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  1. Yes, I agree. This seems to be a weak spot across the three leagues. Would love to see more kicking in the game, it's artistry & skill to my eye, opportunity to liven up matches and disrupt the opposition.
  2. Hemel Stag

    If money was no object...

    If money were no object - I would build a National Stadium in "Rugby" town, I'd have three Rugby Teams, one in each division. The Super League team could be the "Rugby Royals", 🤴👸lots of pedigree and heritage. The Championship team could be the "Rugby Rhinos" 🦏 and the League 1 team the "Rugby Raiders" ☠️ All season ticket holders would be entitled to free beer and free train travel on a network of high speed trains that go to all points of the compass. Sponsored by Carlsberg hopefully 😀😂 The wife has just chipped in a suggestion for the name of the Supporters club, "Rugby Boars" 🐗 - thanks luv 🤓
  3. Hemel Stag

    Wolfpack repel Vikings challenge

    Bold & Positive - Full respect for their achievements to date. Toronto are being made to do it "the hard way", grinding through the gears, leagues, teams etc. But, if they defeat every team in every league put before them they will have earned unquestionable respect from everyone in the game.
  4. Expansion of Super League to other countries. In Football (Soccer) terms, this is like trying to create a Champions League before the contributing countries have developed their own leagues fully and produced creditable contenders. Red Star Belgrade may be the Serbian league champions, but if Millom can take them out they are not top flight even though they are national champions. They are not the equivalent of Real Madrid to England's Chelsea or Manchester City. In Soccer world, Barcelona, Man City, Paris PSG, Real Madrid etc etc have topped difficult domestic leagues before being accepted to the top tier. In R.L. & Superleague there are not enough international Super Teams to run a Champions League, so they are cannibalising the U.K. domestic top league to accommodate the unusual quality teams from France, Catalonia, Canada and maybe USA. The soccer teams have to compete in national as well as international competitions, not homogenised one's. Perhaps this would be acceptable, given the scale of the sport, if money were more than trickled down into the Championship to bolster the domestic and local game? So you could guarantee a solid and well funded national game and grass roots investment.
  5. Hemel Stag

    Wolfpack repel Vikings challenge

    Will the Wolfpack clear the board this season? Who will stop them?
  6. Quite right, I totally agree with you, thanks for adding more weight to the case. Yes, I do work for a living and no I couldn't dream of spending that sort of cash on a regular basis. So I say cherish your Championship and League 1 sides for what they are, open, friendly, accessible places providing opportunities for players at a variety of levels and some very affordable sporting entertainment. They deserve more recognition.
  7. I get all excited when the BBC starts on about "Super League", only to find out they are talking about soccer
  8. Hemel Stag

