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  1. According to the BBC Virgin Atlantic applying for a massive Government bailout, remembering how quick they were to shed staff at the start of this and their previous profitability I would let them sink, when this is over there will be a huge amount of cheap planes going and some enterprising people prepared to replace them, it's the law of the commercial jungle; fight or fail, the public don't owe them anything.
  2. What really gets on my tats about this is when the media use video links to people who are self-employed when discussing this and they choose Nail Technicians and Social Media Influencer's, are they the sort of vital jobs that the nation must ensure survives? The thought 'stop whining and go get a proper job' has crossed my mind more than once, but I'm old school and believe that work involves getting your hands dirty the rest is just playing at it and the form of renumeration we use is the wrong way round.
  3. Was that before or after he created the World's biggest cul- de-sac, the title of a Talking Heads song (A590) Barrow
  4. Up here they cancelled that stipulation early last week for that very reason.
  5. With regards driving I was going off what one of the 'experts' said on the TV, could you be trusted to not stop somewhere for a coffee or a toilet or what about putting in petrol . I know that some of the public give the impression of being idiots but some of us can behave responsibly, you can use gloves and pay at the pump, and I'm not thinking of driving to Italy or suchlike! With regards the MOT garages are still open and testing for cars is still allowed though it's suspended for commercial vehicles, buses and trailers, where I have booked mine in has told me to ring tomorrow afternoon as he's playing day by day with staff etc, so there's still hope. I think living day to day is the best that anyone can hope for at present.
  6. Car booked in for MOT Thursday so that's gone, I shall just tax it and carry on. I find it strange that according to some expert on TV going out for a drive is considered a no no, your self isolating and it was my plan to escape cabin fever over the forthcoming weeks that and taking the dog upto the moors where it's easy to avoid people. Mental illness here I come (again)
  7. When this situation does end, which will probably be next year at the earliest, I don't think anyone of the club's left standing will have much trouble in staffing their roster nor will anyone be a drain on the player pool, plenty of players, not enough clubs will be the problem.
  8. For our American friends: Redneck Wonderland, Midnight Oil. Fool on the Hill, The Beatle's
  9. Armageddon's back in town: The Drive By Trucker's, a belting song that's been my identity for the last 5 weeks. Somehow I don't think I will be going to see them a Leeds Irish Centre this summer
  10. Sorting through the back of my brother's garage I found a 250cc Villiers engine that came out of a 1961 Greaves scrambler that I know he sold in parts after the front forks were wrecked in a crash in 1972. I think he kept it because he replaced it with a D.O.T that had the same engine. After a few days fettling we got it running fine and planned on finding the parts to construct a restored bike, alas that plan fell by the wayside for one reason or another and we sold it on a couple of years ago.
  11. What the f**ks the point of the captain's challenge? Non of the team's seem to have a clue how to use it other than having a breather, challenging a knock on call on the handover just proves it. Scrap it.
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