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  1. This was a good listen from a Saints perspective, an at length interview with Justin Holbrook https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/5-justin-holbrook-record-breaker-and-relationship-builder/id1513075668?i=1000477692260
  2. Brilliant match. Sydney have got such an ability to soak up pressure and then strike back. When Paramatta hit the front, I did think they would kick on, but Sydney got back in front so quickly. They are such a patient and ruthless side and are going to be so hard to stop again this year. Paramatta did well though and have certainly got the ability to challenge the top sides.
  3. I'd be happy with a short term deal as a stop-gap replacement for Thompson. A good leader and I hope he would help develop the likes of Lees. After a mixed start to the season, bringing in some 'new' blood might help us, off the field and off it. He's not going to be the player he was, but even if he is on the decline, he's still a player who will contribute a lot. I would hope the fans can see him in action personally!
  4. Best piece of memorabilia I have is the old ground regulations from Knowsley Road. Think they were attached to the turnstile before you went in!
  5. I do agree that perhaps publishing details of a personal pay cut (or not as that case was) may not have been required. Although, if it is the case that he was the only one not to take a pay cut (again, we don't know that), I worry it may have caused unrest in the dressing room. Equally, I do think McManus did need to provide an explanation as to why one of our best players was leaving when he remains under contract and a move was agreed for 2021 only. In the circumstances, I agree that him leaving now is for the best. Hopefully we can put the transfer fee towards a replacement. EDIT: Thompson has now posted his own comment
  6. Yep. We had to pay him big to fend off Warrington interest. Their offer was still far larger than ours but he chose to stay.
  7. To be fair to McManus, he had to explain Thompson's immediate departure. He is a star player and it could not be seen that we simply rolled over and let him go. It's hard to criticise someone for not taking a pay cut. However, a player on a six figure salary who doesn't take a pay cut whilst club shop staff do, is difficult to justify to teammates and club staff and could lead to resentment. Especially the case when he comes from a millionaire family. A shame that this has ended on bad terms, with Thompson seeming to force his way out, but the club must come first. A big chance for Matty Lees to secure a starting spot.
  8. I was really impressed with the announcement yesterday. The schedule is being announced on 21 July. The spacing between announcements is good to build momentum going into the tournament. The branding and promotion side of things is going well. A shame the Kangaroo tour isn't going ahead as that would have been a big boost. I noticed on Twitter that when places like Middlesbrough were announcing that they would host Cook Islands, this was met with genuine excitement by football fans, rather than the usual derision at anything that isn't their own sport. That's a testament to the job we are doing and also that host towns / cities had to make a big effort to win that right.
  9. Not sure how I feel about this. I would be disappointed if Thompson is trying to force an early move. But from the clubs point of view, we have lost out on a lot due to lockdown. The stadium, which was a huge source of income has been vacant for months and all events / parties / conferences will have been cancelled. Financially, I would understand why we would be tempted.
  10. I wouldn't miss scrums. They naturally get compared unfavourably to union scrums which are contested. I don't really see what feeding the ball through the players legs whilst two packs of six men casually lean against each other adds to the sport. It could add something if teams pushed, strike for the ball or put on set moves, but that is quite rare. I hadn't considered the point earlier about a tap restart appearing a bit stale by comparison, but that is a fair point. The ideal solution would be to have a more competitive scrum without it being an eyesore. The most important thing though is to take a unified approach so we and the NRL aren't playing a different sport!
  11. Fingers crossed we re-sign him. He's been a bit of a late developer, but I think there's potential for a very talented player. With some of our pack approaching retirement, he'll have his shot at a regular spot and position more often, probably from next year.
  12. Whilst there's a thread dedicated to it, I do have my own blog. Subject matter is wearing a bit thin at the moment, but I'm trying to keep up with one per week! I also put a link to my most recent blog in my signature. https://thetryline.blogspot.com
  13. I think it's fair to say that some of the Toronto targets are beyond their best. Equally, they are improvements on the players in their current squad an may not command the sort of salaries that they once did. Getting experienced players into the squad is sensible and a smart move when trying to establish themselves in Super League.
  14. Wonder if it would be better to host a mini-competition for the Championship sides who wish to play this season? And for those where playing is unfeasible, the full competition could resume in 2021?
  15. I thought Bentley was really unlucky to miss out on both finals last year. With Taia and McCarthy-Scarsbrook coming to the end of their careers, I would like to see Bentley be given a crack at earning a regular first team spot. I think he's good enough to do it, but he's certainly done enough to be afforded the opportunity.
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