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  1. It would make far more sense to have a 14 team SL, maybe then we could have a fairer league where its straight home and away fixtures, people seem to be forgetting that with P&R as it is a team is getting relegated when they play some teams more than others
  2. If London were dead set bottom More people would be talking about the top 5 places yes, without a doubt. Saints may be 6 points clear but they're not guaranteed to be champions
  3. London were excellent especially abdull, Catalans however were poor, Kasiano is an excellent player but they seem to have given a give it to the big guy to create something mentality, they need to drop Matty Smith as he's not up to it anymore
  4. Well on that we agree. Nothing is off limits with regards jokes IMO, time and place and context is the key
  5. The teams that are at the bottom are also in the reckoning for the top 5, but what is the focus on?
  6. Were in the win or lose on Friday TBH
  7. I wouldn’t discount Huddersfield or Salford they are only 2 points from bottom
  8. Focus not enjoyment, I can get enjoyment out if any RL game to be honest
  9. I think we’ll be bottom placed by the end of June. I also think Hull KR will be above Huddersfield by then too
  10. Where have I complained that its being challenged? And I stand by my comment that too much focus is on the race for the bottom when it should be on the race for the top
  11. I’ll post about whatever I like thanks very much, I have a different opinion to you that’s all, in your opinion P&R is good for SL mine is that it isn’t
  12. If Leeds finish bottom under the current system we deserve to go down. But if you think Leeds going down is good for the game in our country your mad IMO we are near the time to renegotiate out current TV deal and not having the best supported club in one of the most prominent Northern city’s in it will not help at sll. On the other hand making sure having a club in the countries capital would help it. being against P&R is as much about making sure Lindon is in SL as it is about making sure Leeds are in it
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