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  1. To be fair, all the pics weren't done at the same time! I do look out for bottles & cans from relevant sponsors, areas or with word and message associations to suit certain certain teams and contexts. We have got Mascots for most of the teams, Warrington Wolves, Castleford Tigers, Hull Kingston Rovers, Hull FC, Leeds Rhinos, Huddersfield Giants, and improvised "substitutes" for London Broncos and Catalans Dragons. Wigan and Saints can be sourced from the clubs and we hope to see those arrive soon. But we are stuck on Salford and Wakefield as they haven't got anything for sale and there are no obvious alternatives that we can think of. Any ideas welcome. Doing the pics with my kids has been something that we have had a lot of fun with, they love to see their "Rugby Bears" on the Internet. Perhaps not everyone appreciates it, but it's just a bit of fun, and well intentioned. We have had a few "likes" and if a few people have had a chuckle with us, it means it was worth sharing. ??
  2. Let me get this straight: So, if he is wearing a Flat Cap he can't count, but if he is wearing a Baseball Cap and is a member of a Union that's basically ok ! Hope I haven't missed anything? ?
  3. Have faith KR fans..... it's not over until the big bird sings !
  4. Having imbibed some "Dragon Stout" I wonder what Wolfie will be up to tonight ?
  5. He's very fast and very athletic for a big lad. He was a fan favourite at (Northampton) Saints. I hope he does well. ?
  6. Result? I have no idea ! Hope the Giants find a winning formula. Have to say hats off to Salford though, playing some entertaining stuff.
  7. I'm wondering if it's better to be a plastic London Fan (only a 120 mile round trip), or a Plastic Heartlands Fan (a 300 mile round trip) ? If I am unfortunate enough not to live anywhere near a Superleague club, is it permissible for me to even turn on the telly to watch a match? As for the Wolfpack fans, UK branch, some of them had done 400 mile round trips to support their team at Bradford. If they aren't supporters and travelling fans then who are ? Have only encountered Wolfpack fans via Social Media, rather than real life, however I have to say they have all been brilliant, positive, inclusive, welcoming. Maybe that's one of the reasons that people can relate to them and find a spiritual home? The traditional clubs have local followings due to being embedded in communities for 100+ years. Toronto are building a new community of fans, some are in Toronto and some are in the UK, Australia etc. If Manchester Utd can have a Malaysian Fan Club, so can St. Helen's, as a for instance. The Internet facilitates a new community. There's nothing to stop any other team taking a similar initiative. I have no idea whether TO Wolfpack will be a short term or long term proposition. However, I do think we owe them a debt of gratitude for the Publicity, getting the Championship on TV, raising the playing standards by putting on such good performances. As the season draws on TOW are being pushed much harder than they were at the start of the season. We are all benefiting from that up-shift in quality and performance as teams raise their game and take them on. Amateurs v Professionals but pushing them all the way, full credit to all the Championship. ??
  8. Can anyone put a date to this suggested re-design of Odsal ? Looks like a cracking plan, apart from no coverage on the terraced ends. Shame it never happened.
  9. What about the role of the Captains? I haven't read anything about the role of the Club Captain's, above, apologies if I missed it some where but there's a lot to read through to get to here. As I understand it: the two club Captain's, on the field, are the interface between the Referee and their own Players. The Captain's are duty bound to lead by example and to keep their own players in order, working in cooperation with the match officials. (BTW - I'm not making any excuses and I'm not suggesting this was in any way a "defining" factor in what happened yesterday, just that improvement in this area could contribute to better matches and better outcomes in the future).
  10. Don't think so. Bulls Chairman saying he will decide in two weeks if they are leaving. So, there's a disconnect between the heady optimism expressed in May and the situation today. Will have to see what happens.
  11. Odsal Redevelopment - Found this from RL News 05-MAY-19 RFL chief operating officer Tony Sutton says the plans being discussed for the redevelopment of Bradford’s Odsal Stadium are in the interests of the whole sport. The RFL is to sign a memorandum of understand with Bradford City Council and Bradford Bulls and explore redevelopment opportunities for the stadium site. Plans include the “transformation” of the stadium and surrounding site into “a flagship sports/leisure/commercial gateway to the city centre for residents and visitors, including ancillary retail, food and beverage and hotel accommodation”. The Council has also reaffirmed its own plans for the redevelopment of adjoining sports centre. Sutton said: “We are committed to the protection of our sport at the site. This is our primary duty as the national governing body and the reason why the RFL originally stepped in. “The proposed redevelopment of Odsal Stadium will be contingent on the protection of professional rugby league in Bradford – this means sustaining and developing professional rugby league in the city. “The Rugby Football League acts in the interests of the whole sport, and since 2011 the RFL has held this asset for the wider benefit of the game. “The RFL Board will assess whether there are any viable options following the partnership group’s discussions with developers in the market. We will keep stakeholders updated.”
