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  1. Would agree with Gene, Clawson, Reilly, Thompson & Mitchell and add Millward, Beetson & Hartley to that list. One I would really like to read but doubt that we will ever see is Ellery Hanley's.
  2. John Burke, Barry Parker, Derek Turner would come under all three categories and Tony Garforth the last. Maurice Bamford who saw a lot of players in his time rated him as the hardest he had ever seen.
  3. To be honest no I can't see it, one problem is that sport in this country is lead by what the Premiership in soccer do and as seen very recently the vastly overpaid k*obheads who play it think that rules don't apply to them so the chance's of them navigating all the protocols put in place are slight at the most. They are wanting 5 or 6 weeks of training before they start up, possibly to work out all the social drugs they will have been ingesting out of their systems before testing starts up again. A couple of positive Covioid tests or steps out of line and bang goes any live sport again.
  4. To achieve that first England has to play some games and I don't see too many of them on the horizon for them, Wane could be going into a World Cup as a undefeated coach.
  5. Martyn Wood, and a honourable mention for Geoff Fletcher.
  6. Harry Edgar, Dave Hadfield ,Tony Hannan & Phil Caplan are the best for me. When it comes to books Tony Collins.
  7. If the offence occurs within the 20 the attacking team should get 8 tackles.
  8. I reckon Cas will have had him lined up before 2020 commenced, but didn't see the sence in paying a fee for a player who would become a free agent, of course it isn't supposed to happen but has been since the game began. As for the1 year contract who have Cas got coming off contract at the end of 2021 to free up some extra salary cap?
  9. Irrespective of contracts and length of seasons once Covoid-19 reared it's ugly head there was a snowball in hell's chance of the Aussies coming over here.
  10. Don't think they will be swapping jobs anyway, nice pension he's lined up for himself whatever
  11. With V'Landys running the show it's more of a yes man job, can't see Gould taking that.
  12. From what I have seen some of the testing centers are set up in car parks at retail parks on the edge of town (where the Darkness is!) Why couldn't they be placed in Hospital car parks, they are not exactly full at present and would be more convenient for staff, ambulance service, police etc. Common sense really.
  13. I wasn't surprised when the figures announced on Thursday and Friday spiked, timely to emphasize the Government message for the Easter holiday. On the same theme I should imagine the figures for PPE issued include gloves as 1 item not as pairs so 1 million looks better than 500,000 pairs, they come in boxes of 50 or 100 so it's strictly true to count them as such.
  14. I think you could add seeing a Unicorn riding on the back of a flying pig to that list and it would have a better chance of happening. Those companies that do survive this will see it as a opportunity to further reduce staff, wages and conditions as the unemployment numbers will create a desperate jobs market, and I don't expect their friends in Government to do anything to prevent them. If you thought it was bad before and you were safe in your job welcome to a whole new world of badness.
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