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  1. I've followed the game since 1962 and I feel less interested in it now than at anytime during those years. The 1970s were reckoned to be the nadir of the sport, low crowds, little interest but compared to now they were nirvana. The game on the pitch was a tough, physical genuine contest between any clubs top or bottom, International games were a yearly happening including tours. The game had press coverage in almost all daily newspapers who had a RL correspondent and appeared once or twice (Floodlight Trophy) on National TV. Most players were part-time who you might work with or go to the same pub as or live near. Things change, I appreciate that but RL is in a far worse place than it has been nationally and locally over those 50+ years. The game on the pitch is predictable, who takes the ball up, who will kick on the last tackle, the brute strength that teams used to battle over to gain the upper hand has gone, we now have Rugby League Lite and it's a shameful substitute for the game I used to love. Player's knew that they risked physical punishment everytime they went on the pitch but that was what they were paid for, to overcome their opponent by any means necessary. Now it's game plans, completed sets, victory by defence, no off the cuff stuff whatsoever. Was it Mike Tyson, that great philosopher who said "Everybody has a plan, untill they get a smack in the mouth"
  2. Once Covid took hold (March 20) they were never going to take part, it was their ideal excuse, that a vaccine was developed so quickly was unexpected, but their countries handling of the pandemic has left them in the mire internally and their own comp is all that they are concerned about, the fact that this is going to wreak havoc on the game over here isn't their problem end of. What a so called sport.
  3. Reminds me of the Yorkshire shirt the last time that icon was warn
  4. A mate had one of those, a VW Karman Ghia, I don't remember it going into space but I bet he wishes he still had it as the prices are now stratospheric.
  5. Going now is the right thing to do, hope he has a successful career outside of playing.
  6. Unfortunately I missed the day at school when IT skills were taught, by about 15 years! It has been reposted by someone who is far less of a Luddite than myself so all is good.
  7. That hits the nail on the head exactly, it's a shame to leave it here where so few eyes will see it, move it to the main forum or the headline story on the 6 O' clock news!
  8. They won't lift a finger for the World Cup because there's nothing in it for them except inconvenience, Win the thing, been there done that many a time, does being World Champions bring any money into their game? No, they hardly play any internationals at home and never sell them out when they do. The club's don't want their player's playing extra games with a risk of injury and would prefer them to be wrapped in cotton wool during the off-season or kept in a locked box so they couldn't get involved in any misdemeanours. Forget all the rubbish about Covoid, that's a smokescreen, they never wanted or intended to come here for a World Cup this year or any other year, if they have to play Internationals then NZ, Tonga, Fiji suits them fine, their own player's in their own backyard that their own public know that they might make a little money from. That's what they want and that's what they have got.
  9. When you are as skint as RL is your grateful for any offers of finance without asking too many questions about its provence as has been illustrated far too many times before with club owners where the 'fit and proper persons' test seems to consist of 1 question, 'have you got any money' so to expect sponsorship to be any different on the back of the Stobart & Papa Johns deals is wishful thinking.
  10. I think Sky have chosen the wrong side of Hull for tonight's broadcast.
  11. I know it's their TV rights that are driving their desire to play NRL games but what part is the huge sports betting market playing in it and why are the QLD authorities so keen to bend over backwards for them when only the other day the Health Officer was threating to pull the plug over breaches of the Bubble. With little or no crowds attending they aren't bringing anything but hassle to the state it would seem unless palms are being greased by someone with a interest in the games taking place, there's a answer in there amongst the questions.
  12. Seems it was implemented on the back of 6 new cases reported in SE QLD, I just don't see how the country can move forward if they are going to work to that standard, ignoring vaccines. It's going to be many years before they can interact with the rest of the world irrespective of any new variants that will occur. As for the NRL they can't keep pleading a special case get out, the public will soon tire of that and you just know that someone will break the curfew and bring it all crashing down before long, previous event's of stupidity prove that.
  13. In these times isn't 'steakholders' offensive to vegans, shouldn't 'Nut Cutlet' holders be our go to word. Perhaps another meeting and a working party is required to establish the right description, seems they have little else that's important to be worrying about.
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