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  1. can't blame any player for wanting to prove themselves in the nrl but a bit like rangi chase once coaches have worked him out it's game over
  2. a shoulder charge is pre meditated and aimed at the body - head shots are mostly from clumsy last second decisions when there are limited options
  3. seems to be more and more incidents of concussion since players were banned from using the shoulder charge, forwards going at it as tough as they ever did now seem to be forced into clumsy (not deliberately dirty last min plays) with spare arms and heads all over the place - in all my years in watching rl - head knocks seem to be more common than ever- sure the shoulder charge is aggressive - hurts and is there to make a statement - young sbw and adrian morley would not have existed without it- the play is body to body unless a player is slipping in to a tackle of course- in fact shouldnt the
  4. lots of those songs you talk about are way older than 40 years old as a good proportion of them will be covers, the shakin stevens, bad manners etc versions of the songs may be 40 years old but the songs themselves are older
  5. the rhinos promo video looks impressive - full of promise- a bit like those adverts for scalextric in the 70s when you were a kid until you realise it doesn't fit together properly and it just keeps flying off track
  6. he came back for the last 5 mins and nobody had noticed he'd been gone!
  7. looks like he aint coming back - feel sorry for catalan but as someone once said to me the difference between dogs and people? take in a homeless dog who needs a chance be kind and have some faith in it the dog wont "TURN ROUND AND BITE YOU" and thats the difference between dogs and people
  8. to be signing eastmond from union been the headline on the bbcs rl page but not even getting a mention on their ru page just says the dark side are running riot over us and sums up where we are as a game
  9. it's a sad sign for the game when clubs like leeds have to sign a 30 something back from the dark side who hasn't even been on a rugby field in ages (and was never that good anyway) in order to make up the squad instead of them having a rich picking of young talent - development and recruitment of players needs a good looking at - in that interview he didn't even come across as confident or convincing whatsoever
  10. are there many lebanese in the womens game? just asking.
  11. looks like a bad day in the "dressing up cupboard"- them boots the fat one has on are on special offer £15 wyndsors world of shoes
  12. the human race uses animals for entertainment and food just like it abuses the rest of nature and the planet in general on a huge scale as it has done for decades, we really are the modern locust plaque - sitting on a dead horse is a a very small drop in a very large ocean
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