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  1. Typical, after being starved of sport for months we get Moto GP, WSBK, BRITISH SBK and 1 NRL plus 2 SL games today same tomorrow with a extra SL game. It's going to take some juggling of the record button to fit that lot in.
  2. I think that removes the Raiders from consideration for the GF, they are just too hit and miss for consideration to my mind. That brings it down to 4 and despite current form I think the Panthers are the outsiders amongst them, their hot streak may have come too soon.
  3. Bulldog's make Kenny Bromwich look the best wide running second row in the game!
  4. 5 year plan! The people in charge of the game here are lucky if they make it to the toilet before they siht their pants, that's their level of planning.
  5. Purely because of my own health problems I don't be going anywhere that's crowded, so as things stand no.
  6. I must have missed the pit head revolving restaurant and the underground shopping centre on my last visit!
  7. I was one of those who wanted TWP to succeed as I believed it could have opened up new, exciting avenues of coverage and sponsorship to RL that it was never likely to attain with its current (or past) leadership but I have grown increasingly uneasy about it over the past year. They took the right decision with changing coach but then there came Argyle's racial outburst and some perplexing signings upon joining SL with a frighteningly small squad as their initial results proved. Of course Covoid-19 and it's effects couldn't have been mitigated for in any financial planning but that and SL obvious reluctance or downright hostility to engage and embrace them raised further alarm bells. Their operation model could never hope to overcome the restrictions that the virus has placed on society and I expect will continue to do so for a long time. However, the way that the player's have been treated with regards payments due is beyond acceptable, but alas not unusual in the world of business & finance or sport in fact, as numerous case's show. The look it gives to the game is not good and will be used by it's detractors to beat us with as often as possible. It's also sad to see that 7,000+ people who seemed to enjoy the game for what it is, great entertainment, have probably been lost to it for ever, but what does that matter when we still have Dewsbury V Leigh. (These two clubs are a random pick, from oh, so many, no prejudice on either)
  8. He was their big hope for this season wasn't he, tells you a lot about the Warriors doesn't it.
  9. I think Payten has dodged a bullet there, probably took pleasure in telling them to stuff it when offered, I would.
  10. I know the Warrior's owner said he didn't want Green for next season but the present team without him will be running around like headless chickens, they have no one to replace him with. Fair do's to Green, no point in staying where your not wanted especially in their present circumstances, but once again the Warrior's management stuff up. I get that they would have rather thrown the towel in on this year but for the NRL holding them to some sort of ransom but it's not a good look is it.
  11. According to the NRL site it's Widdop who's after a return to the Dragon's. Norman would go into the Chris Sandow and that other forgettable H/B they got and returned to the Titans basket, a waste of space. Super League huh, send us your castoffs and misfits we've money to burn.
  12. When the division is cut loose with little or no central funding the remnants may be able to form some sort of division with the fallout from the championship. If they had bitten the bullet collectively when the writing was on the wall a couple of years back and formed Eastern and Western conference's then, Covoid apart, more of the non SL clubs may have had a future, alas too many have ideas above their station and refuse to accept the lie of the land then or now so the whole thing's a sh**storm without any redeeming features or many survivor's ongoing.
  13. Going to have to be quality over quantity, I don't have a smart tv nor do I want to watch games on my tablet so it will be NRL highlights of the the other games and the clowns on Sky babbling over poor quality games, heigh-ho.
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