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  1. Sorry for the delay but the first draw will be made tonight.
  2. ‪The first draw of the 200 club is just 11 days away. ‬ ‪ 230 numbers have gone so far and raised essential funds for the club. ‬ ‪ If you would like to join please get in touch with Scott Graham or message our page. For those who have already bought a number you can get another one for just £10 #OurTown ‬
  3. I haven’t been in shop today mate? Drop me a message
  4. The first draw will be made on Monday 18th February before our first league home fixture to North Wales Crusaders. We still have our £10 special offer on for those who have already bought a number to get another one for half price. If you haven’t got one and would like one a number is £20 and you can get one by contacting me.
  5. Gutted about Joe. Gets better every game imo
  6. ** SPECIAL OFFER ** All 200 numbers have been sold and still a lot of interest so we have decided to carry it on!! Those who have already purchased one can purchase another one for half price. Thank you all for your continued support! The money raised makes a difference for our club. UP THE TOWN
  7. The winner of the signed Joe Hambley shirt is number 47 Hannah White
  8. Thanks to everyone. We will be making a draw for a signed Joe Hambley top on Sunday. Haven’t had chance to get it done today. Keep your eyes peeled across the year for more prizes as well as the weekly home game draws.
  9. All 200 numbers now gone..
  10. We have just 3 numbers left till we reach our target!! Thank you to everyone who bought numbers again tonight, let’s smash this target!
  11. 21 left people. I will be at the fans forum selling these and collecting money. Come on let’s get 200!
  12. Only 33 numbers left till we reach 200! We’re so close to our target, we have smashed the last two years sales in just over a month and raised a lot of money for the club so far, please keep sharing the 200 Club with all your friends and family. Let’s beat the target before Xmas!
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