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  1. I think where he's shot himself in the foot is his comments on social media. That was never going to go down well.
  2. Not really hedging my bets. I'm confident Saints will win. I do think Salford might make them work hard for it though. They seem to be slowly but surely finding their feet under Marshall, and Saints haven't really impressed for a few weeks now.
  3. Rovers have had a good long rest whilst Cas had to dig deep against Salford, plus Liam Watts is banned. Rovers got well beaten in the end against Warrington but they did yet again show some positive signs. I think they have looked good so far this year and I fancy them to cause a little upset here. Rovers by 6
  4. I wouldn't automatically assume the worst. They are much more thorough than they ever used to be when it comes to concussions and will just want to be certain that everything is OK with him before he gets the green light. However, it would be a crying shame if he does have to retire early because of this. That would be an awful lot of unfulfilled potential. I really hope the lad gets a bit more luck going forward.
  5. Struggling to call this, but I'm just going to back Wakefield to break their duck. Trin by 2
  6. Salford have looked much better over the last couple of games and Saints perhaps haven't been at their best. That said I'd still be very surprised if Saints don't win this. Saints by 12
  7. Confidence high after a good cup win, 6000 fans in the ground, a few players back from suspension. Hull by 16
  8. Yes of course they do and I got your point. I'm just a pedant End of the day Toulouse (and Catalans) are professional sports teams that are there primarily to win. If they can benefit the French national team along the way then that's a bonus, and 6 extra French players playing regular SL rugby is certainly better than none.
  9. Are you talking about the 2017 final, or this weekends quarter final? Either way you are wrong.
  10. Actually he was somewhat known to the club. He spent time working with the full backs as a sort of consultant before he went back to Australia. I think he just really impressed the club at his interview with his attention to detail and his vision for the club. The stuff about respect of all club employees is something he spoke about on the coaching manual on Sky. Being polite to all the staff regardless of how you may be feeling. Not leaving rubbish in the changing rooms after a game etc. He is a big believer that the discipline you need to be a good rugby player should start w
  11. I didn't really see last week that way. I always felt like we were on the back foot in that game and even when we were ahead I felt like we were hanging on. I never felt that way today. Once we hit the front I thought we controlled the game well. Perhaps bullied is an exaggeration, but we definitely found yards down the middle much easier to come by than you did imo. We played the conditions well and I felt your lack of size in the pack showed with the weather making it difficult to move the ball quickly. Two teams that will be there or there abouts this season though. I think Hull a
  12. Wasn't the most exciting game. Very attritional with neither team wanting to throw it about much. I'm thrilled with the standard of our defence this year though. Night and day from the last few seasons. Our pack and Satae in particular bullied Wigan. There wasn't a moment in that game were I felt we were not in control.
  13. At no point did I ever really felt like Huddersfield would win that, they were hugely committed and defended really well but I felt they struggled for any real go forward and they lacked ideas when they did get in decent field position. Everything is going through Sezer and it makes it a little bit predictable I think. They are slowly getting there though.
  14. Missed conversion gives Huddersfield a glimmer. I just can't see it though.
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