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  1. graveyard johnny

    capturing a player

    what happened to the days when players were transfered and signed on contracts or maybe just brought through the system are there a certain number of players running wild or may be evading the authorities that clubs have to "capture" maybe it would be fair game to set tom johnstone free from wakefield bus station with an hour head start and £100 cash and the first club to capture him gets his services next season.
  2. graveyard johnny

    NZ Test Series - ticket sales

    cos we don't have lots of terrible diseases around or poverty anymore do we? sorry I forgot- phew- glad u reminded me
  3. graveyard johnny

    NZ Test Series - ticket sales

    I wonder how many of the 102, 569 fans that went to odsal for the wire v fax match were sweating about confirmation e mails, ticketing systems, barcodes,, premium phone lines etc etc? modern life really is rubbish
  4. graveyard johnny

    NZ Test Series - ticket sales

    can u just walk up on the day- pay cash on the turnstile and watch the game on the day if you decide to attend , like when things were simple or is it like the streaming ordeal?
  5. graveyard johnny

    James Hewitt's lad

    the Hewitt harry thing has to be one of the biggest urban myths ever thought up, I come from a family of brothers, we all look different, the youngest looks like a Chinese les dawson - work that one out.
  6. graveyard johnny

    Leeds New Signing

  7. graveyard johnny

    Leeds New Signing

    hes not exactly going to be facing, morris, Mitchell, Jennings, chambers, duggan, inglis , roberts etc etc etc over here every week either is he? itll be Leroy cudjoe and that cas centre that went to saints and was rubbish, is he captn? cant remember his name anyway, cmon konnie - its wrecking time
  8. streams are for frogs to swim in, not watch sport on, it should be simple to watch a game not an ordeal
  9. graveyard johnny

    Leeds New Signing

    hurrel was never the same player after the broken jaw incident, think it shook his confidence - apparently hes such a nice guy it cut him deep, lets hope a total change of environment brings the old konnie back to the game
  10. a typical example of how to p off fans that have supported the game for years and attract no new fans
  11. I wont be bothering with that again- total sheet - will be getting rid of my membership before toolstation and screwfix get the chance to bombard me with krrapp
  12. I stayed up till half 9 for that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. dreadful 2nd half. rubbish
  14. crashed again- cant be bothered- the game is a joke run by clowns
  15. this game is a joke at every level