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  1. This is true, so try and keep doing the mindfulness thing. Oh look a squirrel! ?️
  2. Yup. I seem to have a memory of Ged Stokes complaining about the same thing at the end of his time with us. Anyone know why this seems to be a common occurence at Town? Particularly when our former players seem to have no problems keeping hold of the ball and completing at their new clubs.
  3. Serious question - Do we know why they're not training? If it's shift patterns then I'm not sure we can blame the players. I was at Wrexham on Sunday. Individually the effort from the players was there (some good drives by Moimoi and Dawson - Forber was looking to test the line). However the team seemed to have no shape. Great an individual has created some space. Not great there's no runner or back up player to make use of it. This would seem to back up the stories of the team not training (or not being able to train) together.
  4. I'm not into a put a pin in a map strategy. What I'd like is for the RL to declare entry criteria for new amateur or semi-pro clubs based on whether they are GB based or further afield. If you meet the criteria you're in. We'll sort out number of divisons or conferences for the amateurs to suit the number of clubs. I'd like a cup competition for the semi-pro clubs. The equivalent of the Johnstones Paint in soccer with the potential for a big day out. I'd also like an international structure that recognises the semi-pro and amateur games. With the Championship / League 1 / French Elite there are clubs based in England, Wales and France (further down the French league structure I think there is a Italian team playing too isn't there?). Using stricter eligibility rules than full internationals lets have a tri-nations of semi-pro players.
  5. I wasn't neutral so happy with the final score. On Coventry's performance. I thought they were pretty good ball in hand. Plenty of zip and crisp passing. It was the missed tackles that caused them problems. I was happy with the Town performance. Great to see some faces back after injury and a couple of really class tries. What did you make of Borough Park? I enjoyed being that bit closer to the action. Hopefully the widened pitch will improve things when we go back to Derwent Park. I'm still hoping that the new council will see the advantages of the new stadium for Allerdale.
  6. Town back at Borough Park. We'll hopefully see the current team channel the Cup and League winning sides of the 1950s. For the rest: FRIDAY 14th JUNE Hunslet v Doncaster KO 7.30pm SATURDAY 15th JUNE London Skolars v West Wales Raiders KO 3pm SUNDAY 16th JUNE Newcastle Thunder v Whitehaven KO 3pm North Wales Crusaders v Bye KO 3pm Oldham v Keighley Cougars KO 3pm Workington Town v Coventry Bears KO 3pm (at Borough Park - Ike Southward hattrick).
  7. Wow! Decent crowd and Marras on the roof of the stand. What was the reason for moving the 50 metres from Lonsdale Park to Borough Park in the first place? My Dad always said that when he watched Town at Borough Park as a kid, that if a try went in at the corner the whole crowd would move and he'd be taken off his feet moved a few metres to the corner then moved back again. Must have been incredible to have been at Borough Park in the early 1950s and watch such a successful team.
  8. Cannon and muskets is soft Kayakman. In Wukkingtun the just need to scop a leather ball and settle it Uppies and Downies style: The flood lights to the left of the starting shot are from Borough Park the Football stadium.
  9. That could be worrying. Some of the comments at the beginning of the thread said that they would never vote for the independents or Conservatives, which kind of implies there is no extra votes for them if they did go ahead with the stadium. For what its worth to any of the current councillors reading this. I held my nose and voted for a party that I would never usually vote for because they said they supported the new Stadium and I think it is good for the area. The people at Allerdale Offices were telling me that they wanted to emulate the success of Carlisle's Brunton Park and bring big name acts to the new Stadium. Add in the office space within easy walking distance to the town centre for people to shop, get a coffee during their lunch break. Lets build it.
  10. Good news (probably). Does financial viability mean the new councillors reading the detail on the existing reports or waiting on a new report to be commissioned? Anyone know of any potential financial stumbling blocks from what's in the public domain now?
  11. Worky


    Genuinely not sure. I agree with the comments that our team has been unbalanced and we're paying for that now we have injuries to key players. I'd also agree that the fitness for some (but not all) of the players could be improved. Saying that they don't try or don't care - I'm not sure I would agree with that and I've been to all but one home game so far this season. Biggest criticism for me this season is that we have tended to force the play rather than playing out a set of six to calm things down after defending a number of back to back sets. Not smart but also not the action of a team that can't be bothered.
  12. Worky


    I was agreeing with your comment. I consider Coventry a good, well run, mid-table side for our division and improving. As such we need to take them seriously. When we're at full strength we shouldn't fear anyone in this division - the Oldham away result demonstrates this - but neither should we be taking any team lightly as Skolars (now joint second) and the Coventry matches show.
  13. Worky


    Aye and I thought Hopkins was doing alright in the last couple of home games I was at. In the video posted of the game above - Moi Moi was one of our players pursing and almost catching the breaking player for one of the tries. I can't believe how bipolar some of the Town Fans are. Our team are world beaters one week, a couple of injuries leading to poor results later and all of a sudden we're yowsless and the players are only in it for the cash!
  14. Worky


    This! If the team talk prior to the game had the attitude of some of the fans. - No need to turn up lads. They're rubbish. You've already got this one won. Followed by: - Oh! You didn't turn up. I wonder why we lost.
  15. Worky


    Aye and if you're semi-pro then your Rugby has to fit in with your shift patterns. The Club also know the day jobs of the players when they sign them. If it's easy for the team to meet up, after a number have put in a shift at Sellafield, in South Lakes then why not give it a go?
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