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  1. Turned out to be a good contest in the end. Did Sezer stay in the dressing room at half-time? Wakey need all their player's to be on the top of their game to be competitive and at times such as Fifita don't look to be there. Johnstone looks like a player who has suffered 3 major injuries, the spark that made him a standout doesn't look to be there anymore he isn't the first to suffer that, it's the nature of a physical contact sport. Huddersfield appear to have been a flash in the pan, too reliant on Sezer to provide the spark.
  2. I wouldn't mind if they were like the ones you see in Austria about the size of a dustbin lid on a big leather backing they wear over the shoulder, not the cows I hasten to add.
  3. Thank god for Aidan Siezer, head and shoulders above anyone else on the pitch.
  4. If I had any sense I would give this a miss but seeing as I've paid Sky and I'm a RL tragic I'll watch it but not expecting much apart from a Shuddersfield win. The consolation is I don't have to listen to that b****y Cowbell.
  5. Eden for England, I'm afraid with the circumstances and deciding to back load the season in the hope of getting crowds in that's pretty much how it's going to be, the next game will probably be the same.
  6. I'm going for a 62-62 score at full-time and neither able to land a drop goal in extra time.
  7. Good old RL, play the GF with probably 2 North West team's on a Friday night in Hull, what could possibly go wrong.
  8. Going back to McClaren Field, back in the 80s when Channel 4 was hyping American Football I decided to go to a live game featuring the Leeds team played there, what a mistake, ok, it was low level but it went on forever, I left after about 80mins and they were still playing the second quarter. I suppose edited highlights really suit the game and the present norm of stuffing yourself all game long, people used to go to watch the rugby and maybe have a couple of pints not spend all the game back and forth with food, if truth be told you had to be a brave man or very hungry to risk consuming some of the 'delights' on offer including the beer.
  9. A victim of the BBC cuts to regional news programming who decided to fall on his sword, there will be a lot more on the way out in TV & Radio and it doesn't bode well for RL coverage either.
  10. From The Grounds of Rugby League by Trevor Delaney 1991: ' Yorkshire played Lancashire on 12 September 1973 under the new floodlights in the first representative match on the ground. Bramley's first full game under the lights was against Dewsbury on 3 October 1973 although they had been partly used on 28 March 1973 against Hull KR. The opening game of the 1990 season against Nottingham was postponed due to the floodlights being in need of repair and as of publication were still out of action' I went to that inaugural County game and have seen numerous others at McClaren Field under lights, the quality of which was poor to say the least.
  11. When Bramley won in 1973 they did have floodlights. They were single pole things, 4 or possibly 6 down each side of the pitch that used to sway about in the slightest of breezes. Other clubs had similar on their training pitches. When the series first started it was the catalyst for many club's to install floodlights, helped by grants from the RFL.
  12. I agree, when he fell off whilst in the lead last year I said that was his chance of winning a race again gone. He's competitive for the top six at best and I don't think a new team next year will improve that, for all that he says differently I think he knows his position himself but I suspect that Dorna know that without him racing their audience and market will sink significantly so are contributing to keeping him on track financially and with promise's about future spots for the VR46 team. For all his victories Marquez hasn't the image or pulling power of Rossi.
  13. Plenty of mistakes but a more enjoyable game than yesterday's with the right result! Come on Panthers put the Storm to the sword next week
  14. I agree, there has been some spectacular attacking play by the top four teams and the likes of the Roosters, and the Eels but having a weakness that's obvious to all is playing with one hand tied behind you're back in the finals.
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