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  1. Really feel sorry for Gary, caught up in the middle of a kerfuffle between LIverpool and the Sun. Poor bloke seems to have lost his job through no fault of his own. A Great Shame.
  2. If you are looking for a budget newspaper that does a bit of R.L. coverage; consider switching to the Daily Star. They usually have a R.L. page, or two, on match days. Also, last Tuesday they did a feature an Luther Burrell, his switch to R.L., current fitness training to adapt etc. Good stuff, interesting, and not even on a game day. I don't buy the Sun or the Star but I can usually find them laying around at work in the tea break room, in our local Chinese & Chippie, and at my local social club. The tabloids may only sell a few million a day but the reach is greater as each copy may be read by more than one person. And then, there is their Interweb presence. I haven't tried the Mirror but people have told me they are good for R.L too. The Daily Express does a postage stamp sized report on Super League games but not much more. Interestingly the Star, Mirror and Express are all owned by the same parent company.
  3. Ewe hav two lern too speek pwoper, lyke wot we duz ! Cos their's know poingt taykings fings to seereeeouslly ! Shakespeare wasn't good at spelling either, but he did enrich the English language with many new words, and always managed to get his point across. He did a few good stories too !
  4. The end of season play off's are completely unnecessary, unjust and potentially offensive. I have said it before, and I stand by my previous comments. The point of a League competition is you play all your rivals home and away and who ever has the most points at the end of the season is the winner (e.g. as per Premier League Soccer Football) you shouldn't have to play again, your performance is judged against the results of the whole season. To enjoy the highs and lows of a knock out competition there is the FA Cup / Challenge Cup respectively. The only thing that is worse than the season end play offs is the previous Super 8 system which was not well understood, liked or attended. Pitting the top four Championship clubs against the bottom four Super League clubs. There's a Knock Out Cup Competition and a League Competition with a (unnecessary) mini knock out (cup style) ending.
  5. Yes, and I am not interested in having crunching tackles amplified. I don't want RL developing into USA style NFL ! Tacklers need to use enough strength to halt their opponents and no more. I love to see an artful light and running game with lots of deft kicking.
  6. What happened in 2018, but discontinued for this year; How does the Super 8 work in rugby league? After 23 games the league table is frozen and the teams are split up into 2 of the 3 "Super 8s". ... Super League Teams finishing in the bottom four (9-12) will compete alongside the top 4 teams from the Championship, in "The Qualifiers" Super 8 group.
  7. Sky R.L. Coverage - Four things that could be changed to improve my enjoyment: 1.) Sound Quality - Commentators voices seem to be submerged in crowd noise. Much better on BBC coverage by comparison. 2.) Don't spend 45 mins talking before the game, Start the match a bit earlier and then talk about what actually happened afterwards 3.) Make it more of a "Show"; would like to see what the Mascots are doing, Cheerleaders, Pyrotechnics etc 4.) Show more Championship matches.
  8. Also, the weirdness and randomness of the (now cancelled) "Super 8's" which was like a mini cup knock out competition at the end of a gruelling season.
  9. If you were talking to him in the pub, you wouldn't know which way he was spelling it as he spoke ! But you would know what he meant !
  10. Just had a look at that topic. Not going well is it, getting very messy.
  11. First rule of journalism; never let the facts get in the way of a good story !
  12. Liverpool F.C. have every right to exclude anyone that breaches their policies and guidelines from a Liverpool event. Where it starts to get complicated is when they have rented out their stadium for a non Liverpool event. If I hire out the hall at my local village, football or rugby club, do they have a right to tell me who I can invite to my party?
  13. West Ham FC re-branded themselves with West Ham at the top of the badge, the crest in the middle and London at the bottom of the badge. To me, in my mind, it kind of says "West Ham, a London Club", belonging to the greater London area, it doesn't say "The London Club" as obviously there are loads of them. Do you think there is any mileage in identifying the club with it's greater area, rather than changing the name entirely? I don't have an opinion myself, I'm just flagging it as something that I noticed.
  14. Wikipedia, Updated Tonight, says............... "On 9 June 2019, London Broncos broke their rugby league record at the ground when a crowd of 3,801 watched Broncos defeat St Helens 23-22 Golden Point extra time in the Super League". "On 4 May 2019 , Ealing Trailfinders set the record attendance for a rugby union match at TFSG hosting and overcoming London Irish in the RFU Championship Cup final attracting 3,627 which is currently the record rugby union attendance at the ground". Perspective - London Irish are promoted to RU Premiership for next season. Ealing Trailfinders RU came 2nd.
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