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  1. graveyard johnny

    Hastings and Morris

    morris has been signed by the roosters as an ageing squad player to cover the back line, he had one of those freakish halves yesterday that happen now and again, hes been consistent, reliable and very good over the years but not the future for the England squad
  2. graveyard johnny

    SBW to Toronto??

    the top 5 rugby players in the world play rl
  3. graveyard johnny

    Hastings and Morris

    bm has already played for oz plus hes no spring chicken
  4. graveyard johnny

    SBW to Toronto??

    have to agree, no links or firm evidence at all
  5. graveyard johnny

    The TV Thread

    we looked after our friends 2 yr old at the weekend for a few hours, she insisted on watching "moon and me" on bbc catch up, now this really is weird stuff, in fact its like the stuff of nightmares, don't know whos behind it but believe me its strange.
  6. that's down to the great loyal fans that the rlf don't deserve nothing to do with them
  7. its a shame we wont get to see Latrell Mitchell , although I suppose he will be terrorising our national team for the next decade so we will be sick of the sight of him by then.
  8. that must have been before the window got boarded up and the lamp posts cut down for scrap
  9. graveyard johnny

    World Club Challenge trophy

    the new one looks like its from a subbutteo collection
  10. publicity and promotion of the game seems to = nil at the min
  11. attack of the adult babies, british film with music from mad jack and the hatters (whoever they are?)
  12. graveyard johnny


    Viagra wont make you james bond but it might make you roger more
  13. graveyard johnny


    mary had a little lamb she kept it in a bucket and everytime the lamb escaped the sheep dog tried to …………… round it back up.
  14. graveyard johnny


    I need at least 2 bags of crystal meth to watch an ru international
  15. graveyard johnny

    Rangi Chase to sign for Lock Lane?

    yer , most likely just signing on with them for the training and involvement aspects, image the number of "scalp hunters" wanting to bag a story for the pub, headgear would be advised