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  1. Anyone know what's up with Bateman? He's not been named in the 17 👎
  2. I'd be up for that, definitely for a day at least
  3. Benjamaphone


    I'm going as a neutral for both days, bringing a mate from the Netherlands for the Sunday too - looking forward to it!
  4. From what I've picked up from various forums he's not too far off - fingers crossed anyway!
  5. Benjamaphone

    Leeds Rhino's Docu on Amazon

    It's given pretty big billing on this section of the Guardian website.
  6. Benjamaphone

    Good move SRD

    I like that they've done this - regardless of if they are Mancunians or not. Its a great kit and I've ordered one even though I'm not a Salford supporter. I know it's only a fiver from each shirt that goes to the charity but hopefully this will sell well 👍
  7. Benjamaphone

    Is the Summer Bash destined to be a flop?

    Cheers Dave, I had seen that but then when you select an area you get to choose "seats" from a grid with different ones highlighted red/green which made me think that it wasn't unreserved seating - I was after someone who has been to the bash before to clarify but seeing as it's unlikely to get anywhere near selling out I guess it's a moot point!
  8. Benjamaphone

    Is the Summer Bash destined to be a flop?

    I'm hoping someone here can be more helpful than the RFL twitter account - are the tickets for the summer bash for specific seats or do people just sit anywhere?
  9. Benjamaphone

    Rochdale Hornets

    Donated - best of luck to you guys! It's always nice to see the RL community come together.
  10. Benjamaphone

    BBC Promoting RLWC final (not)

    The Guardian seem to be talking about it, but unfortunately aren't quite sure what Lockers looks like...
  11. Benjamaphone

    2018 Kits

    Closer views from Twitter
  12. Benjamaphone

    2018 Kits

    Just seen this on Instagram from Wigan. Love the home kit but not keen on the away.
  13. According to the OuRLeague website, kick off is 11:45am BST.