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  1. Last 40 years selection

    senior never troubled the aussies at that level, j.davies or d. powell maybe? as for lee crooks, what was the difference between him and a dray? one was a slow old ale cart and the other delivered beer by horse drawn method.
  2. crowd for opener

    the chance to see slater smith and cronk play together at home one last time should be reason to fill the stadium alone
  3. crowd for opener

    not sure how 140 dollars compares with our money?
  4. crowd for opener

    plenty of aussies moaning (on a forum down under) about ticket prices (140 dollars) for the opening game, will be a shame if the ground at Melbourne is not sold out for this reason when they could sell cheaper tickets and make extra from the merchandise, estimating 20,000ish crowd at the min which would look poor on tv
  5. or sam etc don't pick up any injuries
  6. Uninteresting Trivial Facts

    couldn't you have simply curled the fingers inwards thus securing said phone in the hand? just a thought
  7. of course not, im too dim to tick the box
  8. well said- whats that long word at the end though?
  9. in honest conversation , we do have a leasehold property abroad, it crosses my mind more and more to re locate as the country I grew up in is no longer the country I grew up in ( I wont elaborate or debate with socialists on this) for fear of being labelled right minded
  10. don't leave the uk? or don't have anythingto offer?
  11. Why do teams start pre season so early?

    sounds interesting
  12. just wondering how many people on these forums went to school or have worked with or even know anyone in their lifetime with the surname trump?
  13. Well done the government: seriously

    really? bet theres lots of loop holes
  14. would say fit those words in the same context, its not a dictionary adjective exclusive to to anyone
  15. if he was pm I would gather my stuff and get the hell out of the uk, un hinghed, bitter, creepy, old socialists don't have anything to offer