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  1. that's why your not a coach, the morris twins cover every blade of grass in attack and defence , stratergy wise almost perfect, like I said I think meninga deserves his status for the time but not now
  2. too right, would you want a 20 year old meninga in your team today or one the morris twins?
  3. I would imagine the format brett and josh morris have done so well in is a very different blueprint to those days
  4. how many tackles did big mal have to make on the 82 invincibles tour? how many chase backs? how many high balls? like I said he deserves his status but those were very different times
  5. I feel like I have already watched the new series of top gear 10x already - as the bbc seem to do nothing but plug and promote the guffawing childish traits of the new presenters
  6. to be fair I think even a young mal meninga would struggle in the current nrl, yes he set a standard when the game needed a massive shake up and deserves the legend status but its a case of the monster turning on the maker, there are big mals everywhere these days where once there were only david heselwoods ( no offence, a very good player)
  7. I didn't know blackpool tower had had a makeover, when did this happen?
  8. u don't get any time to prove yourself in the nrl and I think one thing Watkins is gonna need is time
  9. for many years a leeds v wigan match would have filled my week with excitement and enjoyment, but not now
  10. baker is a white middle age English man with plenty to say , or as they are now known," the new enemy of the modern society"
  11. great to see the girls on their protest in sheffield on regional news yesterday, the right to do the job they want to do , one in the eye for the grey cardiganed, do gooder, interference officers, lap dancing clubs do nothing for me but each to their own and I respect their rights of these girls to do that job over the stifling views of the over strung, sexless, unattractive (and yes jealous) brigade https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-south-yorkshire-48599542
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