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  1. what happened to ebola and bird flu etc etc? another story that will be forgot by easter - fake news, although am laying off the prawn toast for a while just in case
  2. whenever I have watched him play he spends more time with the physio than the rest of the team
  3. don't get me wrong,i like Robert de niro but he will never match some of the true acting greats such as reg varney for instance
  4. https://www.nme.com/news/music/morrissey-239-1302485
  5. irishman predictable. too long, dis jointed filming, Stephen grahams accent unbearable, doesn't explain anything about why he left his wife or about his daughters attitude etc etc etc - may have been better as a mini series
  6. hes got a stall on Dewsbury market selling quilts - he just came to sign the lease and look where he can park the van.
  7. comparing greg eden to Latrell Mitchell is like comparing bells whisky to jura
  8. am sure from that footage any club would be happy for him to have a quiet game once in a while, good luck at sarfs kid
  9. very funny, of course 65 tries and 679 points in 97 appearances had nothing to do with them winning back to back premierships
  10. best nrl team mainly because of Mitchell , will still be good but cutting off their nose to spite their face wont bring them a premiership this year
  11. its gonna be interesting to see what SBW is actually going to do on the pitch now the honeymoon dust is about to settle and the north of England becomes a cold unforgiving battle ground
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