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  1. This conspiracy theory has been bandied about since the closure of Watersheddings yet neither protagonists have replied to the accusation.
  2. If the club has no value, what is stopping a coup to replace CH?
  3. One of the biggest reasons for poor attendances at Whitebank is its locality. Without transport it's almost impossible to get to there on a Sunday afternoon, it's in an area that doesn't have a RL tradition and the ground has to be the worst in professional RL. If money was available! the ground has to be on the north side of Oldham, as near to Watersheddings as possible, or possibly the old Higginshaw gasworks site. Any thoughts about going to Boundary Park, for me, is a definite NO! The place is soulless with three sides closed with only 1000 spectators there. Sadly all pipe dreams. Our great club will just limp along until the inevitable and I feel this will be sooner than later with sooperdooperleague now in control of monies coming into the game. Many great clubs will go to the wall because the RFL just don't give a damn.
  4. jroyales

    Nick Newman

    I see Newcastle have strengthened their side with the signing of Coventry's half-back Nick Newman. For those who didn't go to the Coventry game, he caused us no end of trouble. Why can't we sign someone to make us a better side? Stupid question we have no money!
  5. I was only 81 out - the best team won by a country mile.
  6. Another major problem, one I suppose that affects other clubs is the, is the attendees are the same as before and getting older. The town was had a thriving school rugby set up, at both junior and secondary level but no more. This demise doesn't get youngsters interested in the sport with the result that fewer youngsters go on to play open age rugby. Oldham did have probably one of the game's strongest open age set ups with most teams having two teams playing at weekends. None of the existing teams have enough players to field just one team anymore and many have given up and gone out of existence. I feel summer rugby is a major contributory factor and has killed open age rugby and has caused many of the problems the senior game has now. The powers that be need to read these concerns and get their heads out of the sand before the game dies instead of just drawing their fat salaries and swanning off for a jolly in Singapore!
  7. Reply to Tangled - I've been going since 1959!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm sure that's a lot longer than you????????? What was the penalty count - I made it 11 - 6 in Doncaster's favour.
  8. Payback time for Oldham V Doncaster. We will be nearly at full strength with our own players compared to Doncaster's DR from Hull and loanees from Featherstone and Wakefield. How do their own players get on with this training and not playing?
  9. Who is in charge of the RL and what do they do ? Also how can we contact them?
  10. Sadly, the CC has become so boring in the sense it's the same teams getting to the final stages. It was great to see Catalan breaking the mould and sadly achieving the lowest final attendance record. This state of affairs won't change - the rich will get richer and the poor will go to the wall because the RL aren't bothered just as long as they get their fat salaries. RL needs to take a really hard look at all aspects of the game, from amateur to internationals instead of just focussing on sooperdooperleague. It is essential that promotion through all aspects of the media needs to be looked at and challenged. I have just cancelled reading the Times only because of the extremely negative reporting of RL. If a RU player gets a pimple on his bum it gets a two page spread, St.Helen's V Wakefield just gets the result! So come on the leaders of our great game start looking outside of the box before it's too late.
  11. Doncaster away next week!!!!!! With a fresh full team out we will put 50 up them.
  12. My feeling is that we have no chance of beating any of the top championship sides, Widnes proved that, so the best thing is to bow out now and concentrate on the league. How many times have we seen in the past when we were doing well then played against a top side and got thrashed. Morale dropped and we just limped to the end of the season losing games we should have won. Getting injuries in a meaningless competition will also damage any promotion hopes. Let Doncaster win and then paste them in the coming league games.
  13. What was the penalty count?
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