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  1. XIII

    CC Round 5 Draw

    Thanks for confirming.
  2. XIII

    CC Round 5 Draw

    Does anyone know what takes priority as SL fixtures are scheduled for that weekend?
  3. I agree here. It is the elite clubs and more specifically elite team in England that will generate more long term. So for now tell the championship clubs to operate how they are, focus on the elite with the current resouces, and then when more resources are generated be strong enough to then share that more equitably rather than concentrating that on just the elite too.
  4. Three excellent points made. The clubs are only looking at restructuring to get a bigger share of cash. We are only going to produce more of the players you mentioned by having them play against quality opposition as ofetn as possible. Its no coincidence most of them have come through during the licensing era has clubs have been able to give young players more of a chance without the risk of relegation and certain demise. A successful England has to be the number one priority in all of this. I dispair at the number of people who would rather see their club win the Challenge Cup than England win the World Cup. they are too short sighted and fail to see that while winning the Challenge Cup would be great for Castleford, England winning the World Cup would be even better for the whole game. Im not saying to completely cut off the elite clubs from all others, but with limited resources, doing everything to strengthen England has to be the aim, as then more resources will come into the game and then revisiting how do make the top table open to all can be back on the agenda.
  5. XIII


    I would like a lot to be made of the players cammerarderie after the games on this too.
  6. I agree here, if the Centurians did die it would be because they chose to, rather than live at their natural level. Cutting their nose off to spite their face if you will. They could become a very successful part time club if they concentrated their efforts and limited resources on that. People in Leigh would not en mass stop watching live rugby league, they may stop watching Leigh, but Wire and Wigan would capitalise on the new fans. This is not specifically aimed at Leigh by the way. The same could be said for Fetherstone and Hunslet for example. However if a club could truly galvanise through support and a sound business plan, that is when they should be looked at what they can bring to the big boys table. As a game we are not big enough to have it all. The resources just do not stretch that far, there will always be an opportunity cost. I think the game is potentially looking to try and build from the middle here and hope the club game expands the game. My view is this is wrong. The 2 clear priorities should be the International game and getting more young players playing. The middle will then organically expand at a sustainable pace.
  7. XIII

    Olbison pens new Bulls deal

    So it seems. Surely he must have been tapped up here or it's a very strange thing to do. Offensively a loss, but defensively I think Whitehead is one of the worst offenders for missed tackles in the league. A starting second row of Olbison and Bateman is not too shabby.
  8. XIII

    Olbison pens new Bulls deal

    Although not seen too much of him over the last few weeks, this is great news as he is a very solid performer if often over shadowed by Bateman and Whitehead crossing for more tries.
  9. XIII

    Play-Offs to catch fire at last

    This weekend of super league play off games, has thrown up the 3 fixtures that will arguably please the neutrals. Saints v Wire - Can't remember the last one that was not a classic, and will wire finally do it!! Hull v Hull KR - Should be even more Fire with it being play off knockout. Wigan v Leeds - Again always classics and the winner will be in the driving seat to get to Old Trafford. I for one can't wait for the weekend!!
  10. Great question!! I'd struggle to answer that as a neutral!! What I would like to see is if any team picks the team other than the lowest ranked team is what reasoning they would give.
  11. XIII


    Everyone knows it is the big RL day out, or northern invasion of London as it is refered to by my colleagues. The point that was being made is that Leeds and Wire will likely bring 25k each, so if Wire for example average 11k of home fans a week, it is where is the extra 14k of fans week in week out that will come to support them at wembley? For me, what this suggests is these people like an 'event' so if more wire games become events they will attend more games.
  12. XIII


    Excellent news that it has sold out all of the available tickets. However what will be interesting to see again is that this does not unfortunately include the club Wembley middle tier, so that is likely to create gaps as a number of corporates only utilise these tickets for the big football games there and they do not get resold if they are not going to be used.
  13. I completely agree with this and it would be fantastic for the game. In reading into this a bit more however, it seems that the Aussies want to use 2012 as an off season for their rep players.