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  1. I stand corrected, I shall say every UK Championship club then!
  2. Yes we have a broadcasting deal, as does every other Championship club, with Sky. They chose not to show the Championship though.
  3. With the likelihood that not many fans will be making the trip overseas next weekend, where ever we end up playing, isn't this a good opportunity for the club to do some form of event down at the ground next weekend? Maybe a big screen with the game on outside if the weather is decent? Barbeque or the normal food outlets open? Outside bars open? Events on the pitch to entertain the fans from say 3pm? Just thought it would be good to get all the fans down at the club and watch the boys and put a few quid into the coffers. Hopefully something is being planned.
  4. Ah, do you mean :- 'Are there any Rovers players who may have had indiscretions in their past that will bar them from entry into Canada should there be a need for Featherstone to play in Toronto?' You could try ringing the Club if you are that concerned, do you want me to give you the number?
  5. On Fev facebook page, stating 12 coaches fully booked at present and approaching 600 tickets sold.
  6. All this talk over the last 34 pages is immaterial, Fev are going to win the Grand Final and get promoted and save Mr Elstone's and SL blushes.
  7. According to our club we have been allocated the open terrace behind the sticks not the covered end that we had for the league game.
  8. I will throw this into the mix. What if, purely hypothetical of course, the majority of the current Fev reserves from 2019 next year are suddenly drafted into being the Leeds reserves, with the addition of 1 or 2 from Leeds, they call themselves Leeds Rhinos Reserves and they play their home games at Post Office Road? The current Leeds 1st teamers that are on the fringes of the Rhino's 1st team can then continue playing for Fev on DR.
  9. Quality team performance. Same again on Saturday and maybe then we can dare to dream??
  10. Ah right, with you saying 'Scott free' I thought it was a dig at the referee Scott Mikalauskis, fans around me were giving him a right slating about his decisions during the game, I didn't have the heart to tell them that it was Greg Dolan who was actually officiating!
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