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  1. Hemel Stag

    Reserve league

    Premier League Soccer Teams have more than a first team, look at Man City what they have on the bench is better than most other clubs. The top sides buy up promising players then put them out "on loan" to Championship sides to develop them. Soccer players can get injured but it's nowhere near as risky as Rugby, of either code. Rugby teams need big squads due to injury problems. RU Premier has Development Teams that play each other, they also have a league cup competition that revolves around the young players but augmented by fringe players from the A Team and players working back to match fitness. In NFL I believe they have franchise and feeder teams. Different sports have different needs. Rugby needs a pool of players beyond the first choice line up.
  2. Hemel Stag

    Reserve league

    I don't get the dual registration comment. Have a look over the fence; RU Premiership Clubs run "Academy Sides" for the younger players that are developing. They play competitive games against others of their own age and experience. Then there is a league cup for their own development sides, the junior players are joined by A team fringe players trying to prove their worth, injured players working their way back to full fitness and a few wise old veterans to keep the ship steady. All players at all levels are contracted to the same club and can be rotated according to ability, fitness, potential etc. I don't see any conflict with a Super League Team being able to put out a Number 1 A Team and a second string B Team vehicle for other players as described above. From the perspective of a League 1 Supporter; having the second string players of a Super League Club appearing at a local club (like Stags, Bears, Skolars) would be an honour and a privilege and help to boost gate attendance. If anything I am proposing doesn't fit in with "the rules" then all I can say is the rules can be flexible and can be changed; whether it's uncontested scrums, a Canadian Side playing in the English League set up, the adoption of the "Golden Point" or the adoption and subsequent rejection of the Super 8 system. Anything seems to be possible !
  3. Hemel Stag

    Reserve league

    Brilliant Idea. I think it could really help all concerned. The reserves teams would get proper competition and the experience could help the League 1 sides to develop. Also, having (for instance) Wigan B or Leeds B appearing would still be a big draw for local based League 1 sides and more bums on seats is always a good thing.
  4. Hemel Stag

    London Broncos Announcement

    Looking on the bright side; London has great transport links and the Broncos are now the nearest Super League Club for a huge part of the population. If they enjoy at least modest success, and get their publicity machine into over drive, anything is possible. I hope the London Evening Standard keeps up their interest, a London paper talking about a London Team, why wouldn't they.
  5. Hemel Stag

    Bradford Bash?

    Really nice picture. Just out of interest; could you say when it was taken and what the occasion was? Many thanks.
  6. Hemel Stag

    TV Deal

    BT Sport are doing well with RU at the moment, they also re-sell highlights to Channel 5 and C5 Screen a couple of games simultaneously with BT. RL should try to get a similar arrangement with Sky and another Channel like 4 or 5, so there's some exposure on the "normal" telly. Nobody will pay to watch a sport they don't already like, but lots of people will be happy and curious to try something that's for free on Freeview. It could be a win win as if people do get interested they will go on to take up Sky or their Online version Now TV. Sky can earn by reselling footage, get more customers and so can RL potentially. Having the Challenge Cup on BBC is a great shop window for attracting viewers and potential fans.
  7. Hemel Stag

    Hemel Stags Pin Badges

    Dear "Hopping Mad", thank you so much for this lead. I really appreciate it. 😃👍
  8. Has anybody heard what's happening about the League 1 Fixtures for 2019 ? I was led to believe that they were to be announced 15/11 but so far nothing. Any news, insights or comments very welcome.
  9. Hemel Stag

    Not a major sport according to Talksport

    Indeed the top flight of RU is not so big, they have 12 teams in their Premiership, none seem able to fill their grounds. There are a few bigish stadiums but not all by a long chalk: Coventry (Ricoh Arena, Wasps) - 32,609 (I have seen it on TV, not even half full) Bristol - 27,000 (Shared with a football team?) Leicester Tigers - 25,849 (the most successful team of the premier league era) Gloucester - 16,500 Northampton Saints - 15249 (average attendance approx 12K) London, Harlequins - 14,816 Bath - 14,500 Exeter Chiefs - 12,500 Worcester Warriors - 12,024 Sale Sharks - 12,000 Newcastle Falcons - 10,200 London, Saracens - 10,000 (European Club Champions) Sale and Newcastle are the exceptional outposts, other than those teams top flight RU is geographically limited, most of their grounds are not so big, the vast majority of fixtures never come anywhere to being full houses. So whats the difference in public perception? I think two things: RFU have been phenomenally good at promoting the "England Team", so much so that they could sell out the 84,000 Twickenham Stadium twice over for a England game. That's more than will attend all the Premier League Clubs on a typical weekend. Could the England RL Team emulate this success and be flagship ambassadors? Lots of people buy into England Soccer and England RU, so why not? Secondly, we do have a problem with a Southern based media, print & tv, which seem biased to what they know from that end of the country. Unlikely we can change the BBC, daily papers etc. However, we do have Social Media and people power. Start pumping out RL on all channels available. For teams that have won awards for their community work and projects, such as London Broncos and London Skolars, there should be an award of Wembley Challenge Cup Tickets so that children involved in the projects can have a wonderful day out and be encouraged to become the players and fans of tomorrow.
  10. Hemel Stag

    Clubs' Websites

    One of the most important things on a club website has to good contact details and directions. A link to a map is handy. On top of the basic address details a bit of extra advice about where are they, how do you get there by public transport, where can you park. Another useful thing to know is what's near the ground, like pubs, cafes, hotels. Are any of them especially fan friendly or maybe non welcoming? Sure people can find a lot of this by digging around but if you can make things easy for your potential customers they may be encouraged to come along, that goes for potential new fans of your club and visiting away fans who will be unfamiliar with your location and town.
  11. Hi, would be interested to hear from anyone that has a Hemel Stags Pin Badge and / or historic replica shirt (xl) that they would be prepared to part with.
  12. Hemel Stag

    Is there Anybody out there ?

    Hello ! Looks like I turned up a bit late ! Interested to hear from any die hard Stags, especially if you know anything about what is going on for the 2019 season ! ? !
  13. Hemel Stag

    Magic weekend confirmed in Liverpool

    Very good point, and I was actually getting cross threaded in my thinking with comments about hosting International Games. went a bit off topic. Apologies for that. I was thinking for instance England v France at Leigh Sport Village, on a Wednesday night, attendance 5,144. I would have like to have gone but it's a 350 mile round trip from my place, I'd have to have two days off work and a night in a hotel. Would I do it? Actually No. Put on in Birmingham or Coventry, central with good connections, on a Sunday afternoon and I bet you could come somewhere close to filling a 30k stadium. It's a day trip from Manchester or London.
  14. For a lot of people a trip to Wembley means a very very long journey, down more than half the length of the country. A lot of time money and dedication to do it. Nice to make a proper day out of it and fill the whole day with enjoyment. Also nice to get people from all over mixing and enjoying a sporting festival atmosphere. I's something for other clubs to aspire to. Who wouldn't like to say they played in a competitive final at Wembley. I like the sound of it. A grand day out and fantastic value for money.
  15. Hemel Stag

    Magic weekend confirmed in Liverpool

    Maybe next year ? ! ?