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  1. I think it's going to get very confusing if both Wigan and Catalans are all playing in Barcelona Soccer Shirts !
  2. There are a lot of other clubs that used to get better attendances too. What goes up, goes down; sooner or later.
  3. Very few people south of Sheffield really know what Rugby League is !
  4. It would be like getting 1200 people in Kazakhstan to watch Test Cricket ! That would be an achievement. How many people in Wigan watch Rugby Union? Not many I think. In London and the surrounding area of influence, you have Premiership Clubs Saracens and Harlequins, not far up the train line you have Northampton Saints and the Wasps at Coventry. Then there are Championship sides like Ealing Trailfinders , London Irish and Bedford Blues.
  5. Don't get Shirty ! They had some cracking shirts in their time !
  6. The Championship is looking increasingly hot and watchable, some reports have said attendances in the championship up 52% compared to same period last year. There's lots of good sport to be had.
  7. They are amateurs, so there's maybe an excuse for being amateurish ?
  8. Catalans have been good at turning over clubs that come with a well regimented style of play. They have read it and played around it or through it. Meanwhile more unpredictable sides have done well. If London can be disruptive and unpredictable they have every chance of doing well.
  9. The Club with the Most Entertaining Mascot..........
  10. Oooh err, does that sound a bit like the "Westminster Show" ? ! ? ???
  11. Stay up the cobbled end of the M1 for as long as you like; unless the game expands it's got no future. Remember all versions of "Football" started in the UK, Association Rules (Soccer) has gone viral on a worldwide scale. Rugby Union Rules has done ok for itself, so come on RL lets get more people interested and watching ! Even American NFL can sell out Wembley and that's got no indigenous heritage what so ever.
  12. Wolfpack Confirm Partnership with ‘The Inflatable Crowd Company’ 01/04/2019 Toronto Wolfpack are proud to announce a partnership with ‘The Inflatable Crowd Company’. The Hollywood based US firm, whose mission is to offer an affordable solution to large audience scenes in a friendly and efficient manner, will feature from the 2019 Home Opener on Sunday April 28th. Through the 2018 season the cardboard cut out crowd used by the Wolfpack at Lamport Stadium was damaged by the elements as well as in storage. The partnership with Hollywood’s go to experts on inflatable crowds is the natural next step in efficiently and realistically exaggerating Wolfpack attendances in 2019. Toronto Wolfpack Head of Marketing & Communications Jon Pallett commented: “On the back of our landmark broadcast agreement, which sees Wolfpack games broadcast into over 150 million homes across the globe, it was necessary to “pump up” the home crowd at the Den in 2019. “The Inflatable Crowd’s mannequins will be inflated, draped in Wolfpack merchandise and given custom face markings which will really take us to the next next level in falsifying attendance.” The Inflatable Crowd Company offers an alternative to expensive CGI. Their plastic, air-powered mannequins are used in blockbuster movies requiring large crowds and have appeared in over 80 feature films including The King’s Speech, Frost/Nixon, American Gangster and Spiderman 3. #RUNWITHTHEPACK On April the 1st (April Fools Day), Toronto Wolfpack put on their Website and Twitter ? ..................... who would believe it? The humour is, dare I say it, almost British ! ??????
  13. Yep, it's because we are fed a constant diet of USA Television programmes and films (movies). As for news coverage, we get to hear a lot more about what is happening in the USA than nearby countries like Ireland or the Netherlands.
  14. Not Confusing - Just Fake News - From a Fake Twitter Account. Have a read through, the outlandish claims, the foul language in some of the replies. This simply cannot be real.
  15. He could try Google, this may help. But the best bet is asking my Partner, as she knows everything !! ? ?
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