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  1. When I was a kid you still had lead toy soldiers, some of those had difficulty standing up due to uneven bases,................ Just saying like
  2. If they could incorporate some LED lighting into that it would be fantastic
  3. Will be tied in with the completion of the second stage of HS2 no doubt
  4. Not on me personally no, but I have experienced them whilst playing many year's ago and they were part of the game you had to be aware of, but today's sanitised version of the game without scrums where most of the skulduggery went on just lacks that gladiatorial feel about it, it's all too chummy. That's why Test matches and tours were so looked forward to, if the first scrum didn't break up in a fight you felt short-changed. As for all the talk about player welfare everbody knew what they were getting into and being paid for, a split lip, busted nose, cauliflower ear and arthritic joint's in later years came with the job. In the near future contact sports will be a thing of the past, sporting enjoyment will come from a console or if you venture outside water polo! People must be saved from themselves, there's a lot of people making very good money doing that!
  5. Not a great loss to the game really except for someone for the crowd's to boo.
  6. I don't think they were adverse to suchlike in Lancs and Cumbria either, I might be in a minority of one on here but personally I miss it from the game, different time's and all that but it used to warm up the atmosphere on a cold winter's afternoon as a player or spectator.
  7. There wasn't much biting went on in the scrums in the 50s & 60s as most of the packs had their teeth knocked out by the fighting and stiff arm's that went on so a severe sucking was the least of your worries. Remember that multiple camera's covering the action didn't exsist so off the ball incidents were par for the course. I've heard more one player from that era bemoan the advent of Television coverage removing a vital part of his game, the softening up of the opposition by the dark arts.
  8. Like when RBS went twits up and was bailed out by the taxpayer yet continued to sponsor the 6 Nations, to say my hackles were raised would be a understatement, I think I've just about stopped foaming at the mouth about that one
  9. It's a real shame that Wire have to play those pesky teams who aren't Saint's, Wigan, Hull, Leeds otherwise they might win something, still they can look forward to another Half-back signing from the NRL in the off season and be really confident till next season's first few games
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