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  1. I wouldn't be too pleased if I had bought a ticket in a spot that I didn't want under the mistaken impression that the blocks labelled "sold out" where actually that, and then better seats became available!
  2. Nathan Brown did a fine job at Saints. We struggled at the start of 2012 with young players like Foster, Wheeler, Gaskell, Emmitt etc not reaching the levels hoped and Eastmond having left the club the previous year. In 2013, he had made some positive decisions like moving Lomax to full back and phasing Wellens out and brining in players like Walmsley, Manu, Turner, Amor and Walsh who did well for us in 2014. Brown's style wasn't magnificent, but this wasn't helped by us having two awful years in terms of injuries. To find a way to guide us to the Grand Final and to win it in 2014 was a great achievement and a great way to bow out. I wouldn't have him back, but that would be a rule for any coach really.
  3. I was the same before the 2014 Grand Final knowing that Flanagan and Hohaia were out starting half backs, and that had an unexpected outcome too. I think the gap is being exaggerated by some, there's not much between Warrington and Saints at their absolute best.
  4. If ticket sales are around the 62,000 mark I'd be quite disappointed. Especially with the two extra clubs in the 1895 cup final. You would think that Widnes have shifted a few thousand too. Clearly, we have a ceiling of 70,000 with half of the upper tier closed. In some respects, 70,000 would be ok considering that's what the Grand Final gets, but it's not a brilliant look have 20,000 seats covered up. Tottenham always did a good job of making Wembley look more full than it was by selling from the front of the upper tier and working backwards all the way around that tier. Maybe that's something to consider for future years?
  5. If we play to our best, then we will win. If we don't play to our best, then we open the door to Warrington. I am in no doubt that we will see the Warrington that played Hull FC in the semi final (if not better) rather than the Warrington in the last two months. I am slightly worried about a Coote being a bit rusty having not played since mid-July, especially when it comes to goalkicking. I suppose Warrington may think the same about Austin though. I think we're going to be in for a very close game. For Saints, if we can keep our defence as tight as it has been in previous matches against Warrington this year we'll be ok. It's only Monday and I'm already nervous!
  6. I reckon Warrington - 34 Wigan - 34 Hull - 34 Salford - 32 Catalans - 30 Cas - 28 I don't like the looks of Cas run in at all and think they may fade. With Salford's good form and decent run in, I can see the top 5 being wrapped up with a week to spare. But with the top 5 system rewarding each higher place, there will be a scramble to get as high as possible.
  7. For the first time, I think this is going to the final day. Wakefield's win today I think will see them safe and Hull KR should be if they beat London. Huddersfield are in real danger though. I reckon it'll come down to the final day matches at Huddersfield against Catalans and London at Wakefield. Whoever goes, I'll be sad to lose them from the league.
  8. This is an ugly defeat for Hull KR. A defeat was bad enough, but the damage to their points difference is significant too.
  9. My favourite Super League season was 2000. The St Helens, Wigan and Bradford sides of that year were all incredible.
  10. Everytime this season London have looked to be fading, they've got the win to keep their hopes alive. With London still to play Leeds, Hull KR and Wakefield, their fate is now in their own hands.
  11. Only when Matty Smith tries one!
  12. In a different era, Partington would have had a good hiding a few times now.
  13. I thought that was odd too. Rain is generally a leveller for a weaker side against a stronger one as it limits the opportunity for skilful play. To openly hope for a downpour doesn't say that he's confident in his side or it's attacking ability.
  14. This weather will make it very difficult. Can't see anything beyond a huge forward battle. Bring on golden point!
  15. Let's get something positive out of this. https://www.rugby-league.com/get_involved/match_officials/become_a_match_official Assuming your from Leeds, the contact details for the local refereeing society is on that link. You can now easily get involved and lead the improvement that you believe is needed!
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