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  1. Given that other sports are our direct competitors, I would argue it is directly relevant. I agree that we have a profile issue, but am not sure that simply having more televised games would solve that. If a casual sports fan isn't attracted by a big match on a Friday night, I doubt they would be attracted by, the less appealing games , perhaps competing with football on a Sunday afternoon. Worse still, I would fear oversaturation. Would having every game televised have a direct impact on crowds? It's certainly possible. In any event, it's a moot point as I doubt Sky would agree to fund 6 or more outside rugby league broadcasts per week, or agree to non-exclusive rights. If we want to build profile, the way to do that is a stronger international game, especially in the northern hemisphere, with more regular, competitive internationals on FTA. That is rather than 6+ weekly matches, many hidden away on Sky Sports Arena.
  2. I can't think of any UK domestic sport which shows every league game on television, so I very much doubt that is a realistic and even positive demand. I'm always on the fence regarding video referees. The on field decision made by the referee shows that on the vast majority of occasions, they get it right first time. That's not just based on the lack of overturns, but seeing the replays with your own eyes. However, there are some times when the video referee prevents howlers being made. I do wonder if we will soon see a more interventionist approach as we see in football. Having not had video referees before, football fans often see that system as killing the moment or interfering too much, but compared to rugby it is far less so.
  3. Army have beaten Skirlaugh after 10 mins+ of golden point! I've collated today's full results too - https://thetryline.blogspot.com/p/todays-fixtures-and-results.html
  4. Hull KR are very close to 6,000 and Hull were on course for a record last I heard - possibly 8,000+?
  5. Sounds positive! Although the Super League press release says the 4 part documentary is on Sky rather than Amazon. https://www.superleague.co.uk/article/1220/super-league-set-for-new-tv-show-&-documentary
  6. In some ways, I think the drip-feeding of information is a good thing. Stadium announcements first, then the draw, then the schedule, then ticket release. All keeps the tournament more in the conscious of fans and media. I think I've read that both the schedule and tickets will be released by the end of the year, although can't recall a specific date.
  7. On the subject of Toronto's squad, this is a very interesting read! https://www.skysports.com/rugby-league/news/36536/11912898/toronto-wolfpack-wont-rush-sonny-bill-williams-back-into-action McDermott talks being down to 18 fit players already, being up or over (!) the salary cap already, salary cap dispensation, SBW possibly missing round 1 and almost certainly missing a few weeks around round 4 or 5.
  8. In respect of expanding the game in the UK outside of its natural heartlands, I think Newcastle is about our best chance. Participation figures are decent, Newcastle's crowds are good for the level they are at, have a decent stadium and appear well run from the outside. We are right to return the Magic Weekend to Newcastle and have 5 games at RLWC in Newcastle and the region. As for Magic Weekend, I think 2 years at Newcastle and every third year as an experiment would be the best approach.
  9. Kind of on topic...I was reading an article about the Saracens debacle on BBC Sport, and this quote about private equity investment leapt out at me: The full article is an interesting read as a whole, touching on other sports financially trying to compete https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/rugby-union/51168926
  10. Impressive win for Toronto today. A slight boost for them ahead of the season opener against Cas at Headingley. I've put this and the rest of today's results on my blog, since it's never easy to find the friendly results! https://thetryline.blogspot.com/p/todays-fixtures-and-results.html
  11. A 23 man squad is very shallow indeed. It is far from unheard of that a side has six players injured at once. If that occurred, this would leave them very short, especially as they don't have an academy to fall back on. Toronto play last year's top 5 away from home (or in the UK at least) in the first 5 weeks, which a really tough start and with a shallow squad, they are likely to be playing catch up from the get-go. It would be a surprise to see them avoid a relegation battle and survival would be a huge success.
  12. The team have done near on everything right so far and have also benefitted from fortunate circumstances! The draw is good. The advance of Pacific nations means that games like England vs Samoa and Tonga vs PNG should be brilliant. The fair group structure adds credibility and means the group you were drawn in doesn't unfairly advantage or disadvantage. Also by not starting with England vs Aus we give ourselves a shot at a huge crowd against a tier 2 nation and the anticipation will be greater if we play Australia later in the tournament. There's a lot of tickets to sell and lot of work still needed to succeed, but we've made the best possible start!
  13. After a great day for the sport with the RLWC draw, this doesn't half bring you back down. Very sad that his career is over, but if he can make a recovery to live a full life that's the important thing. As has been said, his long term prognosis seems unclear, we can only hope for good news.
  14. Having a Newcastle team at the event is the best thing that can be done to entice locals to the event, by giving them a local team to get behind. If it encourage even a few to return to Kingston Park, then brilliant. This helps combine the original idea of the event to grow the game with the later idea of the event of a weekend celebration of Super League.
  15. Rugby league is rarely the subject of a piece from the national broadcaster's sport editor. Another piece of evidence that international sport commands so much more coverage than the club game and we should remember that when we place the international game as an afterthought and then scratch our heads at the lack of media coverage. To be more positive, to get Prince Harry to do the draw at Buckingham Palace with a number of good ambassadors is a great move. Have been really impressed with RLWC 2021 team so far.
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