    Reserve league

    Round our way even the wholly amateur RU sides have first and second teams.
  9. If money were no object and distance irrelevant; I might choose to follow Warrington. I have had a look at costings and timings, for the next Thursday night home match. From where I live; cheapest return train travel £50, booked in advance and committing to timed trains. The cheapest adult match ticket £22, the cheapest hotel £38 (total £110) and that's not considering meals, drinks, programme, souvenir's etc Want to go beyond budget; book into Hospitality in the Platinum Lounge for £125, plus a better hotel for £90, same trains, total £265. plus the extras. The distance, from where I live, is 154 miles. The AA quote an optimistic travel time of 3 hours by road. By train it is coming out at 8 hours+ with 2-4 changes. Have done a comparison with League 1 Coventry Bears, Season Ticket for £105. Return train ticket £12. Close enough that accommodation isn't needed. So, one game at Wolves would cost me £110 - £265+ or I could get to see All the matches at Coventry including train tickets for that sort of cash. For anybody reading this from USA & Canada; for historical reasons, wealthy people have tended to follow RU, working people are more likely to follow RL, so people's individual budgets are a consideration. The idea of merging the Championship with League 1 is ridiculous. I have got no interest in seeing my local team crucified 100-0 by a team knocking on Super League's door. It's pointless and a complete turn off. Would rather see them have half a chance against a similar grade of team. The disparities of the top and bottom of Championship and League 1 are so great that attempting to merge them would be a disaster.
  10. I think we basically agree. It's just a question of where and how you draw the line. For any club in any division you have to have the hope of winning once in a while. Another thing is clubs being honest about what their ambition is. There's nothing wrong with wanting to be a community based club that entertains a gate in the hundreds and feeds young players in to the local super league team academy. Bottom Line is more bums on seats = more money = more possibilities. Get player participation from the school level, build the audience, connect to your locality, and the rest will follow. I have no idea where you are: The sport looks entirely different from two ends of the same country. The ambitions and timescales are disparate.
  11. Agree, P&R is imperative. More teams at all levels, with funding from central, sponsors and attendance's. You have to keep L1 & L2 in place. At L1 level you can't expect people or clubs to be doing the hard yards from Cornwall to Newcastle, it's got to be broken down to more regional lumps, this is where you can build a bridge from the fringes to L2 and start to blend in the tier 4 amateur sides, a more defined pathway perhaps.
  12. I really like what you have written. If a team like Widnes Vikings gets relegated from Super League, to Championship, they will be regarded as a contender for promotion next year. They will be at the top end of Championship and hopelessly mismatched against a team like Rochdale Hornets, as in last weekends match with Toronto Wolfpack. Put them into a mixed pool of Championship and League 1 sides and it would be embarrassing and a turn off for the fans. It's bad enough seeing your local team getting thumped 74-6 by Oldham or 52-7 by Bradford or 56-6 by York, without adding the top guns to the mix. Super League has to be more super. The Championship has to have its profile raised, with Sky exercising its broadcasting rights. Below this there should be a conference structure; north / south, east / west or both, with play offs to add interest. I agree with you on this but don't think you can put the championship clubs in this mix. My big concern is the startling miss match between many teams. Another thought is people's resources. I'm happy to go and watch the local team for £8/£9 on the gate, and chips for £1, if they have a 50/50 or even a 60/40 chance. Would I be likely to be flying off to Toulouse or Toronto for the weekend? Not likely. Getting the train up to Coventry is more realistic, and that's pushing the boat out !
  13. It gets confusing when the BBC start referring Super League and it turns out to be the Women's Soccer ! Using Premiership would be confusing for people already used to Rugby Union Premiership, never mind the soccer premiership. Most of the people I know don't have a clue what the difference is between RU & RL, so by all means re-brand Super League but whatever it is has to be distinctive, unambiguous and easy to use.
  14. Well said, totally agree with you 🐻 🦌 👍
  15. RU - "Team England" is a phenomena but apart from this the Premiership and Championship don't have such great gates and geographically it is concentrated in an inverted L shape along the M4 from Bath & Bristol via London and up the M1 to Northampton and Leicester. Sale and Newcastle being outposts with good teams that are poorly supported (inverse of the Broncos situation for RL) RU get a lot of media coverage from their old school chums in the mainstream media but this is disproportionate to the size of the sport, in my opinion. RL - League structure - there are big gaps between the quality and infrastructure of the clubs, leading to an imbalance and those leagues being noncompetitive and not sufficiently entertaining for the fans. You could almost cut each league in two to match the teams levels, but six leagues of six teams would never work. But I agree with you, contracting back to two leagues wouldn't help either, it would make things worse. We need more teams at all levels to equal out the leagues and more bums on seats to fund it. There needs to be a big Marketing Drive from the RFL to get the sport noticed and tried by new people. Toronto are adding lots of noise in the media, Coventry Bears are working wonders w🏆with social media, fan and community engagement, showing what can be done on a minimal budget and with lots of input from dedicated volunteers that love their club. I am full of respect for the guys and gals at Coventry. 🐻 Down here, in the deep dark south, there are lots of small teams and lots of community initiatives, there are a lot of amateur players at all ages, but there's no audience. Talking to people at work, there's some "brand recognition" for teams such as Bradford Bulls and Leeds Rhinos. I think the World Cup, with the Semi's at Arsenal, is the golden opportunity to touch a new audience. If Broncos can keep themselves up and London Skolars benefit from the Wolfpack investment, it could be a very good springboard. People are open to new sports, NFL is having an impact (sell out games at Wembley), you can even watch professional Ice Hockey at places like Salford and Milton Keynes ! A good selling point for RL in the South is that it is fresh, new, fast, physical, high scoring. This is the "Rock 'n' Roll" of sporting action. How can this not be sold? 🏉 🏆 😃👍