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  1. When we getting those floodlights sorted? Seen better at high school pitches etc.
  2. But we won by more points than Dewsbury so surely we’d be above them on that basis with equal win percentage?
  3. I’ve just looked at the super league and championship league tables in the league express. Anyone know why Hull KR are above Huddersfield in SL and Dewsbury are above Fev, York below London etc? Doesn’t make sense based on win % and points difference?
  4. This really is absolutely disgraceful. The season is unraveling before it’s started, how can board members think this is acceptable. Points deduction could be coming if found guilty i would imagine.
  5. I’ve been sent an email this morning but there is no code on it. FFS!!
  6. So no CEO, football manager, finance or commercial directors. Who is running the club? Very unsettling start to a season off the field.
  7. Ferguson out for a lengthy period with a hamstring injury and just cramp for Chisholm. Moors Ferres and Welham all available next week.
  8. Hall Gale Hardcastle Welham Blackmore Holmes Chisholm Kopczak Jones Harrison Day Halton Lockwood Subs: Ferguson Davies Bussey Brown but I would pick Parata ahead of Brown.
  9. Craig Hall, Kris Welham, Tom Holmes, James Harrison, Brett Ferres and Junior Moors to come back into Fev squad too.
  10. In contrast to football I know Leeds United sold out of season tickets (23,000) this season despite a lockdown. They also have 20,000 on the waiting list so could have sold 43,000 season tickets for this season despite Covid.
  11. Brilliant well done!! (One correction, you are using a photo of Brett Delaney for Mitch Achurch ).
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