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  1. Barrowno1

    Raiders v Broncos

    Be careful what you wish for ......
  2. Barrowno1


    Nobody sees who The coaches vote for so imo could easily be fixed? Unless they print who they vote for! What if it's a draw? There are an equal number of teams, so who decides on the winner ?
  3. Barrowno1

    Dave Clark

    See Dave Clark been sacked .....
  4. Barrowno1

    Dave Clark

    See Dave Clark been sacked .....
  5. Barrowno1

    Barrow Raiders v Doncaster Rovers

    Re Mossop and Ashall .. picked in the 17 probably because imo they are stronger defenders and more experienced. Ashall has great distribution and Mossop is a great scooter from the play the ball position. So they are both different! You cannot judge any player in those conditions. It was a great hard fought win. (Only two league defeats all season against the top two teams away from home) WELL DONE LADS . See you at Newcastle Saturday
  6. Barrowno1

    v Hunslet

    Red Square you always knock the coach and team!!! Your glass is half empty all the time !! We won the second half 16 / 2 , scored some great trys ... yes we dropped the ball a few times and threw an intercepted pass but this team never stops trying their best. They are a credit to rugby league. Some of them were playing amateur rugby last year! Myself and my group on the popular side have enjoyed the rise of this team and the expansive rugby they play. Just remember where we have come from over these last two seasons?! Hunslet were a championship side as well two seasons ago so we have no right to win by fifty every week !! I hope the team don't read your negative posts cos they might stop giving their all if they feel the hard work they put in is not appreciated !! You only have to look at north wales result v hemel. Which showed its hard to back up after a final!! So instead of half empty Red Square ... start thinking half full !! Get behind the team!! They are second in the league and have only lost one league game!! How about some positive posts ?! You know like "up the raiders" "keep it going lads" Raiders lads you are doing my group on the Popular Side proud!! You won't get the perfect ten every week but we get 110per cent effort!! can't ask for anymore !! UP THE RAIDERS
  7. Barrowno1


    Dowsett has left the building I believe!!!
  8. Barrowno1

    Raiders V Town predictions.

    I think Workington are in the same position barrow were in a few years ago , and need a hard working team like Paul crarey has with him at Barrow . What Crarey has achieved at Barrow in the last few years is nothing short of a miracle . Good Luck for the rest of the season
  9. Barrowno1

    Ipro Cup

    Workington not in it
  10. Barrowno1

    Who do we want/dont want?

    Let's hope we get a home draw against a team who we have a good chance of getting through to the next round.
  11. Barrowno1

    Guess whos Back

    Yes they can
  12. Barrowno1

    Guess whos Back

    I think Gareth Hewer is one of the best refs about at the moment. I agree with above post about the touch judges lately at craven park. Some very bad decisions given in our home games. Some forward pass decisions against us in recent games have been shocking.
  13. Barrowno1

    Coventry away

    I'm glad I made the trip to watch the game. I thought we were very clinical really. I would love to know what the penalty count actually was. As I lost count it must of been around 16 - 6 against us ?? Think we are really playing as a team as well. Which is showing in the results. May it continue. A great kicking performance from charnock as well. He really showed what a great kicker he is. I don't think the score flattered us. Cant wait till Saturday nights match
  14. Barrowno1

    Brett Carter

    Great signing. Can play in a number of positions we are looking a very strong team