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  1. It takes a special type of delusion to come out with what Lam just said, coaches back their player's and won't criticise them in public but to call that outstanding means they have exceeded his expectations of them and have played well, is that really the case? A scrappy second half unfortunately and when Arthur's said the first penalty of the game had just happened I bet I wasn't the only one who remembered Warrington V Wigan game's of the past and sadly shook their head at what the sport has decended into, Rugby Lite with all intensity and passion removed.
  2. Entertaining half, has Liam Farrell ever caught a pass that wasn't forward? There used to be a second rower at Keighley called ironically Kevin Farrell who off field wore glasses like beer bottle bottoms, they had to hold the ball out for him to run on to! So it may be a ginger vision thing?
  3. Buzz Rothfield saying that the Rooster's Siosiua Taukeiaho likely to be released early to move to SL. I would be astonished if that came about, ok he's had a poor season this year but the last couple of years he's been about the best prop in the NRL including a standout performance captaining Tonga to a win over the Aussies, I would have thought there would be plenty of clubs lining up to sign him over there and I wouldn't think he would come in the price range of our impoverished clubs as at 29 he will be looking for a good, long payday. If he did come he would improve any team immesureably .
  4. Curry at Lunchtime is never a great idea, it's often what's leftover from yesterday reheated
  5. See, once people get away from Pieopolis their vision opens up and they start talking a lot of sense.
  6. Just slightly ahead of Yorkshire, as was the case in 2012
  7. David Sampson former Trinity & Bramley player, Castleford coach and father of Dean.
  8. Gould is so full of s hit that occasionally like a geyser it bubbles up and froths out of him, his lack of knowledge about NH RL has surfaced before. On this subject the more he talks the more harm he does to their case.
  9. You will have a job on getting it's name across the back of the shirt
  10. I think Rovers will easily beat that, their support must be delighted with the form they have shown when they do actually get on the field and will be rightly hopeful they can take down the Dragons at home. For the Pies it's nothing but doom and gloom, poor performances, lacklustre signings, a coach the fans don't want, their friends the other side of the lump riding high, they will be sobbing into their pea juice!
  11. Giants comfortable in the end, played well, Hodgson finds out what Hull are about and what a task he's got on his hands, at least they didn't collapse and concede 50+ like in previous seasons. savellio is to wind up isn't he.
  12. It's been a better game than expected, the Giants are causing them problems all over the field but they need to put more pressure on in defence, they are allowing them to play as they want, tighten that up and their in with a great chance but the goalkicking might come back to bite them on the posterior, can't Goulding kick or are his legs too knackered for that?
  13. You have every right to your own opinion and I respect that but where else are you going to get entertainment like that in the game? The game here beset by financial problems seems stodgy live or on tv in comparison.
  14. Raiders score in the second half and win! Despite what everybody is saying about their administration and it's self centered outlook especially those saying they won't watch another NRL game, on the field it still provides the sort of exciting all in game I want to watch, it's morals may be open to question in so many different ways but the efforts by the player's out there are outstanding.
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