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  1. Well done saints fantastic season , but second half was a joke by kendal. He sould be made to sit in front of a ref's panel and explain himself . How can a super league ref not know it's illigal to hurdle over a tackle .
  2. Love to see Grace and Knowles in the squad , but Saints might not release them like when they are picked for Wales?
  3. As a neutral I thought he had a good game nice to see a ref and his linesmen calling foward passes.
  4. Wins for Crusaders , Newcastle, Whitehaven, and Oldham.
  5. No wonder Catalan think the refs and the RFL are against them , how the he'll did Mamo and Hill not get a ban ??????
  6. Kendall only one who could not see Warrington players trapping Cas player in to get a penalty , all clubs going to be doing this now if that how easy it is go get away with it , poor from Kendal.
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