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  1. I feel sorry for the Saints fans that spent their time and money travelling to London, to see a second string side lose. I can understand it from the clubs perspective but it's hard for the paying customer and fan. Lots of respect for all those who travelled in spite of the team selection, that's dedication above and beyond the call of fandom.
  2. BBC ? - Seems hard to believe, they have been getting out of Sport for years. Sky - Had the rights and did Jack $#!% with it, until Toronto came along. Could have new legs if they go for a dedicated Rugby Channel with RU & RL, plenty of space for NRL and Champ's if so. C4 seem like a better bet if you want "free to air".
  3. It gave the "impression", to the casual viewer, that Club level RU was massive enough to sell out two of the bigger stadiums in London and be on National TV. Not true on a regular and sustainable basis. But it created a good impression for the sport. Just tweaking public perception by a small percentage could mean a lot. 0.5% of thirty million adults might mean 150,000 extra people fighting for Challenge Cup Tickets. On a more down to earth level; the London Derby RU "events" got even non sporting people commenting at work. But then, I am more at that end of the country than most on here. So maybe it did have a wider resonance than usual but within the more limited region of the country. Likewise the Grand Final in Manchester will pass them by, especially if it isn't on what we call the "normal telly".
  4. A good example is Halifax & Bradford. Playing each other for their place in the Challenge Cup, whilst also being eligible for the 1895 Cup. They played out an epic encounter in the CC and were then faced with fielding a team three days later in the 1895. As John Kear said at the time, it would have been inhuman sending the 1st team so soon (and likewise for Fax) so they sent the youth team and we know what happened. You can't blame two Championship sides for prioritising the senior competition, getting a bigger gate, appearing on BBC nationally and promoting their brands to the widest possible audience. The tight scheduling between the two comps has abruptly halted their progress. On another, slightly ridiculous note, what if the Bulls or Fax had somehow made it through to the Finals of both competitions??
  5. Yes, that's what I had in mind. What was just a normal game got turned into something of an occasion and they got four times the number of bums on seats than they would in both clubs on any other week. Another example of making something into an event was the staging of Catalans Dragons v Wigan at Barcelona, a SL record, and for what was a regular league match, not a final or anything else. It just goes to show that with the right Marketing the Challenge Cup Final at Wembley could be a much more massive event in the life of the nation. It's a Cup Final at Wembley, the Marketing team get a head start with that.
  6. Not at all. I believe in the Challenge Cup as a great thing. I wouldn't have got into RL if I hadn't seen a Cup Final on BBC. I may have wandered off the main topic a little, but this was in response to a slightly erroneous suggestion that RU doesn't have any type of domestic cup competition. But with the mandatory introduction of reserve sides, there has to be something for them to play for (As Well As, what the first teams are doing).
  7. Rugby Union - London Derby - played at Olympic Stadium 66,000 and Twickenham Stadium 82,000 (although this was in the Christmas holidays). Contrast to capacities of home grounds, Harlequins 15,000 and Saracens 10,500. They did something astonishing by putting on a game, an occasion, where the turnout eclipsed their regular gates combined. The matches were shown on TV too.
  8. Last season the Welsh RU pulled out of the Anglo-Welsh Cup. English RU relaunched the competition, for Premiership Clubs, put into groups, top two in group qualify for next round, 1st place has home advantage and hosts the next game. Competition used extensively to introduce and test new talent from the academies, with a few established players to steady the ship. Turned out to be a riveting, lively competition which gave entertainment on a budget and a showcase for young talented players many of which broke through to their first teams as a consequence. Maybe something in this model for RU, especially with the introduction of mandatory reserve teams?
  9. No, and if I did I would call it Warszawa. Sunny & Cosmopolitan Bedfordshire is nearer the mark, probably why I get on so well with Bedfordshire Bronco I'm an equal opportunities beer drinker and enjoy sampling the full range of products that our eclectic corner shops put on offer, even the co-op are coming up with some interesting stuff lately. Recent revelations include Dragon Stout from Jamaica, Extra Strength Export Guinness from Nigeria, Zywiec and Perla Mocne from Poland, Steam Beer from San Francisco, Off Shore Pilsner from Cornwall and Pride & Joy from Hebden Bridge !
  10. The appeal of the "Premier Competition" needs to be spread into the void between Sheffield and London (no offence Coventry). We need more big clubs with more great supporters, everywhere.
  11. Here's one to cheer you up. You can always rely on Ronnie, the 14th Player
  12. Huddersfield Giants "Big G" and Hull F.C.'s "Airlie Bird"
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