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  1. So you think player's slapping at each other is a good image because it's modern? so what's next, sending each other a angry text or Facebook message during play!
  2. Whatever the future holds remember that you have been true to yourself and that's what really matters in life. Proud for you
  3. See the powder puff known as Darcy Lussick KO'd Justin Hodges in 37 sec with one punch! Hodge's had won his 2 previous fights, can only think his opponents tripped over the ropes climbing into the ring, and actually looked heavier than Lussick. Alas, for him he looked just like his TV appearances, clueless. This was supposed to be a step towards a 'Origin' matchup with Paul Gallen, that might be out of the window now. It's truly embarrassing that the likes of these are touted as the 'Hardmen' of the game when you think of player's from the past, but that's what you get when you sanitise the game to the level it's at now, with everyone trying to slap each other, makes me shake my head in sorrow.
  4. Does the Captain's challenge apply to Cameron Smith? or does he adjudicate on his own challenge like he does at present?
  5. I had one of those, gave to a young cousin from South Africa when it got too small, would love to have seen the reaction when he wore it to Rugby training
  6. Two classic proper shirts there, both identify with only one club from any sport, how many of today's shirts can you say that about?
  7. Leigh? They seem to be collecting cast-off half-backs, on his doorstep too.
  8. If it had been Meatloaf that would be more acceptable
  9. I remember when Corey Parker started on Fox, like a Rabbit caught in the headlights for the first few appearance's but now he seems to have relaxed into it and makes some worthwhile contributions whereas Justin Hodge's is still indistinguishable from a piece of Teak!
  10. Molan was always second rate to Yvonne Sampson that's why Fox paid big money to get her for Fox League, in fact Laura Pitt, Megan Barnard, and Hannah Hollis are all superior to her. It's a pity they didn't nab Sterling & Fittler and they definitely finished up with the wrong Johns just like Wigan did! The rest of Ch9s crew are no loss to watching the game at all, Warren & Gould are well past their best and Vautin contributes nothing.
  11. If I had a choice between the East and West of Canada it would be the West every time seems less intense and laidback in my experience
  12. That's the pinkest pink shirt & socks I have ever seen, it's just sort of um, pink with a pink dragon
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