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  1. is their a separate thread for results., try scorers etc?
  2. gold coast are bad enough already without grace adding to their woes
  3. back to thread read fleetway comics lick the bowl and spoon clean after cake making watch -world of sport
  4. her cover of the smiths - you just haven't earned it yet baby -is good
  5. when danny dyer first came to my attention my first thoughts were - what a horrible talentless little man, years later my thoughts are now - what a horrible talentless little man with a great agent.
  6. bar staff with hipster beard and sheep tattoos - "six forty" moi- "as opposed to that'll be six pounds forty please sir"
  7. mate, some people live their lives through facebook and such inane garbage, they should get out and get a real life
  8. thought he would have been used as a poster boy for the games image, another opportunity lost, theres been much worse wingers in sl
  9. good job we are not playing Australia with that selection - they would tear us to pieces in the backs.
  10. if saints played the roosters in the middle of a regular season for both teams and they both fielded full strength teams then it would be a cricket score to the roosters
  11. if theres "a dog on the pitch" does it count?
  12. will start with 3 1. walk in to a bank on a Friday and write out a cheque to myself to withdraw money 2. pull out a choke to start the car 3. buy 1st day covers (stamps)
  13. he still came second though? although 1st place did go to andy "the Viking" Fordham
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