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  1. In a more up-to-date post, really looking forward to watching this. It's part of the history of our sport and will be a fascinating watch from a broadcasting perspective too. And Stevo will be on the pitch announcing each player individually as they enter the field! I think it got scrapped by about round 3!
  2. A season starting in March and running through the summer until late August?! Always said it was madness. Nobody's going to buy into this. The game is dying. We won't have a sport in 25 years!
  3. Got them all, albeit I did have to google the spelling of the first team alphabetically!
  4. I've had similar thoughts. The marketing line will probably move from being the biggest international event of 2021 to being part of an incredible year of sport. We will have to try and ride the crest of Euro's / Olympic wave. It will be a challenge, especially if the Kangaroo tour is cancelled, but achievable.
  5. I've done some digging through YouTube and put together a list of some full games that are on there. Quite a few more than expected and some absolute belters! https://thetryline.blogspot.com/2020/03/the-rugby-league-archives.html
  6. Huddersfield vs Leeds from 2015 on YouTube and SL Facebook page tonight at 7.45. Now that is a classic!
  7. The Independent reporting the RFL are seeking a government bailout. Only saw the headline but the full story may be online soon. Edit: full story https://inews.co.uk/sport/rugby-league/rugby-league-coronavirus-finances-government-bailout-2501598
  8. I also found it interesting how there was almost a certainty that the game would boom and become worldwide, moving completely away from the heartlands. Interesting to reflect a quarter of a century on!
  9. That report on mergers in the OP is an absolute belter. Does make you wonder what would have happened in things would have worked out differently.
  10. I've thought about this too. Whilst Roby and Lomax (our captain and vice) are both fantastic, neither of them legitimately questioned the referee yesterday. The second LMS was sin-binned, I would have expected Lomax to ask why McMeeken wasn't sin-binned for a trip on Grace just a minute earlier. I also would have expected him to ask why Milner wasn't sin binned for a high shot on Makinson in the first half (and later why Richardson wasn't sin-binned for a high shot). He should, as you say, have suggested it was because our players got straight back up and didn't make a fuss, and the Castleford players stayed down. I'm not suggesting he should have acted aggressively, nor even that any of the above is true, but there was an opportunity to apply pressure and we missed out. Whilst our captain and vice captain are absolutely critical to the team and I wouldn't swap them for the world, it's where having someone like LMS or Walmsley, a more confident, confrontational character to speak with the ref would help.
  11. We have now lost 4 games in 2020. 3 in Super League. For context, we only lost 4 through the whole of last season. Whilst it isn't time to panic, there is significant cause for concern. To start with our attack, we have failed to score a try in four halves of rugby this year and only avoided making that five by a matter of seconds today. The way we attack has also changed. Today saw our first try scored by a winger this season and our top try scorers are the starting prop forwards. Our attack seems ponderous and ineffective. Our discipline is significantly worse. Whilst I don't have the stats, we seem to be getting correctly pinged more and more for offside and interference due to an increased emphasis on wrestling. However, prior to today at least, our defence was probably doing a little better than last year and we conceded less points. This year we have beaten Salford at home, Toronto at Warrington and Hull away. None of those three teams have been particularly good this year. On the four occasions we have come up against teams made of sterner stuff, we have lost, and been comfortably bettered on two occasions. In the unlikely event of playing Leeds on Friday, I am very concerned about us coming up against a defence that has conceded just 60 points all season. I anticipate a few at Saints, from an on-field point of view, wouldn't be too concerned at a league suspension now!
  12. Also, anyone else get the impression that Jackson Hastings wished that he was still at Salford?
  13. Didn't expect a game of such entertainment, especially after Salford's start! Wigan will be disappointed that they didn't finish the game off early on. Credit has to go to Salford and their resilience though, who didn't give up when many (ok, me) wrote them off! This league is very open this year, no-one firing on all cylinders yet!
  14. I agree that Pearson is within his right to sack. Hull FC have underachieved in 2018, 2019 and so far in 2020. But the manner in which he did it, could do some damage.
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