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  1. Has anyone tried eggs chopped up in a cup? It's a cure all ya know.
  2. Yep, go against the gang and get the old troll accusation. Nothing I have seen or heard about this virus makes me concerned that it is anything worse than the flu epidemics that regularly occur. It certainly isn't the black death.
  3. Having seen and read what I have in connection with this virus it would appear to me that the response has been a tad hysterical. I take on board your comments regarding your elderly family members. I too have a 81 year old mother who finds out tomorrow the extent of her recent cancer diagnosis who may be at risk of this virus, but at no more risk than other flu like viruses and maladies that affect the elderly in the winter months.
  4. It's all a big fuss over a form of flu. Just getting boring now all the scare mongering and panic being created over a glorified cold.
  5. Leave him alone, he is doing a grand job!
  6. The 'Early Bird' offer ran from Thursday September 5th until Thursday October 31st and was well advertised. There are 13 home league games in 2020, so £175 divided by 13 equates to just shy of £13.50 per game. Last season's game day concession admission prices were £15, although there was a £2 reduction if purchased prior to the actual game day. If the prices are the same this season it may be slightly financially better (an annual saving of approximately £6) if you can purchase home match tickets prior to the match than purchasing a season ticket.
  7. Well you had 6 halfbacks last season, so who knows?
  8. Aye, them 2 are streets ahead of Cammy King ?
  9. Why don't you ask 'your man at the club'? ?
  10. Perhaps it might have been the case that we approached the RFL with our plans and were told we would not be accepted, so decided not to pursue it?
  11. Yeah I have read those comments and the consensus of opinion from their fans is that he does appear to be a little weak defensively. If we are still using DR, and I see no reason why we wouldn't, it does seem a strange signing considering Hardy to come back and Teteh on the sidelines too.
  12. Not sure on this signing, don't see the logic, but hey ho. Can't see why Leeds would call Golding and Sutcliffe back unless of injuries to their current incumbents. Will just have to see how he goes if selected.
  13. I know, I read the article. So this chap, as well as the general public, need a clear sign to tell them that when a train is travelling at 60mph it is dangerous to stick your head out of the window? I only hope the box of Gillette Quatro razor blades I have just purchased has a warning on saying 'Please do not eat' otherwise I am going to have them up in court after I have necked the pack. It just winds me up that when people do stupid things it is always someone else's fault when it all goes wrong, and rather take responsibility for their actions they pass the buck to someone else.
  14. Them assessors eh, they know everything! Who would have thought it.
  15. So, some guy travelling on a train that is going at about 60mph, decides to stick his head out of the window. Lo and behold his head hits a steel pole, he dies and the train company is fined 1 million pound because the warning signs weren't as good as what they should have been. Am I missing something here?????
  16. So to return to the title of this thread, is this the behaviour we should be normalising? Should we be offering a sympathetic ear to all those shovelling food down their necks like it is going out of fashion and telling them it is society to blame or they have a mental illness or they are victims of austerity? Isn't the plain truth that they are entirely responsible for their body size?
  17. I was only replying to points from other posters.
  18. If people injure themselves doing the activities you mention then it is through their own choice that they exposed themselves to those risks, not mine or society's problem. They need to take full responsibility for their choice. As for who should pay for the injuries from their actions then that is whole different argument.
  19. Being successful in life is not dependent on gaining A levels or going to university or having a low paid job instead of a well paid job. What ever lifestyle choice you make is fine by me, just don't go bleating about it if you are not happy and putting the blame at the feet of others for your misfortune. Too many people today seek to blame others rather than take the responsibility for their own actions.
  20. Ah, an oldie but a goldie! Pardon me for having a contrary view in a discussion on a public forum.
  21. Maybe they should spend their time reading books on how to lose weight then and not reading forums?
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