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  1. if my numbers came out I would contact euro millions and tell them to make the cheque out to a MR S.B. Williams and agent to see how long it took dollar bill to realise he cant quite settle at wolfpack and needs a new challenge in my over 30s tag tues nite tig n pass team, bet it wouldn't take long
  2. plenty of shows to download and listen to at mixabilly.com (if u like that sorta thing) which I do.
  3. yep agree with a previous poster, an age when cricketers were household names along with other stars of darts, snooker , football, rugby etc etc - sport has been so diluted and airbrushed by greedy tv channels to the point it just blends in to the bland now, eg. its the Mersey side derby tonight, would I be able to name a single everton player? erm no! prob wouldn't fare much better with the European champions and runaway leaders, Klopp, sala , mane...….. starting to struggle now
  4. he was an ru player originally - came to rl , still got a full season with storm and a week is a long time in politics
  5. doubt the roosters would have won the 2 premierships without him- if they let him go they will be cutting off their nose to spite their face, LM is one of those freakish talents that only come round every so often, love to see him in SL like we used to see the aussies such as ET in their prime playing over here in the 80s.
  6. Merrin pens a deal with the st George/ Illawarra dragons -yes, already! oh the compassion its so moving am almost in tears
  7. saints should start as they finished, no need to settle in new players or try out new combinations or gel a new line up, wigan should make the gf would worry for wakefield if they have the injuries hex again.
  8. the story of a man who went from gold coast to fartown - lets hope the backroom staff at the giants are stocking up on homesickness remedies for personal reasons.
  9. bet he cant wait to go to headingley and wave his contract around
  10. it took me 40 years to click about widow tWANKy
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