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  1. Its Keighley
  2. Stanky's got a few injuries and is playing some fringe players.
  3. Tyrone Mccarthy is an excellent prospect.
  4. OFF
  5. Now then Daz stop teasing,or i'll be bombarded with questions. I thought it was the 14th?
  6. Yet another great post! lol
  7. As far as i'm concerned even if we relocate the ground,even 100yds it will never be the same,so we might as well ground share. In fact all 3 local clubs should investigate the possibilities of 1 ground being built for the use of all.Altough i would suggest Cas are too far down the line for them to consider that proposal now. Radical that may seem,we'd get over it.
  8. No chance Youve not got anywhere close to the knowledge on the game needed. Goodbye
  9. 1 more as well as Mark Falkingham-York.
  10. As in leaving us.
  11. Ian Bell is still at York. Thats what i like about forums full of misinformed people who know jack ****! The 3 ?'s are way off the mark. Theres 1 more to add to the list which no doubt will come out shortly.
  12. My monies on a visit to a ground just to the south of Leeds(only just), for our first game of the season. In fact their stadium is named just that!
  13. Thanks for supplying todays joke.
  14. Theres a 'new' team in Champ 1 based in South Wales.