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  1. Wonderful wonderful occasion. Just watched a replay and this is absolutely unprecedented coverage - albeit with a stroke of fortune due to current events. Went over to the Australian sites to see if it got a mention. The sports section of SMH and Fox Sports sites gave it 0 coverage despite the World Champions finding out their opponents. Shame.
  2. Sad and tragic things can often have a galvanising effect on things. The awful situation Rob Burrow finds himself in actually gave the Leeds club and fans themselves something to focus on - as well as being able to help. Home grown stars, nostalgia, recent triumphs and, of course, the first time the new stadium configuration has been packed to the limits. Leeds fans will know better than me, but is there a chance this can have a real supercharged effect on the club and its efforts this season? Normally, the pre-season testimonial pulls in 5-6k and it is all very low key. This actually provided a super charged boost in what it means to be associated with Leeds. If I was in that current squad, or a season ticket holder, I would feel 8 feet tall at the moment wanting Leeds to do well. Can Leeds build and challenge, or will Agar get mediocrity back on track?
  3. This is not a summer or winter debate. Summer rugby is here to stay and the game is doing okay. But did you used to get pumped up over those big Boxing Day fixtures back in the day? Was it a key part of your Christmas plans? I have amazing memories of freezing on the terraces as a kid. It was usually Wakefield v Fev where I grew up - occasionally Fev v Cas. Also, the atmosphere at these games used to be quite unique as they were derbies and people were mostly in a good mood (even RL fans ) It may be rose tinted views of my teenage years but I do miss those particular occasions. The fact it was a crucial part of the season was also important I think. Am I alone or did you guys used to love those occasions too? We can all be nostalgic without demanding a return to winter rugby can't we?!!
  4. A decade or so ago players like Stacey Jones and Trent Barrett came here for a pay day. Now those players would be taking a big pay cut.
  5. Wondered how long it would take you to get that in? Did you start this thread just to get there?
  6. You'd think Saints would be a better fit for Utah
  7. Thought this thread title was going all Joel Monaghan for a moment Get well soon Micky.
  8. That may well happen in the future. Who knows the GF may go out to tender like the Champions League final in years to come? You can't just say all neutral venues have to be along the M62 - because that would make people look insular.
  9. NRL clubs would shell out A$500k for a reserve halfback if they thought the person would add value to the squad. Half backs are tough to find.
  10. What about having it at a French neutral venue? Or does Toulouse equal the whole of France? So top team means GF is in home country of that team?
  11. Depends how many outside backs the Wallabies need in the next year or two
  12. I was pleased the system was finally ditched, but in 2019 you would have had 4 of Toronto, Toulouse, Fev, York, Leigh up against the likes of Huddersfield, Hull KR, London, Leeds, Wakefield. A lot of those clubs in the bottom third were in awful form at the end of last season. Interesting whether just Toronto would have made it (if at all) or whether more would have gone. Glad it is history but is a curious December conversation
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