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  1. it used to be driving past the cooling towers at the side of the m1 near Sheffield but now they are gone so prob meadowhall
  2. there was a thing on Jeremy vine about banging your head against the wall, wont do u any good apparently , calm down dear, its only a commercial.
  3. eddie large Chewbacca kate middleton Charles Bronson ( under supervision of course) what channel is this on now? not seen it for a while
  4. will that old stager that seemed to play in every team every year be back as well? A.N.Other?
  5. we were thinking of taking the grandkids to headingley to take in a game and see the new ground before the seasons end, at those prices for 80mins entertainment we wont be bothering, can have a day at the seaside for that instead.
  6. what time? could be in the merrie city that day
  7. last night, the plans for a future war was all I saw on channel4
  8. if I am ever in doubt of any success in life I always remember that I have won exactly the same amount of tour de france titles as lance Armstrong (since he was stripped of his) cheating git
  9. used to love a saints wigan derby but the quality on the fields just not there anymore, wigan are a sickly looking ghost of former teams and saints are a very ordinary side in a very poor league who wouldn't win a game in the nrl
  10. the irony that rl fans find "chanting" shocking these days- I have heard worse at every ground I have visited!!!!!!!!!!!!- left wing - hysterics, brainwashing again and again
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