  12. I have just been purchased an old programme; the Rugby League Challenge Cup Competition, Final Tie, Bradford Northern v Halifax, Wembley, Saturday May the 7th 1949. There's lots of interesting things about it, but here are the notes provided about the Bradford RL Team: Bradford Create Wembley History (by Earnest Cawthorne) In the official handbook of the Rugby Football League it is recorded that in 1898 Bradford were runners-up in the Challenge Cup to Batley, beat Salford to win the trophy in 1906, won the League Championship in 1903-4 and were runners-up to Oldham in 1904-5. But that Bradford, which was one of the original members of the Northern Union, is not the present Bradford Northern now creating history by making their third successive appearance in a Wembley final. The original Bradford played at Park Avenue and when, in 1907, it was decided to vacate it because of a financial loss the previous season, it was a staggering blow to the game's prestige. There had been envy that the soccer club, Bradford City, should be doing so well at Valley Parade where, incidentally, another well-known Northern Union club, then defunct Manningham, had had its headquarters. It was decided to quit the Northern Union and efforts made to return to the Rugby Union. This move failed and Bradford applied to the Football League, were accepted and played in the Southern League for one season. That is still the Bradford soccer club. The present Bradford Northern club was formed in 1907 and after a season at Dudley Hill, played at Birch Lane until September 1st, 1934, when they moved to the Odsal Stadium. Northern finished the 1907-8 season 12th in the League table, and it was their best performance for many a long year. Kept Flag Flying Their struggle for existence gained the admiration of all followers of the game but they suffered adversity both before and long after the 1914-18 war. It was once written of them: "The wonderful thing about Bradford Northern is the way they have managed to carry on season after season; they never had the least bit of luck and yet, through it all, they have kept the Rugby flag flying." Birch Lane, as football grounds go, was a poverty-stricken place, and had Northern stayed there they would certainly have gone out of existence. Transforming Odsal Stadium to its present pre-eminent position as a Rugby League enclosure has been a stupendous task, but managing director Mr. Harry Hornby had been determined to make it a "show-place" and in this he will certainly succeed, for much is planned. The Stadium has set up attendance records for a Rugby League ground. There were 66,308 spectators on April 1, 1939, when Halifax played Leeds in the Cup semi-final, and 64,000 saw Halifax beat Huddersfield in the semi-final this season. It was not until 1940 that Bradford Northern began to figure in the honours lists. In that season, and also in 1941, they won the Yorkshire Emergency League Championship. This championship proper was theirs last season. They were successful in the Rugby League Challenge Cup in 1944 and 1947 and runners-up in 1945 and 1948 to Huddersfield and Wigan respectively. As yet they have not won the League Championship but they got to the final last May only to be beaten by Warrington. Exigences of the war were such that two Yorkshire Cup Finals were played in 1941 and Bradford Northern were successful on each occasion. They also won the trophy in 1943 and 1945. The club has been fortunate in its choice of players and in this they have had the invaluable guidance of that former Halifax player, Dai Rees, who has found South Wales a happy hunting ground, Among solid Welshmen who have been induced to come North are Bill Davies, Trevor Foster, Emlyn Walters, Case and Jenkins. But Yorkshiremen have played a big part, too, and none more so than the present captain, Ernest Ward, who has skippered both England and Great Britain. Others are George Carmichael, Leake, Batten, Kitching, Donald Ward, Darlison and Traill. Such was Northern's greatness in 1946 that they provided six players for the Australasian tour that year - Ernest Ward, Batten, Kitching, Bill Davies, Frank Whitcombe an Trevor Foster. The reason for sharing this little nugget, of historical information, is that the thought struck me that not much seems to have changed on this subject in the last 70 years. I can't help wondering, if this forum is still in existence in another 70 years, whether the same conversation will be going on regarding financial difficulties, home grounds etc ?
  13. Breaking news from the Twittersphere............ London Skolars v Oldham 3pm - Being Shown on the "Our League" website and app. Also on Twitch and the Bet Fred Facebook Page
  14. Central part of the covered stand, overlooking the central pitch line. Good spot. Look up Sandy Shipley on Twitter, Wolfpack Global Ambassador, she has arranged and coordinated the seating for the TWO fans at this game. ?
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