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  1. have just rang by mate joseph f bloggs and asked him- he was out shopping with the mrs at the trafford centre and hung up on me
  2. reece lynn was selected with the mentality of " we are playing france so he should be ok " and thats about that
  3. so basically replace that entire side that played today with a different side and different players
  4. if you had to put your life savings on the question "do you think you will see england beat australia in your lifetime?" would you put it on yes or no? cmon - be honest
  5. it was a charity supergroup led by gerry marsden of gerry and the pacemakers to raise money for the bradford city fire disaster
  6. maybe a blessing in disguise the wc is not happening - their could be some embarrassing scorelines if the likes of reece lynn, hardaker and lomax were to come up against mitchell - turbo- teddy - cleary etc - they would have posted 120 past the french today and 80 against that fourth rate rabble - at least jp broke the record for saying "and a fink" most times on tv in 80mins
  7. have you used the internet before or is this your first day of connection?
  8. starting a thread here with only your second post - put all your ppe on - boots -ear defenders- goggles the lot and get ready!
  9. pubs are the same - when some youngster with a top knot and rubbish tattoos can be bothered to serve me between yawning and been on their fone - they usually just look at me and say FOUR FIVTY SIX- to which i reply "is that opposed to being that will be four pounds and 56 pence please sir" HMHB
  10. lets just move on from the gb and eng brand all together and get "with it" and "up to date" the pommie piranahs sounds trendy and down with the kids like the cricket thing that was on but i have already forgot about - more worrying for me though i just put a like on a post by MjM !
  11. was it full of the slow piano music that seems to be the background of every drama and reality documentary these days? the same dreadful slow piano drag adele is using for her "brilliant" new single
  12. dragging up old arguments from a while ago that have nothing to do with the current debate- who are you? my wife?
  13. because the other two are world class and proven to be so right up to the last rounds of the nrl season just gone - the other one is not
  14. seen plenty of footage of him finishing off slick moves involving johnson and hurrell etc half a decade ago but nothing much more
  15. have spent many dark autumn/winter nights drawing up to public playing fields in my transit van full of tools - football posts at dusk -hey presto- rugby sticks by morning
  16. players who are not international standard- players who are well out of form- players who are over the hill and a polish guy
  17. am suprised the bbc are covering this match- we should be thankful to them
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