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  1. graveyard johnny

    Uninteresting Trivial Facts

    Cumberland gap by Lonnie Donegan is 2 mins and 1 second long- Wabash cannonball by Lonnie Donegan is 2 mins and 1 second long
  2. graveyard johnny

    Luxembourg Leads the Way

    there should be an exclusion zone around all schools at start and finish times, with armed guards and dogs trained to shoot at any one in a 4x4 that goes within it
  3. graveyard johnny

    The all-new-ish Brexit Thread

    great to see that bloke who is a cross between a garden gnome and a noel Edmonds stunt double is now a clairvoyant , hes doomed us all to a life of eating old newspaper and drinking our own urine in the same breath as promoting a pointless 220k a go fairground ride, hope he doesn't bail out of the space plane like he did the broncos the min hes bored with it.
  4. graveyard johnny

    Uninteresting Trivial Facts

    I have just brought an ipod mini back to life and its working fine
  5. mr Hetherington may be taking that "super trouper" back from jjb all these years later after all. I thought it was just an urban myth
  6. graveyard johnny

    Those nice tories

    am really feeling it for poor mrs may, I mean really? who wants to move house less than 2 weeks before xmas???????????
  7. so that's why all the cards say merry xmas in mandarin?
  8. can you name any members of simply red apart from mick Hucknall?
  9. is it true that you once auditioned for a part in coronation street as roy croppers secret love child?
  10. graveyard johnny

    Eddie Hearn Interview

    but what would happen is more examples of Bradford bulls, yes get hearn involved but it would take a season or 2 and re investment before the sc could even be considered to be scrapped
  11. graveyard johnny

    Eddie Hearn Interview

    hearns could work closely with russell crowe - always thought crowe could do more for the game, surely if you own and love a club you must love the game? with crowe as a guide and front man promotional opportunity would be limitless
  12. Christmas would be fine if it was like the world cup and Olympics ,once every four years
  13. don't you mean little donkeys years?
  14. kevin Rowlands version of thunder road
  15. graveyard johnny

    Tommy Makinson/Newcastle Knights

    having clicked on that link some of the players look a shadow of their former selves