issues throughout his career. He will have been on a very low salary relative to his talent. Highly unlikely that his replacement will be an upgrade.
  10. Youngest I can think of for Hull is Richard Horne, but I imagine there was probably someone younger back in the day.
  11. In his day he was outstanding. Shadow of his former self now.
  12. It depends who his replacement was. He's 32 this year, and his work rate and the minutes he has played through his career have shown signs of taking their toll over the past couple of years. He cant keep making 60 tackles per game into his mid 30s, and without that work rate he is just a fairly average hooker. He'll go down as a club legend, but if this is true it might be a good move all round. Hull can get an upgrade and Toronto can get some much needed experience and leadership.
  13. We wont have a team left if your rumours are all true!
  14. I always think it's a long time since anyone did anything revolutionary with tactics in the game. I'd love to see a coach try out 2 full backs or something like that (in attack obviously, it would be stupid in defence). Have someone like Shaul drifting about supporting the play. Name Connor at centre but let him play the full back 3rd pivot role. In defence Connor would just drop back into centre. Might be a stupid idea but I'd like to see how it would work. There are plenty of athletic second rows who can play a bit wider to compensate.
  15. He's very good at what he does. He is quick, he supports pretty well, he is dangerous in broken field and he defends ok. His link up play is terrible. He cant play the 3rd pivot at all. And with Sneyd being more of a controller we need a full back that can create. Shaul would go well in the right environment, but not ours. Maybe the new coach will change things up a bit and Shaul will thrive in a new system. But the way we play currently is much better suited to Jake Connor at 1.
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