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  1. There were a couple of incidents placed on report in the Swinton game, anything come of them?
  2. It's bad enough now with all the flak we get for our DR partnership for the league games, can you imagine the fuss if we got to the 1895 Wembley final with 5 loans/DR in the team!
  3. I would prioritise the 1895 over the Challenge Cup. A trip to Wembley is a trip to Wembley and would be a great day out.
  4. Looking at last years only outing at Widnes I think we had 4 DR/loans in the 17, so unless the rules have changed I can't see there being a problem.
  5. Has anyone tried eggs chopped up in a cup? It's a cure all ya know.
  6. Fev announce Liam Sutcliffe on DR in their squad for Sunday. Let the comments begin...………….
  7. 7 ex Featherstone players in the Leeds 17, go Leeds Rovers!!!! ??
  8. Just listened to Webster on the Swinton preview on Rovers TV say 'we have lost Callum but it's good to have Chizzy back.' Sounds like we will have Joufrett and Chisholm at 6 and 7 then.
  9. I was only commenting to my lad on Sunday about what had happened to Maskill, and lo and behold it's been announced he has signed for Bradford. I know he wasn't everyone's cup of tea but he may have been able to do a job for us, especially considering where we are now in the No. 9 department.
  10. They have obviously just cut and pasted from the Barrow cup game. I would also be a little cheesed off if I had forked out my brass to be the new stadium sponsors as that has not been amended either!
  11. Yep, go against the gang and get the old troll accusation. Nothing I have seen or heard about this virus makes me concerned that it is anything worse than the flu epidemics that regularly occur. It certainly isn't the black death.
  12. Having seen and read what I have in connection with this virus it would appear to me that the response has been a tad hysterical. I take on board your comments regarding your elderly family members. I too have a 81 year old mother who finds out tomorrow the extent of her recent cancer diagnosis who may be at risk of this virus, but at no more risk than other flu like viruses and maladies that affect the elderly in the winter months.
  13. It's all a big fuss over a form of flu. Just getting boring now all the scare mongering and panic being created over a glorified cold.
  14. I think it was suggested but nothing came of it. Also, our fixture against them on the last day of the regular fixtures is on a Saturday with a 1pm kick off instead of our usual Sunday 3pm kick off. I wonder if this is to accommodate their travelling arrangements?
  15. Yeah it is. Plus there should be a capital 'A' on 'after' as it is the first word of a sentence.
  16. I think it is the RFL's 'player welfare' protocol. Rather than have us play Good Friday, Easter Monday and then the following Sunday, they decided to go for Good Friday, Wednesday and then the following Sunday, and throw in a trip to France and back, and expect part time players to cope with it. Plus, in all likelihood, the players will probably have to use time off from work to go rather than spending time with their families over the Easter period.
  17. The home fixture is the last game of the season, away fixture is on a Wednesday night over the Easter period. Wednesday night, away to Toulouse, WTF?????
  18. True. I wasn't initially aware that Sheffield had won in golden point as I was listening to the Fev game and only checked the results after they had all come in. Hopefully the rugby journals will be a bit more savvy and accurate.
  19. Phew! Thought I was on dodgy ground there! If you look at the BBC Rugby League tables though it doesn't show an extra point for Batley
  20. I think as it was level at 80 minutes both sides get a point. As Sheffield won in golden point they get an extra point, so Sheffield get 2 points for winning and Batley get a point for drawing after 80 minutes.
  21. Wonder what has happened to the much mooted youngster from Leeds, Corey Johnson is it?
  22. Perhaps the Dual Reg between Fev and Leeds is beginning to pay off for Leeds.
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