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  1. I'd be tempted to have him on the bench. My opinion is still that we can't win a world cup by having high completion rates and being patient and kicking well. Other teams are better at that than we are, and have a bit of X factor to boot. Connor could be a liability, but he's also one of the very few players we have who can come up with a moment of brilliance that even the best defences in the world can't do anything about.
  2. I'm not keen on the idea of two legged ties full stop. But the worst part of this is that's it's the 6th round, and only the 6th round. You might get 3 or 4 ties where we will go into the second leg with the game genuinely in the balance. The rest are likely to be blowouts with no interest in the second game from either set of fans. Rubbish idea. If they really wanted to have two legged ties then the only sensible way of doing it as far as I'm concerned is by doing away with neutral venues for the semis and playing them over two legs instead.
  3. Another of my favourites, "he's a tough hombre" is also missing. Edit, I've just seen there's a second card, I only saw the blue one initially. I thought it was a strange omission.
  4. I think the really impressive thing about Peet isn't the improvement in results but the way he's totally overhauled their style. Great attractive flowing rugby, and very little of the niggle and sh*thousery that might have been associated with Wigan teams in the not too distant past. Admittedly it helps when you've got a couple of excitement machines at your disposal in Field and French, but still, hats off to him because this team is unrecognisable from the team Lam coached.
  5. I took it to mean that if you struggle to get past Batley then you've got no chance against Leigh. Not that you are in big trouble if you lose. Not that I agree. I mean, I'd be pretty surprised if Leigh don't get promotion, but your performance against Batley won't have any bearing on that. Finals are different and it's all on the day. You've just got to get there, by hook or by crook.
  6. Fair points. It's just a very simplistic view that a lot of people seem to have that if you aren't a good tackler you shouldn't play full back. As you mention, positional play and being able to organise the line are much more important.
  7. Agree with this. It's nonsense to say x can't tackle so he shouldn't play full back. In a team that is defensively well organised a full back should only need to make a handful of tackles per game. As you say a poor defender is much more likely to be exposed playing at centre. Fwiw I think Connor is a reasonable defender. His problem is that he lacks pace, so when a speedster breaks the line he is often left clutching at thin air.
  8. This is another common assumption about Connor that simply isn't true. The guy might be a loose cannon on the field sometimes. But he loves rugby league and learning about the game and working on his own skills. I've seen interviews with his team mates saying he bores everyone to death because he just wants to talk rugby 24/7. If he is staying at Hull he will be excited to work with Smith and learn from an experienced coach I'm sure.
  9. It's amazing how he divides opinion. A lot of Hull fans would say he is one of the few players who truly cares. He hates losing, and gets frustrated with his teammates attitude and lack of effort.
  10. That's my view too. Smith loves the challenge of improving players, and he will know Connor could be a huge asset if he can just polish out a few flaws in his game. Connor might be moving on, but if he is I don't think it's a case of Smith wanting rid. It's more likely that he wants a move and we are cashing in whilst he still has a year left on his contract.
  11. If that's a serious post then it is pathetic. All he's done for your club, and now he's got an opportunity to advance his career he's a back stabber?
  12. Happy with that. Hopefully Pearson backs him properly and gives him full control over rugby matters. Only time will tell if it's a good appointment, but we needed an experienced coach to rebuild the club, and he's certainly experienced. I've also heard Stanley Gene is coming as his assistant, which is left field to say the least but would annoy the red and whites so I'm all for it.
  13. It's the fans and the occasion that make for a good atmosphere. The MKM for example can be as flat as a pancake. But when it's a big game with 15000 in and Hull are playing well the place can be absolutely bouncing. Those occasions have been few and far between in recent times admittedly.
  14. Well funnily enough there are a few rumours about that, however it's as an assistant to Tony Smith.
  15. I'd be pretty happy with Smith. Bags of experience, respected throughout the game, and a pretty good track record. I also like the way he conducts himself.
  16. One thing that any new coach has in their favour is that the current batch of youngster looks to be the best in a long time. There's some very talented players in that 18-20 age bracket and if their transition to first team is handled well it could be a foundation for us to have a good period of (relative) success. Some big decisions need to be made in the first team, and the most important and difficult task is picking up a bunch of players who's confidence will be through the floor, and instilling a winners mindset and culture. It will be an attractive job to a lot of people, its still one of the biggest coaching jobs in the game and the potential rewards are huge. But it's also one of the most difficult. Whoever gets it has got an awful lot of work to do.
  17. No it's not. A couple of weeks ago I was certain that he would be here at the start of next season. Obviously that performance in Saturday was the final straw. I do feel sorry for him. There are some things he did well and he seems like a really decent guy and the problems at the club go far beyond the coach. Ultimately, whether or not this was the right call will depend on who we get in to replace him. The wrong appointment (again) will see us back to square one.
  18. Seeing a few rumours that Hodgson is gone and will be replaced by Tony Smith. No idea if there's any truth in them, but some people seem adamant about it.
  19. I don't believe in constantly chopping and changing coaches, so I hope Hodgson is still there for next season, and I'm pretty sure he will be. But something drastically needs to change. Absolute mess at the minute, and as you allude to, it's not only on the pitch that we need to get our act together.
  20. It's just another pathetic performance at the end of a pathetic season. I'm going to just pretend that the whole thing was a bad dream. The good news is that the bar is set so low it won't take much for next year to be an improvement.
  21. Oh god yes. Reynolds actually did put in a handful of good performances for Hull, and even when he was playing badly there was generally effort there. Gale has been utterly useless from game one. The best thing he did all season was get himself banned for 5 games for his studs up challenge on Lomax. I only wish it had been 25. We played our best rugby by far when he was missing for that spell.
  22. Thank god for that. One of the worst signings we've made since I've been watching Hull. I'm just disappointed that he's playing tomorrow. His last game should have been weeks ago.
  23. The player welfare point is certainly a valid one, and if that's what this is about then that's fair enough. The rest isn't, injuries are part of the game, and whilst having 15+ players injured isn't common it's certainly not unheard of. Rovers have a reserves team and and academy to cover it. And if you are suggesting the disciplinary should take it easy on teams who are already struggling with injury then I couldn't agree less.
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