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  1. Well it's black and white hoops so at least its a start, once again a club with a iconic kit, that says Hull FC, ignore it, there's other ways to sell new shirts than changing the whole design, the year in Roman numerals for instance
  2. Well he won't be short of coaches to guide him in half back play, it looks to have helped Trueman to develop.
  3. Enjoyed it for what it is, recorded it and watched it this morning. Looks like being a Aussie double I'm afraid, the England women looked good until you saw the Aussie girls, they picked a far more athletic and quick team that made England's bigger girls look pedestrian in comparison. Time will tell but it could get messy if they cut loose. Same really for the men's team, too much pace and size in there for the others to cope with. A dummy half with a long, accurate pass is a godsend to create the overlap, and it's great to see the kick or chip and chase make a return, you've been missed!
  4. Yep, the School buses are unique up there, they don't have point's for the kids to plug their games etc into just socket's that the kid's stick their fingers into to power the bus
  5. That's to cover the webbed feet that the Marras have evolved over time to cope with climatic conditions, just don't throw them any bread!
  6. Yes, all these things go in cycles just like GB v Aus test series.....................er, maybe not, when the Aussies get a deal advantage they work hard to keep it
  7. I had a mate who got his dream car, a Ford Cortina mk3 2000GXL top of the range, beautiful, drove it home reversed it down the driveway of his parent's house and ran over his mothers 7 year old cat laid snoozing in the sunshine. Forever after she referred to it as 'that bloody car' and point blank refused to go in it
  8. I saw REM at the McAlpine too but the best act was Terrorvision, smashed it Back in 87 saw Bowie at Roker Park on the Glass Spider tour, absolute dross, again was completely spanked by a support act this time Big Country, the crowd got really into it singing along etc, for Bowie most just looked bewildered by the stage set and the music then wondered off to the stands to talk amongst themselves.
  9. Have loads of Springsteen stuff, live shows and demos and have seen him both here and abroad many times but........ the last really great album he did was Nebraska and last time I saw him live was with the old band at MEN Arena in 1999, it just seemed like a going through the motions greatest hits show which is everything his earlier shows weren't. I decided that was it for me, I've listened to his later stuff but nothing really impresses me. I saw a trailer that he was on the Graham Norton show!!!!! I know people mellow with age but honestly that's pathetic I will stick with my earlier stuff like Darkness on the Edge of Town which blew me away when I first heard it, I wore a cassette out in the car within months, thanks. As to the thread title I suppose Ed Sheeran and a lot of rap/grime leaves me cold, but I have always loved Outkast for their adaptability and humour, and Amy Winehouse just wasn't on my radar now or then.
  10. E reg Austin Mini Countryman Estate, Red with rotting wood trim, fitted wide steel wheels and sprayed the roof matt black. Bought it whilst still 16 and passed my test in it, was due to take it the day after my 17th birthday but it was snowed off. I had been driving cars about off-road for a few years (honest officer) and worked at a garage. It served it's purpose with the back seat down, it was difficult to get time with the girlfriend alone at our homes, and was sold for a small profit which went towards the insurance on a Ford Cortina mk 2 1600E Complete with Brown vynal roof and metallic gold paintwork, ye-hah
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