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  1. Fev not in the new 15 team competition. Halifax and Newcastle are in. From the RFL release it didn’t even say we had applied?
  2. Needs its own thread. I make it that 30 different players have scored tries for Featherstone so far this season, has to be some sort of record. Amazing. King Chisholm Briscoe Carey Newman Hardcastle Teteh W.Boas A.Boas Golding Day Sutcliffe Walters Bussey Cooper Davies D.Smith C.Smith Lockwood Turner Broadbent Ormondroyd Render Harrison Makatoa Singleton Reynolds Wheeldon Holmes Punchard
  3. With Punchard scoring his first in a Fev shirt tonight I make it that 30 different players have scored tries for this first team this season so far. Surely some sort of record?
  4. Bussey is a Featherstone player.
  5. I’ve nothing against the player and I’m sure he will give it his best but as mentioned in the press release this is to purely provide him with match fitness. All the back rowers are performing well. Davies Day Harrison Walters Lockwood, none should be dropped.
  6. Does Carr become under pressure if we don’t win over Easter? I know pre season was a disaster and we were late in putting a team together I just feel on paper we have had some good teams on the field but haven’t been getting enough wins. Will the style of rugby be entertaining Campbell. Remember his criticism of Sharp.
  7. See we won 40-36, that’s some effort against a super league reserve team.
  8. Looks like a three match ban for Jack. Gutted for the lad.
  9. 18-22 FT. Great effort from the reserve lads against an established team.
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