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  1. You are just making things up now. There has been no disproval of that statement.
  2. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/amp/business-42702631 "Chief executive and club founder Eric Perez secured the use of 10,000-seater Lamport Stadium in Toronto, and last year average home gates were a healthy 7,000 (though half of those attending had complimentary tickets)." If they're admitting 50% of the tickets are free it probably means 75% of them are free
  3. 7s is losing money big time, why would 9s be the cash cow you're imagining it would be?
  4. I don't see any difference between rugby league and rugby football. You either make a big change or keep it the same because making a small change won't make any difference.
  5. Calling the sport just "league" or "league rules football" is pretty daft. The name should be changed to something related to its birth place so... Huddersfield Football Hudders Hudds Huddy. The last one sounds like a sport name to me. If I had never heard of rugby, hockey, huddy, cricket and bandy and you asked me which ones of these I think are real names of a sport and which aren't I couldn't tell the difference.
  6. Out of curiousity, where do you make the t-shirts? ...and can you order only one piece if you want to?
  7. Will there be any non Australians playing in this competition?
  8. Catalans have been in the SL for quite some time now. What evidence is there of them making the league more attractive?
  9. The Pro12 was expanded into a market where union is already huge. You're proposing league should expand into markets where is tiny as if league would reap the same financial rewards.
  10. Why not just get rid of the heritage rule completely and let players pick any nation they want then? Select all the SL and NRL players for the RLWC. We could have 32 nations, including Canada, China, Japan, Brazil, Germany, India, Mexico and any other nation we want. It'd be grand. Mexico could foot the bill
  11. International RL already has plenty of problems, do we really need to turn it into a farce even more than it already is?
  12. They have a lot of local talent to draw from. You have to pay extra to entice players away from where they're already based and to get them to accept a grueling travel schedule
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