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  1. Yes that includes a pre-season Boxing Day game and they drew each other in the challenge cup.
  2. Dewsbury and Batley did last year and if they hadn’t both lost in their semi-finals it would have been 7 times.
  3. I would like to see England use a white shirt with a red and blue V as GB doesn’t exist as a team any more and it’s a classy design. I don’t see the colours being a problem as most England representative sides for other sports use white, blue and red.
  4. It says on the club website that the leisure wear in the club colours will be available to pre order in the next few days. The stuff that is available now will be the generic off the shelf items with the club badge stuck on which is why they are available to buy now.
  5. GM said that a decision is yet to be made on who will be captain.
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