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  1. Was only in my childhood when he was in his and Trinity's pomp but like the team seemed that bit special and always seemed to have that little bit extra time in everything he did which made them standout from the rest. RIP
  2. I would like to see any penalty conceded by the defending team in there 20mt zone give 8 tackles to the opposition followed by yellow cards for subsequent infringements during that play. Team's such as Melbourne are quite cynical about such offences, the team warning is rarely used as they know and Smith will question the decisions inevitably to gain time for the defence to set by immediately getting in the referee's face so play can't continue.
  3. So how many times in a season do you want to watch Saints V Wigan/Wire? Or are you one of the 'gang of five' who would prefer just to play each other and keep the imagined money to themselves!
  4. I haven't voted as I think it's betwen Wakefield and Huddersfield, they both look to be in freefall and lacking in the nous, quality, and fight to turn it around, probably both will go and win today now I have said that, HKR are not the team you would want to rely on as even with Smith there they are rocks or diamonds week to week
  5. It is car crash stuff but if you watch the game in general with no allegiance to one team you have to find your intrest somwhere, the top has been a foregone conclusion for ages and you can pretty well guess who will be in the GF. As for the top 5 if Hull can still be thereabouts 2nd or3rd after some of the tankings they have had it doesn't say much about the quality or commitment on display, perhaps it's a by product of contracts instead of winning pay, but the amount of teams who seem disinterested should be a cause for concern, pride in one's performance seems a thing of the past, or is it because some player's are signed upto other club's for the following seasons as early as June?
  6. Great win for London, really played as a team, worked for each other and took their chances well, Ward must be very satisfied and proud that they put in performance's like that when the odds are against them. Taking nothing away from London but Catalans are a absolute shower, totally disinterested, prepared to let the next guy do the work and full of errors. Mcbanana may be rubbish as a coach but it's a ongoing thing with them whether the coach is French, English or Australian. It comes down to their recruitment in the end, signing the dregs that the NRL has banished doesn't help but adding grub's like Tompkins and Maclorum to it is foolish to say the least and who do they sign for next season? James Maloney! must keep their quota up if Bird is finally retiring
  7. I think that says more about Australian's fashion sense than anything else apart from Nathan Browns collars!
  8. Hoping for a Bronco's win but would be surprised if they do pull it off
  9. Wire put a bit more effort into it in the second half down mainly to Philbin and BMM, pity their props were missing in action and the self imposed handicap of Smith, honestly they would be better playing Westwood in the halves. Wigan not as impressive when they were stood up to then, they still look clunky but other than Saints who doesn't.
  10. Wire look as disinterested as 'Ull have in some of their hammerings, could finish likewise, ideal prep, for Wembley!
  11. Can't really see past the pies for this one given the circumstances.
  12. Pity about the obnoxious bit as it could have been a way to rid us of Nige, Rimmer, Chambers and any number of SL Chairmen, and I should imagine the RFL and others have a awful lot that they would like burying with regards the dealings surrounding the whole Bulls/RFL/Odsal saga. I am far from a Bull's fan but can the game shrug off the loss of a big city side of which we have but a handful as being of no consequence, BMDC have never been the most enlightened of authorities, quick to bask in reflected glories, but reticent to put sports facilities to the forefront of it's bugeting. Granted they have vast experience in dealing with failing sporting clubs, it seems almost a yearly occurrence back to the day's of BPA, but that must say something, If they had got all the parties together:Cricket, Football, RL and created a proper sporting complex like those found in Europe when grants and land was more readily available then numerous administration's, collapses and tragedies may have been avoided. As things stand now I wouldn't place money on a Bull's return soon, not in there current guise anyway, but I would say it's the end of Odsal, it's time was many years ago when safety and comfort were unexpected by spectator's, it was just a case of being there.
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