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  1. Or it could be coming from the ARLC, the governig body of RL in Australia
  2. And how does getting rid of the salary cap break feedback loops? The big clu s have more money so they'd be able to spend more on players than the smaller clubs, which puts the smaller clubs in a situation where their money doesn't just buy less than Wigan's money but they can also spend less than Wigan and the other big clubs.
  3. But the UK does pretend England, Wales and Scotland are countries and they do get to have teams at the international level
  4. If origin is the biggest thing in league why not have NSW and QLD as permanent international teams including at the RLWC? I mean, if the UK can pretend it's three countries why couldn't Australia do so as well?
  5. How is that any different to the UK pretending it's three different countries?
  6. The beer festivals with free tickets were popular not rugby league.
  7. Would the game be more exciting if forward passes were allowed? To prevent completely changing the game they would have to have the same offside rules as kicks. Perhaps they'd also require the forward pass to be touched by another player before touching the pitch to prevent players from throwing the ball forward aimlessly.
  8. Treize is the answer. Most people wouldn't know it's a real word meaning thirteen on French.
  9. The fake scrums are the most embarrassing feature of any sport I have ever seen.
  10. The ARLC is the governing body for RL in Australia. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Australian_Rugby_League_Commission The NRL's TV deal only includes NRL properties. Other properties, such as tests, are owned by the ARLC and they have their own TV deals.
  11. The NRL salary cap is $9.6 million, which means 130% is about $13 million. $13 million x 16 clubs = $208 million / year. But the NRL's TV deal is $360 million / year. What other sports league in the world has 42% of their TV deal going somewhere other than the clubs that are playing in the league? None.
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