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  1. Although it seems to be a race to the bottom I think their lack of a big squad is going to catch them out in the end, but overall they aren't the worst team in SL by a long way, there's plenty of others whose had far bigger hammerings than the Broncos
  2. No matter how much you love RL there's some game's that are hard to watch that was definitely one of them. Wigan win easily but other than the clowns on Sky I don't think anyone else will be quaking in their boots, and if the pie eaters fans are happy with that it just shows how far their expectations and standards have fallen. As for Wakey they are as bad or even worse than I thought seeing last week's highlights. Brough is surely finished as a SL player, I suppose there will be some club in the championship who will be daft enough to offer him far more money than he's worth for the baggage he brings with him, the only suprise was he couldn't even be arsed to argue with Hicks, usually in a game like that he would be a certainty for a few penalties or a sin binning. Chester seems to be in the Radford class, his team plays ######, he admits it, says he doesn't know why or how to cure it yet continues on his merry way, makes you wonder what they have on their chairman
  3. Just seen on the local news that the climate change protesters who have been 'taking action' in Leeds this week staged a mass die in today...........If only. Or why isn't there a couple of dozen men in New Holland tractor's around when you need them
  4. Faulty Towers was far more believable than this shambles
  5. I think it extends to; a, Breathing b, able to stand up c,have you had the job before?
  6. Hmm, whilst I agree broadly with that there seems to be a lot of selective bending of facts to fit a scenario, but that's what news oulets, politicians and most certainly Trump do all the time, so if the cap fits...................
  7. Read a interview with him recently, in which he was saying how much he and his family enjoyed their time over here, he still has a house here and wouldn't be adverse to returning, suppose it depends on what happens with Bennett and if he is lined up for anything in the NRL. A stint at a club like Saints would probably appeal to him
  8. Er, didn't Bob8 say George Bush sr...............or is it any Bush in a twitterstorm
  9. If I recall a drawing I saw on a pub wall in Belfast with the caption 'Making Bacon' we have slagged off all four corners of the British Isles, can't be accused of being racist then
  10. Are you sure it wasn't a Kipper waving around Boris Johnson
  11. Wakey seem to have fallen flat these past few weeks, from the highlights I saw against Cas they looked very poor and far from a team, others on here talk of unrest, too many ego's in play? Chester says how bad they are playing but seems unable to take any decisive action to stop the rot. Wigan by as many as they can be bothered to score
  12. Of course Trump plays to the lowest common denominator, what they should ask themselves is would he let many of them into one of his hotels? As voting fodder there fine, but he doesn't want to have anything to do with them otherwise
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