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  1. I didn't raise the issue of politics and my answer was in relation to hoping Fev gain promotion this year. Thanks for your concern though.
  2. Fev have also got Greg Worthington on a loan period of 9 games I do believe as well, further reducing the Toronto squad.
  3. Oh, I don't know, the last 2 'immigrants' we had from Batley turned out to be good signings!
  4. In a rare show of unity it would appear that I am in agreement with you, certainly on scrapping the cap, not sure what your points system entails but it could be worth a try?
  5. Yeah, he has a variety of stats, about 57 if I remember correctly.
  6. Leave him alone, he is doing a grand job!
  7. The 'Early Bird' offer ran from Thursday September 5th until Thursday October 31st and was well advertised. There are 13 home league games in 2020, so £175 divided by 13 equates to just shy of £13.50 per game. Last season's game day concession admission prices were £15, although there was a £2 reduction if purchased prior to the actual game day. If the prices are the same this season it may be slightly financially better (an annual saving of approximately £6) if you can purchase home match tickets prior to the match than purchasing a season ticket.
  8. Has there been any dates published for when the various rounds are going to be played?
  9. So will we be waiting 3 and a half years for them to implement it?
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