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  1. I don't think too many people would disagree that it can cause confusion. Its just that this discussion has been done to death. It's a topic that pops up every few months on here. I wouldn't at all be against a name change so long as it is something that is true to our roots. So far everything I have ever seen suggested has been pretty naff.
  2. Ratu is actually really solid under a high ball. Where he makes errors tends to be in contact or by pushing things that aren't quite on. I don't know if being a 7s specialist means he doesn't quite respect possession like he should. That said I have never really thought of him as error prone. Faraimo always seemed much worse. Does anyone have stats to back up what Radford said about leading the team for errors?
  3. Started again today and scored a hat trick. Looks very good value imo.
  4. Success is relative. In season one the team was so far ahead of the competition that they would have won promotion without a coach. They could have decided the match day 17 by drawing names out of a hat and made everything up as they went along and still won the league easily. In season two the goal was promotion to SL and they were strong favourites to do it. They failed. Rowley didn't achieve anything that literally any other coach couldn't have achieved, given what was at his disposal. He wasn't a good appointment from the start. B Mac is way ahead of him and making that change was a good move.
  5. I think the stamina thing is a bit overplayed. Yes they would all have to work on their stamina, but there is a big difference between Chambers and most NFL players. These guys are involved in a lot of snaps and cover a lot of ground during a game, and they are receiving contact on most plays. I think if you play linebacker, tight end or full back in the NFL you probably have all the attributes needed to be a very good forward in RL. Some of the more athletic defensive ends would do really well too. Handling would be the main thing to be worked on. The O line guys are just too big and immobile. Wide receivers and defensive backs would depend on the player, but some would be very exciting on the wings.
  6. Just had a read of that. I don't tend to venture onto any of the individual club forums on here. You are nothing if not positive Kman. So far the thread could be summed up in two words: everybody's great.
  7. Straight off the top of my head. George Kittle from the San Francisco 49ers. Plays a sport with a comparative skill set. Big, strong, quick, good hands. He's a very good blocker so presumably could learn to be a good defender too. Seems like a good guy to have around the dressing room as well.
  8. Kayakman. I aren't always right (not by a long shot! ), but I like to think I know a fair amount about RL and if that was Hull's squad I would really have concerns. I want Toronto to do well, but that's just the way I see it. If you genuinely think that's a side that can potentially reach the playoffs then I would be interested in seeing you break that squad down a bit. Who do you think will excel in SL? Are there any weak areas that you are concerned about? Where do you think you will have an edge over the sides you need to finish above? I love your enthusiasm for the game and for the Wolfpack, but I don't often see any proper insight into what you think, so I'm interested in your thoughts.
  9. This is the first time I have had a proper look at what they have at their disposal and I have to say its not a good squad. The one stand out name in there is Sonny Bill, but even he is a bit of an unknown at the minute. He's in his mid 30's now and hasn't played league for a few years. Class is permenant, and I'm pretty sure he will do well, but I wouldn't put money on it. There are others players in there I like. But then plenty of others are past it or never really had it to begin with. If you were naming the 10 best SL players in each position how many of those guys would feature? 3? 4? And that's without mentioning the lack of depth. Most teams will use close to 30 players in a season. I'm sure they will sign a couple more guys and pick up a few loans if they need them, but it's not an ideal situation to be in. They do have a coach that I think will get the best out of what he has, and their home advantage probably counts for more than anyone else's. That might just be enough to see them survive. But purely going by the squad on paper they look at risk to me.
  10. Hull Daily Mail reporting that it is career ending. An artificial disc in his neck failed and pinched his spinal cord, hence why he lost the feeling in his legs and why he was operated on. Its sad that this looks like the end of his career, but the important thing is that he can get back on his feet and enjoy his retirement without any more issues. It does sound like he is doing ok relatively speaking.
  11. That was really well done. All very polished and professional.
  12. Quite a few players have been mentioned on this thread who are skillful loose forwards. There are still a fair few of those about who can offload or play at the line. But there is a difference between skillful loose forwards and the playmaking loose forwards who run the team. There aren't many of those about these days. We haven't had one in a Hull shirt since Jason Smith and Paul Cooke.
  13. That's really smart. Simple design, but I really like it.
  14. https://www.hullkr.co.uk/mose-masoe-update-neil-hudgell/ Sounds fairly positive.
  15. After making the tackle he falls head first into the thigh/knee of the Rovers full back. That looks the most likely place that it happened.
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