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  1. Buying names served them well in 2016.jukes is a poor coach as his reign is showing.he was left a good side when Rowley went which made him look good.
  2. Won't be a struggle we won't get out.see ye next year
  3. And going to get slimmer by the week oops.
  4. Dukes should never have got that job and is being found out considering how much money they've spent.tpronto aren't finding life in championship easy either. Think barrow bubble went pop today too.london looking strong as is Toulouse.
  5. I wouldn't know about skill but certainly fitness carried bears through but credit distington lads and game played in a great spirit.next round away to haven plz.
  6. I know it did but shouldn't of plus done me coupon lol😥
  7. With all due respect to Wales Keighley are expecting to be up there come season playoffs
  8. I find it rather unbelievable that Keighley after being 24 6 up never scored a single point in the second half.i don't for one minute believe Wales were that good.
  9. Shocking by Keighley second half Looks like barras bubble has burst too
  10. Shocking second half display not one point scored by Keighley.
  11. isnt that what a winger is supposed to do,we had our very own wow in craig calvert scored them tries most weeks.
  12. What as comfortable as youz were seeing hunslet parkside off, give over!!!you mean town will be upset again another away tie coming up 😂😂
  13. It's a cup game and they are in our league as you will find out when you play them.we don't struggle against amateurs.
  14. I am at the game.thats hardly a poor skolars side and we've players out also.lets see if your superstars beat them.