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  1. C ockin Lane still exists on the outskirts of Bradford between Thornton Road & Queensbury. Nutclough is on the climb out of Hebden Bridge up over the Moss to Oxenhope, would have been a great song title except it's a Hamlet not a city! And coming down Halifax Road into Keighley you pass through Hermit Hole, not a euphemism for the eye of a Camel but otherwise similar.
  2. The entire basis of that report is false in that it fails to recognise that the European Super League was a by product of the Australian pay per view fight between Murdoch and the ARL who were backed by Packer. Murdoch signed up the British game to close off a source of player's for the ARL, the money it cost was chicken feed in relation to what was being lashed out be both antagonists in Australia, Murdoch got some filler for his summer schedule from it but had little desire in 'saving' the British game as the well worn story trotted out by his apologists has it.
  3. Vickers seems to have the qualifications for Elstones former job, it's a wonder he hasn't landed that.
  4. Right up there with Brian Barwick and his little black book of contacts
  5. I'm the opposite, my knees just can't cope with overstanding, but I understand that.
  6. It's a risky signing and one I don't agree with, giving money to player's who have left for the dark side and bad mouthed the sport stick's in the craw with me, but if anybody can afford the risk it's the Rhino's and given their situation with possible long term injuries you can understand why. What a pity that we have to watch the game in a salary capped era now.
  7. There must be a worse team than the Dragons in the NRL, trouble is the perennial strugglers like the Titans and Knights or on a upward curve whereas they are in freefall. You could only judge today's game on the first half and Souths scored at will, you would want to see the Bunnies against serious opposition before judging them further.
  8. I think that the progress the MLS has made has been on the back of the juniors & Womens game and let's not forget there's a massive Latino population who regard Soccer as their first/only sport.
  9. I would have thought Soccer in the USA has been propelled forward by both girls and boys playing the sport as a significant example.
  10. Nothing surprising in the replies from the dreamer's but the reality is after 125 years of private individuals/ groups trying to create teams there is still nothing substantial to show in Wales. The RL has tried to create interest with internationals when there was more and stronger converts to choose from, but missed the boat as it has done so many times over the years. The game has a pitiful record in trying to expand or even support some of the clubs in it's so called heartland's. We may think it's the greatest game but many millions fail to see the attraction. If you think a World Cup is
  11. RL has spent 125 years trying to put down roots in Wales without success, will it ever realise it's not going to happen. It's taken many fine player's from there when it could flash the cash and offer them more than they were getting in union but those days are long gone so that involvement has disappeared and the chance's of creating a strong club side have always been and will continue to be impossible, as that 125 years should tell them the people just aren't interested enough.
  12. I would say it's wishful thinking to expect him to still be around by the time the World Cup comes around, 10 games would be a very optimistic bet.
  13. Went to the game as a youngster, after a 3 test series in Aus ( the last time we won one) that summer and a game earlier in the competition there was a lot of 'feeling' between the respective teams that came out that day. It was Rugby League Jim but not as we know it now, scores being settled, payback's, off the ball stuff, you needed three pairs of eyes to take it all in. It's available on DVD from Harry Edgar's Rugby League Journal and well worth the watch to see just how tough/dirty the game could be back then, though with less camera's than now the BBC coverage missed a lot of what went on
  14. TV is always cited as such a cut throat, ratings obsessed business yet when it comes to sport's commentator's they seem to be allowed to continue until they are well past their best. In Warren's book he seems to have been dreading being asked to stand down for the past 10 year's and frightful that his hatred of flying would mitigate against him. He's well into his 70s so retirement would be the normal course except their love of the limelight and vanity is all encompassing, let's call it Trumpology, whatever fresh blood is needed soon.
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