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  1. Was a genuine shame the scheduled Toulouse v Fev game did not happen. Would have been an absolute cracker.
  2. I'm sure Wreck-it Ralph will be able to answer that.
  3. Featherstone flexing their muscles here. Bulls have been unpicked in that first half.
  4. It must be a concentration thing. It always seems to be a flurry of points leaked after half time.
  5. Nigel Wood once proposed a ridiculous points system where you got points for winning a half. Leigh would be laughing
  6. Catalans going true to form here. Lazy stuff from them after dominating the second half.
  7. They need to keep their noses in front for as long as possible. Catalans will be looking for a strong start to the second half based on Leigh's past showings.
  8. I am usually so optimistic for England but for a variety of reasons (some beyond our control) we are so far off the pace. We are struggling to evolve after Tomkins, Burgess, O'Loughlin, Hall, Widdop, Hill, Graham, Whitehead, Roby, McGilvary, Hodgson et al either retired or pushed on well past 30.
  9. Thanks for that, you are right. I should have clarified the last time he was last England's full back.
  10. We would have to have a lot of luck to have that backline out on the field. Fingers crossed the don't fall to injury again but still exactly how strong is it compared to other countries? Tomkins hasn't got a test cap for 7 years believe it or not! We are only talking about 5 test caps for the other three-quarters there - yet they will be 30 (Makinson), 25 (King), 21 (Newman) and 26 (Johnstone) by the time the World Cup comes. None of them played in the last World Cup.
  11. Even Papua New Guinea have a much better outside backline than England. We are in an awful period for quality atm 1. Johnstone 2. Coates 3. Mead 4. Olam 5. Gebbe/Macdonald
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