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  1. I would say the ones that are the most memorable. But in sport they generally they aren't memorable because of the badge/logo itself. Its because of the team it represents and what it means. I think straight away of the NY Yankees, Dallas Cowboys, Liverpool, All Blacks. Their logos are great and iconic because of what they represent. Not because they are particularly amazing logos.
  2. I think you are being a bit patronising tbh. People might not know about branding and marketing but they know what they like. This thread isn't called, "most marketable logo."
  3. There have been an awful lot of rubbish one sided games this year in the NRL. Yes the standard over there is generally better than it is here, but don't make out like it's a different sport they are playing. Melbourne and Penrith are easily the best 2 teams there (that should be the GF except for Penrith's slip up a few weeks ago). The rest are up and down. The bottom few would get beat pretty handily by the likes of Saints or Catalans.
  4. I wouldn't go for Prior personally although he has been really good this year, but I agree with your assessment of the system. A player like Prior could be exceptional week in week out and probably wouldn't even get a mention. Perhaps a barnstorming Walmsley type might get a look in. But the proper engine room players just don't get the recognition in this system.
  5. I know it's disappointing to see your season end so limply, but you really aren't as bad as you think. The right coach will get a tune out of that lot. I've supported Hull for 25 years. I know a shambles when I see one!
  6. Agree with everyone else. Has to be Tomkins. Connor has had a very good season and should hopefully be back in the England reckoning. But ultimately couldn't lead his team to the playoffs never mind a grand final. Lomax and Widdop have both had good seasons too but I can't say they have ever stood head and shoulders above the rest in any game I've watched them in this year. Abdull has developed into a quality player and he's great to watch but probably not quite MOS standard. Tomkins is the obvious choice.
  7. What I'm saying is that I don't think wholesale changes are required. Whether the club can get the tweaks right is another question.
  8. I think there's an element of the rose tinted glasses of nostalgia there. I remember some utterly dour games in the era you mention, and conversely I've watched a few games this season that are right up there with any games I've ever watched. That said, on the whole the game does seem to be getting more and more attritional, and that's not what the average fan wants to watch. Certainly not the new fans that we are trying to attract. I don't have any answers but it's something that the powers that be should be having a look at.
  9. I don't often agree with Phil Clarke but he's summed up Lam's tenure perfectly. 10/10 for effort, 1/10 for excitement. They probably don't need much to be a top side again. The defensive structures are excellent, and they do have some decent strike players. Just a few tweaks to the attack and a couple of smart signings will see them up there again.
  10. A harsh penalty against Wigan there but there were about 12 knock ons before that so it's justice done I suppose.
  11. Wigan wouldn't have scored if we played until midnight, but if any doubt still remained that penalty has sealed it.
  12. This is one reason why I'm holding back on my criticism a bit. Early in the season we actually showed some good signs and I was happy with what Hodgson had brought and the direction we were going. Its maybe no coincidence that our form went off a cliff around the time of the 2 covid outbreaks we had. We may never know just how many players were effected and just how badly. Throw in a few key injuries and there's no doubt we were doing it tough. Its not really an excuse because there were undoubtedly some other shortcomings too. But it's something to consider.
  13. I'd upgrade Satae to your list of players that you singled out. I think he is consistently one of the best props in SL. I do however think that covid may have taken a real toll on him. He missed a couple of games with it and didn't look half the player when he returned. Hopefully a good rest a strong pre season will see him back at his best. Its very hard to put your finger on exactly what's wrong at the club, but the playing squad is definitely one of the factors. I'd agree with you that there are only perhaps 4 or 5 players I'd be gutted to lose. Then another 7 or 8 who are an important part of our squad, but not irreplaceable. After that I couldn't really care whether they stay or go, and there's a few who I'd happily drive to their new club.
  14. 4-0 to Wigan. Now there isn't even the prospect of a SL record to keep me interested.
  15. The record for lowest scoring SL game could be broken here.
  16. Shambles is harsh. I mean your lot only just scraped by us in golden point after a very even game. We do have a lot of thinking to do during the off season though.
  17. Dead rubber. I suppose there's still technically a scenario that can see us make the 6, but there's also a scenario where I can win the lottery this week. I just hope for a commited performance and not a feeling sorry for ourselves performance. Wigan by 10
  18. I can't believe how badly we have organised ourselves to get in position. Leeds on the other hand have got into position well but wtf were those attempts? Its a crazy game sometimes.
  19. Connor redeemed himself a bit with that effort to pressure the kicker.
  20. That is awful from Connor and Shaul, what are you thinking in these circumstances?
  21. We might still find a way to win this, but we are just not good enough. We should have put this game to bed ages ago.
  22. True, but at least he put his body on the line. Mau's efforts for both tries have been embarrassing.
  23. The defence for the Martin try was utterly pathetic. Since then we have rolled our sleeves up and actually look not bad. Leeds are a below average side despite their fans hilariously believing they are GF contenders. If we keep up the intensity it should be a comfortable win.
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