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  1. Haven winning, London losing. I'm lost in terms of points percentage. Am I correct to say Haven make the play offs as it stands?
  2. Didn't see the match but pleased for our younger players to get a run out. Reports were that Ben Davies and Sam Royle were standouts. Royle and Davies are 21 now but have had limited opportunities without a reserve grade. Glad that will be corrected next year. May not even do them harm to go out on loan to a Championship club to get regular game time.
  3. Hull must be spending close to or at the salary cap and to finish with a record of won 8, lost 12 is appalling. Hodgson doesn't seem to get much stick, especially compared to what Radford or Last would have received for such a return. Is the FC fan anger turning towards the players now? So consistently, they put in performances like this one, which are a disgrace. Huge losses against sides towards the bottom of the league, year in, year out. I would be furious if I supported Hull (I'm a little annoyed on their behalf). The big question is how you stop it? Several coaches have been unable to.
  4. Don't know why, but have got a feeling Wigan will be walking out at Old Trafford this year...
  5. Huddersfield have flung the doors open a couple of times and for crowds of 12,000 and I think about 9,000. So that is your ceiling. I think you can go too cheap. For example, if I has a rugby union team on my doorstep, I wouldn't go even with cheap tickets because I don't follow the sport or have an interest in it. The worry, from a business perspective, is you simply charge people who would go anyway a cheaper price and don't attract many new fans. Cheaper prices alone is not the answer to low crowds.
  6. Incredibly, that's not too far off being accurate!
  7. Really pleased with this signing, rated him highly at Salford. Expecting to see him and Roby splitting their time on the field. Wouldn't rule out Lussick starting and Roby on the bench.
  8. Heavy rotation for Saints in this one. Pleased Lomax is back as he needs a game before the semi final. Agree with the decision not to play Percival or Mata'utai after knocks last week but a little worried about a high number of players not playing for 3 weeks before the semi. Think we'll line up like this: Welsby, Martyn, Simm, Davies, Grace, Lomax, Dodd, Walmsley, Smith, Lees, Thompson, Wingfield, LMS Amor, Norman, Royle, Eaves
  9. Some incredible things here. He says that we've never been as strong politically, then in the next breath that we have been in a politically sensitive moment? There seems to be no idea what is happening with Ottawa. London have gone part time with seemingly no strategy for the game in the capital. Same applies to Coventry. We just seem to think if we change the structure again, everything will be fine. It's naive and depressing.
  10. I think this is one of those times that we need to remind ourselves that taking legal action is very different to succeeding in legal action.
  11. This is a quite remarkable attack on the character of his players. Astonishing that he has written this down, considered it, and still thought it a good idea.
  12. All four first choice half backs missing this match which is unusual! When a side faces defeat in the manner we did, there is either a big response or a big struggle the following week. We'll have to wait and see!
  13. "Attacking player tucks his head and is part of the actions of the tackle in pulling the defending player onto him." This was the MRP's version of events. I can generally take disciplinary decisions on the chin and prefer it when punishments are seen as too harsh, especially for high tackles. I could accept the MRP's account if it said that Kasiano's tackle was an accident or even not worthy of punishment. But I find it hard to accept the implication that Bentley caused the incident.
  14. Bentley out indefinitely with spinal ligament damage following Kasiano's crusher tackle. Will have played his last game for us. Hopefully it isn't as serious as thought and it doesn't delay or impact his start to his Leeds career.
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