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  1. England WC shirt farce

    I would like to see England use a white shirt with a red and blue V as GB doesn’t exist as a team any more and it’s a classy design. I don’t see the colours being a problem as most England representative sides for other sports use white, blue and red.
  2. 2018 Shirts

    Whilst I agree with most on here that it would be nice to keep the same design for a couple of seasons I accept that the club and kit manufacturer need to make a profit from shirts sales. So with that in mind for next years home kit I would do a variation on the hoops such as either of the 2 designs attached. For the away kit I would use the same pattern as the home kit but in green, white and blue.
  3. Shirt updates

    It says on the club website that the leisure wear in the club colours will be available to pre order in the next few days. The stuff that is available now will be the generic off the shelf items with the club badge stuck on which is why they are available to buy now.
  4. Season Launch 2016

    GM said that a decision is yet to be made on who will be captain.