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  1. He scored 7 tries in 9 games. Will take that.
  2. They are full time and playing inferior teams though. Did Catalans do it yesterday?
  3. There is every chance Toulouse would have still won but as a club you need to give the players the best possible chance. Travelling abroad on the day isn’t that unfortunately.
  4. Sorry but got the question the sense in travelling there today. Terrible preparation in my opinion. Been saying it all week.
  5. Adds weight to the Parata to Newcastle rumours. Sounds like they are going for it next season. Big loss.
  6. New two year deals for Hardcastle and Field have been announced.
  7. Any truth in the Parata to Newcastle rumour?
  8. A lot more pressure on Fev now. Fax are 8 wins a row. Still both got some tricky fixtures. We need to finish top 2 for better chance of grand final and if Top 2 places are given promotion should the new structure be agreed.
  9. Brings Halifax a lot closer to us now, The home game with them could be a top 2 decider.
  10. I think Ferguson was back fit but missed out last couple of weeks due to Covid I believe?
  11. Anyone had a second email yet about what we have to do in terms being admitted to the stadium and how we go about proving a negative test or two jabs etc?
  12. Check. Actually Gale 19 and Hall 15 like you said sorry. Still not sure you are right about Ferres Parata and Field?
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