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  1. not even anything across the bottom of the screen to say why - nothing at all, more poor treatment by the bbc to rl fans
  2. both teams are ghosts of those days , a sign of the poor quality on field now on show
  3. what happened to the draw been on bbc news channel at 6.30?
  4. avoid expensive train journeys by simply walking on the tracks to your destination remembering to briskly stand aside to let them past, onlooking passengers will feel stupid when they see you using the rail service for free
  5. Chinese medicine has no place in this thread
  6. youtube is the biggest video thingy ever, someone is blocking the content for their own gain
  7. if your watching golf you need to have a really serious look at your life to see where it went wrong.
  8. so sky are blocking even the meagre highlights in their greed quest is what you are saying?
  9. the fact remains "someone" does not want youtube showing these highlights like they did last year
  10. th should be proud of that performance, liam finn to leeds for the rest of the season?
  11. jjb should not try to pronounce words like "circumstances" nearly put me off my sunday lunch
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