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  1. The NRL did it to speed up play for television. The idea was to make it a faster spectacle with no fans in the ground. It is not based on any safety.
  2. You watch him in the 2014 4N and that was when he was at his peak. Still had some pace, was not as bulked up, and was finishing tries for fun. He probably should be doing a job in the middle now. Still a great metre runner out of trouble but age and injuries have dented his finishing skills.
  3. Well yes there would be. It would be like any competition. What I meant was that you could weight prize money to the winners, runners-up etc. and it gives everyone a shot at it on the field.
  4. They can keep 'em! We have a fine tradition of producing jaw-dropping full backs. Paul Atcheson did things at No.1 for GB that defied logic.
  5. The only fair thing to do would be to put on some kind of mini-condensed comp or "championship cup" and offer hefty prize money to the winners, runners-up and semi finalists. Do it over 8-weeks or something and at least it is done on the field.
  6. Noticed a huge drop in 40/20 kick attempts since the NRL introduced the 'Six Again' rule. I can barely remember more than one 40/20 in 40 matches since the restart. Is it now an even lower percentage play than it was before, as you can simply roll down field with a restarted six if the ref is regularly enforcing it? It was one of the laws that could turn a game on its head - shame if it is bundled out of fashion.
  7. £27.50 plus booking fee per car. ###### me! ? Does it get a wash and wax?
  8. It was Phil Larder and I think he had retired in the UK by then.
  9. I get the not picking himself at Wembley as we had a few options and Jonathan Davies at full back. By the third test we had injuries and were running out of options. Coach Hanley had an opportunity for a real Roy of the Rovers moment there that would have potentially immortalised him. He is still a legend of course but that could have been a legacy defining day. He was still killing it for Leeds at the time, even if it was mostly at 13.
  10. Yep an Ashes decider ? With Ellery Hanley himself (only 33 and still playing) sat in the stands coaching.
  11. He is an Australia citizen now - that is his home. Or is it only home to people who move there and qualify for Origin and Australia?
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