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  1. wouldn't be surprised to see Ferguson turning up at wests or the dolphins
  2. invest is a word usually used when you put something in with the intention of getting something better in return later - this seems to just be give us 500 quid and whistle
  3. against wellycladdy vally utd - stunning - yer
  4. as soon as I saw the name Marcus Rashford - the telly got switched off- utter garbage!
  5. funnily enough he autographed a couple of items for me during his time at Leeds and came across as a top fella to me
  6. a great insight into the career of cliffy on both sides of the world - loads of uk footage and memories -not to mention a top class nice genuine bloke
  7. the national media working itself in to a frenzy about a match between some no hopers and some hardly any hopers - is this really headline worthy world news?
  8. same reasons polo leagues have never taken off in schools around the north - there's simply no where for the kids to park their polo horses during lesson time in between PE sessions - but they can fit a football under the desk
  9. not as good now the tall skinny drunk woman has left the show in 2 doors
  10. or even better when your "still in bed" and everything is still in working order!
  11. well there's a long long drag in front of us before we can moan about what a rubbish summer we are having
  12. rolan bolan and zowie bowie to write and perform the 2022 xmas no1 single
  13. watching all these mixed-race families having the greatest christmas ever on this years adverts is making me feel so left out - i don't even have an oriental friend in a wheelchair to pull a cracker with on boxing day - i wish i could just have a normal christmas like all these families on the ads and not the usual miserable white christmas
  14. love or hate Ronaldo - to be the 1st player in history to score in 5 world cups is some sort of accolade by any stretch of the imagination
  15. high- joey manu making the tournament low - tommy turbo not making the tournament
  16. Dylan Napa been touted round any SL club that will listen - is anyone silly enough?
  17. if I was lucky enough to be a rugby league legend and achieve all the great things in the game and spawned any offspring that showed even the slightest interest in RU I would have them given up for adoption to fred and rose west
  18. that loosely translates as hes already re directed his mail and was just seen checking the average temperatures in Redcliffe on his phone
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