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  1. he had the gig in 2007 didn't he? am sure shaun johnson will go great on the left wing though
  2. there was a folkish song Terry Wogan used to play on his breakfast show on radio2- never heard anyone else play it - am sure Jesus was mentioned in it but not a clue of the artist or title- is there anyone out there with a big nose who knows?
  3. with Luai unsettled- Crichton departed and a couple of injuries they will be there for the taking again
  4. lets stick to the obituaries please - thats what this thread is for - not a debate on musical rivalries
  5. Ray Reardon would still beat him now- then bite him in the neck for good measure
  6. roosters should go great in Las Vegas - they are used to blowing a load of cash on hookers who don't give value for money (brandon smith)
  7. bet Melbourne are glad he did though - the most over rated over paid player in the modern game at the min
  8. theres a man with a mullet going mad with a mallet in milletts
  9. the body of an American is a song of pure genius as is the sick bed of Cuchulainn
  10. my daughter will be spending most of the christmas holidays serving food and drink to the homeless , drug users , tramps and mentally ill - in the new year though she's looking to move on from her job at wetherspoons
  11. its just even more confusing and bewildering for the fans - millions of channels with nothing worth watching
  12. would have loved to have seen her on Britains got talent - her passing leaves a massive hole
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