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  1. Wasn't this tour a great opportunity to play some of them?
  2. 2 of their last 4 tests but agree, they are still clear no.1
  3. #### me are you going or not? I've peeled an orange while reading that!
  4. Was going to post this sort of thing on another thread. In the 2009 4 Nations we had Tomkins and Edmonds as a half back pairing. Both were just 20 at the time. Hall (20) was also in that team as was 20 year-old Sam Burgess.
  5. It is on the telly (free to air too) if you don't fancy it.
  6. Perhaps Nigel is introducing ranking points for winning the second half now? That was one of his ideas for SL!
  7. This is the Australia team from 2015, not one player is around just 4 years later. If players get old together you have to make wholesale changes and rebuild.
  8. Bolton stadium hire = tenner because they are skint Spurs stadium hire = more than a tenner
  9. Why can't it just be a straight forward algorithm that if 7th beat 2nd you give them X points?
  10. Yes, there have been rumours in media circles that ranking points for GB will be awarded on a proportional basis, based on nationality. If that is the case, you couldn't make it up. Some players have never played for England (and still technically qualify for Australia). One player, Philbin, is an Irish international - who don't appear to be part of GB anymore.
  11. Interestingly, he has taken over at Souths and you can see the similarities in play. Attempts at high completion and trying to bash the opposition down in the 20. The only difference is that they have a running 9 (which gives them another option) and a half back with a solid kicking game.
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