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  1. didnt even know it was taking place till logged on here - used our league streaming a while ago and it was an unreliable frustrating experience - been working so wouldnt have seen it anyway
  2. what we need now is another series of a man smirking grinning and sniggering on a baking programme- a man with no talent whatsoever but must have a great agent - a man who has a first name like xmas - a man who is as funny as passing blood through your penis
  3. a simple small explosive device placed in the ball - timed to go off between 0- 80mins randomly on a timer and set off by hand warmth and grip pressure would ensure the game flows at maximum speed
  4. replace the touchline with a sting of small landmines - by not going to the video ref or putting the linesman in a predicament it will be easy for the ref to give a try or not by simply looking to see if the wingers foot has been blown off - again speeding up the game
  5. i doubt i would try and take new fans to a game now- its become so ru type technical- even i dont know whats going on
  6. the best opportunity to ditch wembley - dont waste it- - get in bed with the new spurs stadium
  7. it prob doesnt matter much to a 15 year old girl about what a potbellied old hull fan wants, they love dancing and want to be part of something, being on the pitch and doing a routine will mean as much to them as it does for kids playing a curtain raiser, more importantly they are part of the rl family, alienating these girls/boys their parents friends and family is just another load of pc rubbish
  8. i know nrl.com have a lot of retro matches on at the min -dont think have seen this one
  9. did u see the missed tackle where sharks scored? cant afford that in the gf if they get there
  10. if roosters get to the final and tr is a good coach he will be no where near the squad on the day
  11. must have opened another window on my laptop during the game- sbw v stella cox never been great at multi tasking
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