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  1. Isn't it possible he doesn't have to wait that long? He could lose a confidence vote late September/early October, an election is called, Parliament dissolved and during the campaign the default legal leave date of October 31st deadline passes and Bobs your uncle, we are out.
  2. That is an interesting scenario. Is there any way that the losing of a vote of confidence could be arranged so that it would mean that Parliament would be prorogued, to coincide with the 31st of October, thus meaning the UK leaves the EU as per Boris's promise?
  3. With you agreeing with what Wholly Trinity put I assumed you were in agreement with what he said about the 19th century.
  4. So you have changed your answer from 'there isn't one' to 'I don't think there has'. Mmmm interesting. If you read the answer from that Wholly Trinity chap and the subsequent agreement from Ssoutherner chap they both seem to think we did O.K in the 19th century and then there was that McMillan fellow in the 50's that said 'we'd never had it so good'. I believe that may answer your question.
  5. I think you will find the EEC of the 70's when we joined and the EU of today are 2 completely entities. But we can discuss this on the Brexit thread, not the Boris Johnson appreciation society thread.
  6. Ah yes, the beloved EU, our saviours, our knight in shining armour repelling all the evils of the world. 3 cheers for the EU!
  7. There has never been a time when the UK has stood alone and been prosperous? Mmmm, interesting.
  8. I don't think it is as easy as saying that at a certain point in time we were prosperous when we were this or that. It is all subjective to each person. Your argument could be flipped on its head if I were to say that in the last decade we have suffered the most sustained period of austerity and hardship, all whilst being in the EU. Or I could say that only whilst we have been a member of the EU we had a sustained period of unemployment above 3 million. I am not for one minute suggesting that the sole reason behind any of those economic events was or is caused by the EU, but it is easy to draw that conclusion should I be so inclined. The UK has had good and bad times throughout it's history, all down to different factors relevant and unique to that time in history. No doubt there will be good and bad times ahead that will be caused by no single overriding factor or event.
  9. I didn't ask if it is what Saintslass thinks. I asked if it was what you honestly think?
  10. Si if the EU 'falls into line' over China and Huawai, what does that make them? Or would you prefer the EU to oppose the US position and support the Chinese position, especially on Huawai?
  11. What, a bit like King's when he played for the full 80 against Fax and then missed the following game against Leigh?
  12. Do they have a clearer understanding than about 20 blokes on a small, predominantly Northern sport, rugby forum? If they do they must be very clever people. They must be like, well brainy and stuff.
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