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  1. jroyales

    Back to bower

    Mothers' Day.
  2. Will Langtree be given a chance or is he with Doncaster for the season. Seemed strange that you brought Ellis out of retirement when you could have given Langers a go.
  3. jroyales

    REACTION | Langtree pleased with performance

    Great to see Langers doing the business as he did with us at Oldham. Sad though for him that Hull brought Ellis out of retirement instead of giving him a chance. Just curious how many Hull players turned out on Sunday?
  4. jroyales


    Tonight's Northwest News reported that Widnes have been saved by a consortium to be ratified on Friday. I wonder if it's anything to do with the RL. Some questions to ask are, will they still have 12 points deducted for going into administration, are they still full time professionals and what happens when it happens again?
  5. jroyales

    Round 2 — Whitehaven

    Great performance from the whole squad. This must be the best squad we have had for a long time - and they will only get better. On the evidence of Sunday's game there isn't a team in this division that can touch us. The only criticism is how they went to sleep just before and just after half-time. The referee looked about 20 but did well keeping the lid on what could have boiled over. Some credit must also be given to the players of both sides for not taking full advantage of his inexperience. Just for interest what was the penalty count?
  6. jroyales


    Just like to wish The Chemics all the best.
  7. jroyales

    Challenge Cup

    Missed the draw - what happened?
  8. Wasn't there a Liverpool club in the 60's that eventually became Huyton?
  9. jroyales

    BISSA needs YOU !

    I'm an Oldham fan and like all other clubs outside of sooperdooperleague are struggling for money just to survive. This coming season will be particularly har due to the fact we will only have 10 home games! What BISSA is doing is amazing! Please could someone who leading the group post me how you have raised so much for your great club. Great picture from Batley Bob - was that when Oldham threw the game or was it when the ref went home to tea with some of your lads? Only joking you JUST deserved to win.
  10. jroyales

    2019 Squad and signings

    There can't be many clubs that can boast Grandfather, Father and the Son playing for a club in any sport. Well done Harry, if you are half as good as the "other two" you'll do me.
  11. jroyales

    League 1 predictions

    Oldham have decided not to have a DR arrangement due to reasons given in the above postings. A settled squad wins trophies not will we have that player this week or not. The whole idea is a sooperdooperleague con.
  12. jroyales

    Selling the club

    After two great wins against premiership clubs and a great chance again to win against Swinton, the club MUST get the message out that the yeds are playing some fantastic rugby. Our next home game against title rivals Newcastle MUST be advertised in as many outlets as possible. All the amateur clubs MUST be given a poster advertising the game and free tickets, a lengthy piece MUST be in the Oldham Times, OCR MUST promote the game, free tickets to rugby playing schools, leaflet the Limeside Estate and why not flyers posted by the Royal Mail. This game is massive for our club! It could be the catalyst of setting a feelgood factor for the season, which is probably the most important season considering the murmurs that sooperdooperleague will be taking full control of all things RL in the not too distant future.
  13. jroyales

    Law Cup Competition

  14. jroyales

    Law Cup Competition

    Well it wasn't me either - I think Dave Naylor won.
  15. jroyales

    Law Cup Competition

    Who won it???????????