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  1. am just assuming hes a free agent at the min and you know what agents are like
  2. his strongest point is prob his kicking game - suiting ru- just saying
  3. the horror channel really do put on some dreadful movies but its worth a trawl through the schedules to find the odd gem now and again
  4. whats the all stars team likely to be?
  5. how will the current tonga team look in comparison to the one that pulled off the shock win back then?
  6. yes its just that the tedesco mitchell tom turbo plus the penrith half backs seem to be something out of an rl book of magic spells when combined at the min
  7. if the nsw spine are all fit and willing to take part then i agree- if not there may be a chance of an upset but in reality i fear a record score against us is on the cards- does any one know the biggest winning margin either way?
  8. didn't someone else go to do something very similar in scotland not so long ago? i wonder what ever happened to them?
  9. what Kevin? i suppose there will be a shortage of kevins in rah rah - are we getting a toby or a rory in return?
  10. i know things are tight at wakey these days but they must have more than one ball!
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