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  1. What I will add is that in the second half when the majority of the Fev fans switched end from the Post Office Road end to the Railway end a good few of the Bradford fans (the lads with the drum) remained in the Railway end and supported their team throughout. The banter was good, the singing was loud, yes there were a few sweary words but nothing too distasteful, mainly aimed at Mr Chisholm for some strange reason. They even mocked their own fans who started to leave early! That's how it should be, fans mixing, sharing the banter without crossing the line. Please don't tar all Fev fans with the same brush as our Neanderthal element.
  2. I was at the Railway end opposite where the majority of Bradford fans were second half so that's why I didn't hear anything. Totally unacceptable behaviour. We do appear to have a minority of idiots who are tarnishing our name at present. I make no excuses for them and wish that our club was more pro active in dealing with them in an appropriate way.
  3. I was at the game but didn't hear anything, can you shed some light on who was at the receiving end and the nature of the abuse?
  4. The most worrying aspect of the day for me was the state of Percy the pit pony. Was he stoned or pi$$ed because he certainly was unsteady on his trotters. His arms were permanently fixed in the style of the 3 Scousers 'calm down' sketches from Harry Enfield days and he could hardly walk in a straight line. Most perturbing.
  5. 1. Similar to Gordon Brown then. 2. Who mentioned 'crashing out'? Leaving the EU is leaving the EU. If you or others want to put up fancy adjectives then that's up to you. 3. We had 2 massive opinion polls, a referendum and a general election. Both decisive in their results.
  6. A few points on that tweet: 1. The leader will be elected, by the Conservative party members. 2. If they promise to leave the EU then they DO have a mandate from the referendum AND 2017 general election. 3. No one knows what the public wants, that is just the posters point of view. The only factual bit of the tweet is that the Government does not have a majority.
  7. I voted Brexit Party. I couldn't give a flying monkeys who attended the rallies, whether they were white, black, Asian, Chinese, gay, lesbian, disabled, old, young, communists, liberals or anything. My vote for this party at this election was 2 fold: first to hasten the departure of the PM, (mission accomplished) and 2, to remind the British MP's to get on with they have promised for the last 3 years. Anything else for me is immaterial.
  8. Briscoe and Carey wings, Teteh and Hardcastle centres and Render fullback?
  9. What's that got to do with anything? Is it your claim that the grand labelling of things that the Lib Dems are a right of centre party?
  10. 8 thousand people in Wembley? Really?
  11. You seem a rather sceptical, suspicious type of person, just wondered what your thoughts are on the moon landings, Elvis and Lord Lucan?
  12. Oh well, at least you weren't advocating shooting him, which is an improvement for you.
  13. There is a big difference! Different jobs require different levels of physical and mental capability. Physical and strenuous work would not be suitable to someone with a known heart condition for example, therefore less strenuous work is more suitable for them. It's not hard to work out!
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