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  1. To be fair, all the pics weren't done at the same time! I do look out for bottles & cans from relevant sponsors, areas or with word and message associations to suit certain certain teams and contexts. We have got Mascots for most of the teams, Warrington Wolves, Castleford Tigers, Hull Kingston Rovers, Hull FC, Leeds Rhinos, Huddersfield Giants, and improvised "substitutes" for London Broncos and Catalans Dragons. Wigan and Saints can be sourced from the clubs and we hope to see those arrive soon. But we are stuck on Salford and Wakefield as they haven't got anything for sale and there are no obvious alternatives that we can think of. Any ideas welcome. Doing the pics with my kids has been something that we have had a lot of fun with, they love to see their "Rugby Bears" on the Internet. Perhaps not everyone appreciates it, but it's just a bit of fun, and well intentioned. We have had a few "likes" and if a few people have had a chuckle with us, it means it was worth sharing. ??
  2. Let me get this straight: So, if he is wearing a Flat Cap he can't count, but if he is wearing a Baseball Cap and is a member of a Union that's basically ok ! Hope I haven't missed anything? ?
  3. Have faith KR fans..... it's not over until the big bird sings !
  4. Having imbibed some "Dragon Stout" I wonder what Wolfie will be up to tonight ?
  5. He's very fast and very athletic for a big lad. He was a fan favourite at (Northampton) Saints. I hope he does well. ?
  6. Result? I have no idea ! Hope the Giants find a winning formula. Have to say hats off to Salford though, playing some entertaining stuff.
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