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  1. Full credit to Salford, but that's a really disappointing result from a Hull POV, especially after being 16-6 up and in control. We can play some good rugby and occasionally we can put in a top performance, but we don't deserve to win anything this year. Just not good enough.
  2. I'm backing London to win one of their next 3. So if Wakefield don't beat Hull KR then I think Wakefield v London on the last day will effectively be a relegation decider. However, if Wakefield do beat Hull KR, then the KR v London game could turn into a relegation decider. Leeds are safe, and I have a feeling Huddersfield will turn Cas over this week to make themselves all but safe. On balance I am still going for London to be relegated, but this week will be interesting. If they heat Catalans then the cat is seriously amongst the pigeons.
  3. You have mentioned that about the programmes before. I still think it's a strange reason not to go to a game but hey, that's up to you. As for the game. A win all but wraps up a playoff place for Hull and in all probability (I don't think Wire will beat Wigan) would push us up to 2nd. I expect us to treat the game as must win, and I think we will. Although Salford have proven themselves to be a very dangerous side and we will have to be on it. Hull 30 - 22 Salford
  4. Hull are doing a charity shirt for the game against Saints next month. It's for the Steve Prescott Foundation and is based on the shirt that he made his Hull debut in.
  5. That's all well and good, but sport (any sport) is built on rivalries. I'm all for expansion, but you don't want to throw away the things that are good about the game whilst you are doing it. We need to take the game to different places. But people don't get excited about sport because two teams from big cities are playing.
  6. No, two Hull teams is fine. But not when we are playing eachother 4 times per season. If you just keep it to home and away then Craven Park will sell out, the KCOM will get 20k+, and they will feel like proper occasions.
  7. Absolutely no idea what's happening with him.
  8. Josh Jones, Manu Ma'u, Mahe Fonua and Chris Satae in for next year. I guess you can probably include Savelio too since he joined us half way through this year and has hardly played. If nothing else there are going to be some sore bodies next year after facing us.
  9. I think for Hull FC the derby is still the stand out. But overexposure has definitely taken the shine off a little bit. I have really enjoyed Hull v Wigan games in recent times. I think there is a lot of mutual respect between the club's which probably stemmed from Wane and Radford being good pals. Then we had the Australia trip. There have been some cracking games between the two over the last few years including a cup final and playoffs which went right to the wire.
  10. Smithies looks a serious player. Like a young Bateman. Maybe a couple of years away from an England call up, but he looks like he will be a star.
  11. I know almost nothing about him tbh but I have read a few positive comments from people that do know him. He has torn it up in reserve grade this year (170m per game) but his NRL chances have been limited. Could be a dud. Could come over here and take SL by storm. David Fifita came over at the same age with a similar number of NRL appearances. You just don't know with overseas signings. Only time will tell. Edit. Just reading an article from last year about Melbourne offering him a 3 year deal, but he ended up staying with NZ. He must have something about him if Bellamy wanted him.
  12. I think if you said to London that the Wakefield game will be a relegation decider they would snap your hand off.
  13. I think you do Wigan (and Hull) a disservice there. How often have Saints been tested this year in the way that those sides got stuck into each other last night? Hull made too many errors, in the end that's probably why we lost. But the intensity and physicality was as good as I've seen this year. You are right, Wigan probably need to add another attacking dimension to ultimately beat St Helens, but their defence last night would keep them in any game. Hull are no mugs in attack, there is pace and power all over the field, but Wigan always had answers to it.
  14. Fash has played really well lately. That daft offload aside he was good again tonight. Seems to be bending the line more than he ever did. I thought it was a good return for Matongo aswell. He really put himself about. You can pick faults in some of what we did and the way we approached the game, but for me it was just one of those nights were you have to take your hat off to the opposition. We played well enough and we did throw some good things at them at times, but they always had an answer.
  15. Mini has always had me torn from day one. He makes way too many errors and gets caught out too often in defence, but he is a machine, a fantastic competitor, and a model pro. He will go down as a great signing for Hull, and will always be remembered fondly. But if his ball retention was just a bit better he could have been one of our greatest imports (some might argue that he is anyway).
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