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  1. Championship and league one players are gonna be testing positive for Covid all over the place. No real club bubble when many of them are at work through the day. Next season bound to a mess for many reasons.
  2. Wonder when we will hear about season tickets for 2021. Players will be off furlough now and we have a bigger squad. Strange times and a strange position for clubs after having so many fans give up on money for this seasons tickets, whilst also needing people to commit to next season without any real certainty. I’m certainly willing to back the club.
  3. Announced this week then. Who we going for? Kris Welham, Frankie Halton, Wellington Albert?
  4. Gale signed a 2 year deal this year so he is contracted in 2021.
  5. Looking at Toronto’s apparent recruitment drive for 2021 I would say they are very confident of still being in super league. I don’t think there is any chance promotion and relegation will stand in a vastly shortened season unfortunately.
  6. How will fans in the ground (when they are allowed back) know It’s 6 again as easily as when a penalty is given?
  7. A problem for us is that if the season can only be completed behind closed doors we would have to start paying the players in full again (No furlough) with no match day income. It’s not viable at all really.
  8. Looks like there will be no relegation from and no promotion to super league this season. We might as well not bother playing again this year and cut down the squad.
  9. The government are about to announce the banning of gatherings of over 500 from next weekend. That will suspend the season and if that stands for a few months then there is no way we can catch up, can’t play 2 games of rugby every week. To be honest it’s a worry how our club and others survive without matches for a sustained period.
  10. Strange that the last game at Fev for a long time won’t involve Fev.
  11. Parata was injured. Webster confirmed just before the London game
  12. Chisholm McLelland Hardcastle
  13. Gareth Gale back on trial? He didn’t take up a contract the other year due to work commitments?
  14. How do you access your membership number for discounted Rovers Tv. Mentions the price on the back on the card sleeve but no membership number anywhere. Never known a membership/season ticket come without a number haha!!
  15. Greg Worthington coming back on a season loan apparently.
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