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  1. anyone lauding the Chinese for anything at the min must need a head examination
  2. what if you are tested negative then just go and get it the day after instead?
  3. we either need to get tough now or regret it later, close down for 2 weeks apart from for the essentials straight away, the roads were a lot busier today than the end of last week, people have obviously got complacent and restless over the weekend, be cruel to be kind with full lockdown and get this ended sooner rather than later - no more dilly dally.
  4. what people are doing in their houses during lockdown is their business
  5. your lucky to last 10 seconds of the fat tongued chef - I cant stand him for 2
  6. think family lawyers should enjoy the break well they can, with tensions in some households running higher than a giraffes top hat, family dispute and divorce is bound to sky rocket
  7. notice boris and his cronies announce their news on a Friday tea time when they are desperate for us all to stay in all weekend to avoid the scenes of last weekend, just saying, that's all.
  8. I didn't hear any clapping either and due to the strain on the nhs the appointment for my ears syringing has been cancelled too!
  9. didn't ET do a similar thing to offiah in an international?
  10. talk to the hands syndrome too BR? coronavirus is a direct result of things people concerned about animal welfare have gone on about for years - now we all have to suffer cos the world would not listen
  11. and the smug do gooder society wouldn't listen and now look at the mess we are in
  12. sorry to quote my own post from January but no ones jumping on morrisseys back to call him a racist now are they?
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