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  1. using this forum its easy to see how the game gets held back by ................................................................................
  2. 4 hours earlier when it was light in a day of extreme weather- this is like talking to dougal from father ted
  3. its been bad weather all winter- rain- snow- freezing- what a showing up a pro rl club cant just look out of the window
  4. donkey brain attitudes will keep us where we are- u guys astound me sometimes
  5. never a mind- ANOTHER SHOWING UP - from a a supposed professional sport and we wonder why ru peas all over us
  6. luck has nothing to do with it- anyone with half a brain at 3pm in west Yorkshire could have called this better
  7. did it get darker? then colder? ddddduuuuuuuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr?
  8. forecasts are so accurate these days - anyone who was in the region this aft would have known this- game should have been scrapped in good time, shambolic how our game runs sometimes
  9. why not look at an accurate weather forecast and run the game in a simple professional manner - embarrassing for our game yet again
  10. NCL Free Sports Coverage

    it was either freesports or all day re runs of bullseye for me- rip jim
  11. anything will do, factory work, the council, labouring, van driving, just get him away from the game before he can do anymore damage
  12. the lock lane game would have been abandoned if not on tv, for anyone who doesn't know by now as the sun goes down it gets dark and the temp drops a lot
  13. nothing? the pitch is covered in snow, the temp is below freezing and there are icicles forming on everybuilding within a mile of belle vue
  14. visibility not an issue for the fans paying superleague prices then?
  15. its forecast much more of the same over the next few hours- cant the people who run our game look at a modern day accurate forecast - its not hard really