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  1. all these shows are full of instantly forgettable self promoting cardboard cut outs with the personality of a packet of instant mash
  2. best wishes to you mate, been through it, so tough, maybe not now - but u will smile about all the good times and memories he will have left you with in future
  3. one of the true characters of the game, something most sports, not just snooker lack in abundance these days, he also seems to have more hair than when he lost all those times so its a win win
  4. "whats happening out there harry? is kinda like your soccer or is kinda like our football?"...…………….."im afraid one has no idea my darling, can you get the Exeter v Saracens score up on your phone? I cant get a signal"
  5. time for the 60,000" league forever, union never" t shirts to be listed on ebay?
  6. having trawled through the bbc iplayer comedy section and got fed up of myself saying "is this supposed to be comedy" I decided to dust off an old dvd instead to watch "Steptoe and son ride again" - priceless genius that actually made me laugh for real
  7. why should hull fc fans get favouritism like that?
  8. going "contactless" has not improved anything for me so far , from my bank card to my sex life!
  9. the thickest dimwits on uk quiz shows these days seem to be teachers- worryingly enough
  10. only saw the highlights but Watkins looked ineffective against an average dragons team today
  11. wigan have just registered George burgesses car for next season - n0k 0nn
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