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  1. No sports fixtures in empty stadiums yet in the UK so it is too early to say. Although Yorkshire Carnegie RU have been playing behind closed doors this season as a precaution.
  2. Melbourne Storm can't find anyone good enough from Victoria to make the squad and they have been in the NRL 23 years
  3. Yes I got that, but if Hastings had declared in December to go back to Australia with the RLIF he would probably have got it approved. Just theorising but everyone will try to push the rules whatever they are. What it does mean is that if the likes of Milford, Papali, Kafusi etc. play in the mid-season test then they are out of Ashes contention.
  4. What if they had switched allegiance before the rule change?
  5. That is sad to hear when the club has had so many 20k+ crowds in the last 10-20 years
  6. History often shows that when a club downsizes often crowds go down too. Be careful what you wish for. Leeds couldn't fill Headingley when the capacity was cut in half due to renovations.
  7. Quite possibly. Depends what you want from the sport. Wigan used to be in the top 2-3 supported rugby clubs in the country. Now they are struggling to stay in the top 10 - which is a shame.
  8. I get what you mean, but Wigan have managed to get 17k+ for the likes of London in the past. That kind of pro-active marketing seems to have disappeared at Wigan which is a shame.
  9. If Saints finish 1st and Wigan 2nd it is feasible they could play each other 5 times in SL alone. Also if they finish 2nd and 3rd it is also feasible - given the top 5 system. Given that they are both entering the Challenge Cup at the last 16 stage, the odds of meeting in the Challenge Cup is also higher than when it was at the top 32 stage. What is unfeasible about that?
  10. Repeat games creates lethargy. Feasibly there could be 6 Wigan-Saints derbies this year.
  11. Isn't it just like an unpaid internship. How can the RFL stop it? Great signing for TWP. On his day a genuine match winner.
  12. Just imagine them with a decent coach. That is some squad - arguably the strongest spine in SL.
  13. Stick him in some compost and keep him watered. He will be okay in a few days when the sun comes out.
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