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  1. Great stuff and an opportunity to link back to that song about the Tomahawks in the 2013 World Cup!
  2. It mentions Continental Championships which is great. However there are 2 ideals for Internationals - Raise the profile of the game and help develop players. Loved the 4 Nations and was at Derwent Park for the match. Great raised the profile of Scotland RL but didn't do much on the development of players in the domestic comp (if there is one in Scotland at the moment - see other thread). Lets have a regular tournament a level down from World Cup / 4 Nations with strict qualification rules. Something for the semi-pro level to aspire to. Clubs in the English Championship and French Elite should give a competitive England v France v Wales v Rest of the World tournament (and perhaps in a few years v Canada v Italy). England <let you vote for a name> v French Elite at Derwent Park would be superb.
  3. Bit of randomness but I was touch judge for Edinburgh Eagles v Ayrshire Storm down at Corstorphine in 2012. One of the hottest days of the year and lots of running from behind the sticks to past the half way line to restart as Eagles won 70 v 4! When I first moved up to Scotland in 2009 there was talk that Eagles were wanting to join Championship 1. If I remember correctly it was discouraged by the SRL as they would have taken all the best talent from the domestic comp resulting a badly weakened league. My opinion is that they would have been close to competitive on the field. Ex-Townie Paddy Coupar was an Eagle but I don't think he played that day. They would have needed somewhere to play though as Corstophine and latterly Peffermill Road are just fields with a club house nearby.
  4. I'm not into the central planning of team from here or there. What I'd like to see is clear rules to meet if a club wants to step up from amateur to Championship 1 level. You meet those you're in. So they'll need to be a plan if there is an uneven number of clubs in one of the divisions. Similarly it shouldn't matter if there's not a chance that a small club will ever make Super League. If they properly sustainable at Championship 1 Semi-Pro level then fine. Welcome. I'd also like the RL to decide what standard the French League is. If it's Championship 1 level then a strong performing club should be able to apply to join the Championship rather than going through Championship 1 like Toulouse. If Elite = Championship standard then if they are regularly at the top of the French Elite (say over 3 seasons) they should be able to apply for Super League directly. Finally I'd like to see different levels of the International Game. I'd like to see Championship v French Elite Internationals. Currently that gives a tournament of England v Wales v France v Rest of the World at a decent level. Unlike the Test / World Cup teams I'd have strict qualifications for Nationality and they must play in Championship or French League. Something for the largely semi-pro players to aspire to. Internationals are always a good advertisement too.
  5. When we get bored of this structure can we not do what the Football League used to do in t'olden days and elect to SL? Go for bottom 3 SL having to apply for re-election. Championship / potentially French Elite clubs can apply to replace them if: - they meet on field criteria (so Champions this year / in play offs for last three years / beaten a SL club in the Challenge Cup) - they have the facilities (including evidence of funding to go full time) - they really are developing players. Chose the bottom 3 to allow clubs time to establish themselves in SL. Say Leigh elected this year and finished bottom next year. If they have shown strong progress then they should be re-elected without blocking the potential promotion another championship / elite club next year. So bit of P&R to keep one set of fans happy and a bit of licensing for the reality of moving between a full time and mainly part time league. By election I mean judged independently on a set of objective criteria rather the preferred colour of their rose.
  6. I hope that's not the reason. In the Leigh game he was rightfully man of the match and stopped a couple of breakaway tries due to his pace. Personally think he would have made a big difference in yesterdays game. If his pace stopped three tries but a fumble let one in we would have still been 12 points better off.
  7. On the sacking the coach. I'm concerned we're back round to something must be done - Look this is something. We seem to get coaches that have 1 or 2 good seasons then the wheels fall off. If memory serves weren't we unbeaten in the league at Derwent Park one season under Stokes? Couple of seasons later a poor run of form. Need a new coach. Great run of victories last year Veivers is King. Rubbish (and it is rubbish) start to the season - Veivers out. Do we only sign coaches with a great plan A or something? Works for a season or two then we're found out and there is no plan B. Instead of wanting the coach out and going round the circle again do we not need to look deeper at what's going on. Sorry only questions from me. Don't know the answers.
  8. Not often you can come away from defeat and say - That was great! Feared a cricket score today and almost joined friends at Brunton Park. Just imagine what we're capable of when we can play a full 17! Cheers Town!
  9. The West Cumbrians have been asked. They've given their opinion by turning up in less than a thousand each for Town and Haven. I think you're being harsh on the RFL too. We got some good games in the RLWC and even a Cumbria v England game after the shootings a few years ago. I've seen USA / Ireland / PNG / ANZAC (our very own Luisi Sione getting some game time there) amongst others in the County. It's not their fault that every new idea is met with - no way lets keep doing what we've been doing over and over but this time the result will be well different.
  10. England haven't beat the Aussies in a full test series since the 1970s. Workington haven't won a top flight trophy since the 1970s. Scotland had 2 Town Players on the pitch against Tonga (with another in the squad but not picked for that game) Wales had only 1 Town player on the pitch against Italy and England none. Scotland are the only Home Nation to have won a match this World Cup. Clearly if England want to beat the Aussies we just need a top flight Cumbrian club again. Simple eh?
  11. Interesting point that Keith. There seems to be an attitude of bit of cash on the team a few wins and the fans come flocking but our experience has been stagnation and decline when the wheels fell off. I agree that West Cumbria is a special case for mergers due to the distance to the next Superleague Club. Rochdale fans wanting top flight Rugby League only need to go 25 miles to watch Wigan (less than Carlisle to Workington). My only concern is where will the extra funding come from to support a SL team up in Cumbria? Which sources of revenue haven't been tapped by Town or Haven or just simply unavailable at that level? For me Town and Haven should be independent if there is only funding for semi-pro RL in the area but I would add my name to those supporting a joint venture if the cash was there to go full time. Another depressing point on Co-operation was the Challenge Cup match between Haven and IIRC Warrington at the Recre a few years. It was an early kick off and televised. Town were playing an NL2 match up the road but stuck to the 3pm kick off thus guaranteeing any floating fans would miss the majority of the first half. I live out of the County but travelled back to see the Cup tie. I made the effort to travel to Derwent Park and be charged full price for around 50 to 60 minutes of the match. It was the emptiest I had seen Derwent Park during that period, yet there was no point in moving the fixture out by 45 minutes because Town fans don't watch Haven and Haven fans don't watch Town you see