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  1. It will almost certainly be voided and you will get your money back. Even if the season does somehow finish in some sort of makeshift way I can't see how the bet could be valid unless all 27 rounds have been played.
  2. I would only be happy with Fitzgibbon or Ward out of that lot. Although Cooke might be an interesting option as an assistant.
  3. That's what I'm getting at. If we are shut down for a month or two then the cup will probably be sacrificed to allow the league to be completed. However I think it's more likely that nothing will get finished. 2020 will be a total write off.
  4. Even if the sport is only shut down for a month (which is very optimistic bordering on impossible) I dont see how we can get the season finished. Scrapping the cup might make it possible to get the league fixtures done, but even that seems unlikely.
  5. I don't agree with you very often but I am sorry to say that this is one of those times. Wouldn't surprise me one bit if these games never get played.
  6. Obvious reasons such as the video not actually existing? You're right that's a pretty good reason.
  7. Was a really good player for a while. Outstanding in his first spell at Hull and fully deserved his GB caps that year. I dont know what his performances are like these days but that's very old for a guy who let's say hasn't always been the most professional. At least with someone like Gaz Ellis you know he's looked after himself and wouldn't still be out there if he had doubts about his ability. Hopefully he is doing it because he is still enjoying it and still feels good. I hope he isn't just putting himself through the pain simply for the money, which wont be very much at all.
  8. Apparently the England job is supposed to be full time. I wouldn't want Wane anyway tbh. He would improve us for sure, but I dont like the Wane style. I want us to be easy on the eye as well as successful.
  9. That's who I want. I dont know if its realistic or not, but he has links to the club. I know he visited when they were over here for the WCC, so hopefully Pearson had a little chat with him. 2 or 3 years to set us on the right path before heading off to the NRL ala Holbrook would do me.
  10. I don't agree. You dont know what the atmosphere has been like amongst Hull fans. He had to be seen to take action whether a replacement was lined up or not. It's not a knee jerk decision by any stretch. As I've said the only issue is announcing it live five minutes after the game.
  11. In Pearsons defence, he has been loyal to Radford in the past when lots of others wouldn't have been, this has obviously been a long time coming. I don't like the way it was handled though. Should have had a good chat first and let the players know and then announced it tomorrow.
  12. Thank god for that. I appreciate everything Radford has done, the cup wins will always be remembered. I hope he goes on and does well in the future. But this is absolutely the right decision. Should have happened a lot sooner.
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