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  1. I watched the Hemel Stags v London Chargers Game. In the first half Hemel Stags had good technique, to their credit, but they ran out of steam In the second half. The Chargers looked fitter and were able to maintain their intensity.
  2. Tweeted from the London Broncos Supporters Association #SouthernConferenceLeague Results ! EAST: @BedfordTigers 24-10 @EasternRhinos @HoistsRLFC 12-12 @LonChargersRL @HemelStagsRL 16-6 @slsilverbacks WEST: @TorfaenTigersRL 22-30 @ValleyCougarsRL @CardiffRL 20-30 @allgoldsrugby
  3. No, afraid not, no special insights here. Club are not very communicative on Twitter, Facebook, Website etc. I am not involved with the club in any official capacity. I would aspire to be a super fan, if only the information was more forthcoming! I too enjoy a trip out to Pennine Way. Watching RL in the sunshine.
  4. Seriously, I have no idea. I think they are being overly ambitious being in two cometitions and would be best targeting the new SL Conference IMO. I am glad i didn't book my train ticket in advance for Brixton. It looks like this game will be reorganised for early July.
  5. There was a rumour that they would move all operations to part of the Etihad complex in Manchester. Ready made 21st century facilities.
  6. New Coach, New Players, New Kit, #EarlyDays - Yes, looking forward to the coming weeks. Here's a picture of the all new Hemel Stags ARLC v London Chargers - 27.04.19 - at Pennine Way Stadium.
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