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  1. I love the game but SL is going absolutely nowhere and simply cannot break the shackles because clubs are not interested in anything but surviving the year. Would it be a shock to the system? Yes like anything new. But the NRL World Club Championship with the European winners playing the Australasian winners - all under the same brand - at least has a chance. Also, the Watch NRL app is set up for both competitions' content for viewers around the world. Members in this country would also have to justify their existence as an elite club which is sadly missing too atm.
  2. £63k is probably more than half of the players in SL earn. That could even be higher 60%+ The gap is getting wider and wider. Those marquee signings like Inglis are really hiding the reality that many SL players struggle to reach the average national wage.
  3. Wages here have been cut. More will follow and good luck to them. Ryan Sutton is a clear example of a solid SL player going to the NRL and earning double his wages. He has probably also improved his game somewhat - though he was a good player before he left. It is not always the coaching that improves you but the quality of players around you setting the standard. The money also is a no brainer.
  4. I am actually at the point in thinking that if RL has any chance of succeeding it needs to be united. The combination of world TV deals, streaming rights, branding and assets would make a lot of sense in a normal world. The RFL would be like the ARLC with power over the community and national games. However, the term here is normal world. Clubs by nature are selfish and rarely think about the sport's development at all. Saying that, it does make a number of club susceptible to being swayed with a cash injection.
  5. Allows Robinson to get involved with on field stuff as much as he wants without upsetting the Roosters. Good move
  6. It is a great debate to have. I wonder if Hanley had stayed and finished his career with Wigan then he might be thought of differently (e.g. celebrated by one club). One thing is for sure, why the hell didn't he play in that 1994 series? He was still playing so well.
  7. Hanley was the sort of player who was talked about in RL circles like a Messi or a Ronaldo is in soccer - particularly at Wigan. He is the best individual player I have ever seen. However, I stick with Smith as the GOAT based on being consistently outstanding in 100+ rep games and still being at the top of his game at 37.
  8. Am I allowed to like Leigh's home shirt without this turning into a Toronto thread? It is a great shirt BTW - well done Leigh!
  9. The first time I saw him he scored the try and kicked the goal in the last minute to save Australia from an embarrassing loss to the Kiwis at Harlequins. That was something like 12 years ago.
  10. Yes Hanley is the best I have seen (as in Jimmy White is the best snooker player I have seen). Smith is the GOAT (as in Stephen Hendry is the greatest snooker player of all time).
  11. That's because you are a miserable grumbly sod! Hanley is the best player I have ever seen. Smith is the greatest player of all time.
  12. Cameron Smith has been pretty much the best player on the field game in, game out (at any level he's played) for 10-15 years. He often tops the tackle count, kicks goals at 80% and is right up there on try assists. He hardly misses games, he is the captain and he can play half back and hooker at the same time (in the same game). He is the greatest player the game has seen from my point of view. There have been faster and more skilful players over the years. That doesn't make them the greatest.
  13. SL clubs need to find 70k each to cover the finders fee according to Carter. Leigh get promoted with only a £1m central handout meaning the clubs claw back 50k+ of their 70k finders fee commitment. This is the hand to mouth #### we are dealing with at the moment. I don't know what the set up is entirely in Australia but it seems the ARLC chair and NRL CEO are making all the big and progressive decisions for the sport. The clubs appear to have less of a role. How can SL progress when half the clubs who get a vote are looking at their own ailing bank account on any given month before
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