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  1. hope ryan hall proves all the doubters wrong and takes his chance well, would have been too easy to just quit the nrl like watkins did and take the soft option, cmon kid go go go
  2. the devil went down to georgia is a true modern classic
  3. sky news? the same channel that has had the sheffeild utd score going across the bottom of the the screen all afternoon? the uks major news reporter cant even spell sheffield !
  4. why not open the pubs up from monday onwards? let things ease in gently during the working week- the decision to open back up on a saturday must have been made by terry fu""wit from viz
  5. sell it to tesco and find an even more boring soulless ground than the one that replaced central park - thats how it goes isnt it?
  6. there must have been an unofficial 50k in that ground for the cc final replay widnes v hull 82? never seen anything like it
  7. how long will george williams "pass back inside" and kick game last? needs to show a lot more than those 2 tactics and soon
  8. he cant go any worse than the rest- worst dogs side in many many years
  9. some of these "talking heads" are rubbish- not the writing but the pointless re filming of them - like trying to make new star wars movies and expect them to as good as the originals
  10. i dont think the world or nature as a whole missed the human" rat" race much while it was in lockdown
  11. on that subject the last 4 people to reach 100 in the care home where my sister works have never drank tea or coffee
  12. so we are a point where the govt are paying people to have a big old jolly-plunging the country in to debt-- and flock to the beaches etc shoulder to shoulder and spread covid cos its too risky in the working environment - farce farce farce
  13. same here-which is prob why I have lost my job as a magistrate
  14. the first time in my entire life tonight i have never heard of one single arsenal player in the starting line up, faceless, characterless rubbish
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