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  1. jroyales

    Law Cup Competition

    "But you said we were going to Blackpool not Rochdale!" "But Dad why can't we watch a winning team like Oldham?" "Why are we going back to Rochdale it's only 50 nil at half time?" A hairnet will never keep us Roughyeds in place. ""What did Kev mean when he sang "Who ate all the pies?""
  2. jroyales

    Law Cup Competition

    "But Dad why can't we let them win just once?" "What's wrong asking for a harnet for my rougyhed?" "You can't send me away because I only said the hairnets might win!"
  3. jroyales

    Public Meeting at the Vestacare Stadium

    Popular chap is LNIA - still his mother loves him.
  4. jroyales

    Public Meeting at the Vestacare Stadium

    Does it matter? It's the future we are working towards not what has gone.
  5. jroyales

    General forum etiquette

    As you said Dave IGNORE! If we all do it the irritant will go away.
  6. jroyales

    1895 Cup

    Over the past few seasons when we were doing well in the league, we then played against a sooperdooper league side, got beaten heavily and then our promotion push fell apart - HKR possibly the exception. Playing Sunday - Wednesday - Sunday is a nonsense for part-time players and is a money generator for full-time championship sides. We have to get out of this division this season because the way sooperddooper league have taken over our game I fear that League one won't exist by 2021.
  7. jroyales


    I would like to wish all those who positively subscribe to our great club's forum page "A Fantastic Christmas and a Better 2019."
  8. jroyales

    2019 Squad and signings

    Let's just hope Langers doesn't turn it on when he comes over with Doncaster as a DR from Hull!!!
  9. jroyales

    2019 Squad and signings

    The idea of a second team makes sense. Most of the sooperdooper league teams have DR arrangement with L1 sides surely this is similar to having a second team? Why can't we adopt or use amateur sides in a similar way? Or why not get a team in one of the amateur divisions? Could be a question for Tuesday!
  10. jroyales

    2019 Squad and signings

    It's been a quiet week on the enlisting front. Let's hope for more information on Tuesday.
  11. jroyales

    Public Meeting at the Vestacare Stadium

    Who is going to chair the meeting so as to keep order? Also, how are the questions going to be put to the chair? Will it be hands up, shout the loudest, question on a card, only one question per person, etc. I feel this needs sorting, otherwise it will be a fiasco. Nevertheless, a great chance to air our views and to listen to the decision makers about where they see our club is going.
  12. jroyales

    Pre season fixtures...

    Long trip getting to know each other - it can't be a bad thing - as long as they are talking to each on the way back home!
  13. jroyales

    2019 Squad and signings

    Is there any chance of getting Kershaw back next season?
  14. jroyales

    2019 Squad and signings

    Where has Tyler Dickinson gone - any ideas?
  15. jroyales

    2019 Squad and signings

    Not being funny but is that it? Waited all week with baited breath for a great announcement, only to come up with a player who wasn't a regular at Doncaster.