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  1. jroyales


    Who will replace Nelmes and Davies on the bench? I would go all out and have as many attack minded players as possible irrespective of size. Odsal is a massive pitch so plundering down the middle can't be an option that's why I am suggesting an attack mentality from everywhere - nothing to lose but so much to gain. We gave them 24 points at our place but showed what the Yeds are made of by nilling them with 12 men. Question as always, who's the man in the middle?.
  2. jroyales

    Big Ben, Nelmesy and Hooley.....

    Confusion rules OK! Will the three of them be playing against Bradford after we have beaten London???????????
  3. jroyales


    Great to nil Bradford in the second half - just a shame the Yeds made those stupid mistakes to let them back into the game. The effort put in by the whole team was incredible and fully deserved the ovation they got at the end. Just saddens me to think that if they played like they have for the last two games where we would be in the league, definitely not 5th with a trip to Bradford in the playoffs. The Bulls supporters are probably the best supporters I have come across in over 50 years of watching our great game. They enjoyed the banter, they appreciated the effort put in by both sides, agreed when the ref made some stupid decisions, in a nutshell they know what our great game is about - having a great day out enjoying each other's company and watching two sides standing toe to toe knocking seven colours out of each other! Couldn't see who got sent off, and I can't find out. With two out for the rest of the season we are right down to the bones.
  4. jroyales


    What's the maximum number Vestacare can hold? Considering how important this game is to both clubs, I can see Bradford supporters coming over here for tickets and the gates closing leaving many outside. I agree with MR it's going to be bedlam. Who's the ref????
  5. jroyales


    Thanks for the info.
  6. jroyales


    Has the venue been sorted yet for the Bradford game?
  7. jroyales

    Newcastle Away

    How many times have we been in a winning position, or a couple of points away from winning, this and last season? If we had taken those points we would be comfortably in second place.
  8. jroyales

    Doncaster Away

    Reply to RLdwSs: just curious to see if our discipline has improved. Also, Mr Sweet very rarely gives us anything.
  9. jroyales

    Lack of signings

    We all agree so lets make it happen. As one said CH might now see that he needs help due to his health issues. What a legacy he will leave having saved a great club from extinction. One final thought "Does CH read this forum page?"
  10. jroyales

    Doncaster Away

    Couldn't be there - what was the penalty count?
  11. jroyales

    Lack of signings

    Let's be honest we don't deserve to go with our defeats against the traditional sides and sides we are supposedly equal to or better than. Bradford were always going to go up, with RFL backing, and York also deserve their chance, albeit for one season. Derby games against R/Dale and Swinton are games to look forward to so things won't be too bad staying in this division. Just get two new faces at half-back. Sadly, I can't see Langers and one or two more staying with us.
  12. jroyales

    Doncaster Away

    Oh dear Sweet f'all again. Sweep time: Penalties against Oldham 18 against Doncaster 8. Final score: Oldham 16 Doncaster 36. Hope I'm wrong.
  13. jroyales

    Danny Bridge - disciplinary

    If there was an intention to attack the referee then he deserves everything he gets, even if he never plays again. However, over the many years I have seen referees getting in the way of play and bundled over, or the ball hitting the referee and I have also seen a referee (Massey) pushing players and the game just carried on. These things happen. I stress I am not condoning the incident if there was intention - I don't believe there was.
  14. jroyales

    The RFL

    How do we start the revolution? A meeting of like minded people is a must.
  15. jroyales

    North Wales Crusaders

    Who do you think would take us on? From what I gather they have closed the bottom end of the old Boundary Park Hospital.