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  1. Well recent history has shown that is what it will be. Wigan fans also refuse to turn out for play off games.
  2. The Aussie fans really love the play offs - 4 games averaged well over 20k per game this weekend. Will Wigan V Salford and Warrington v Cas get anywhere near 20k combined? Sadly, I'm going for about 8k at each.
  3. But like it or not, it was the reason Dewsbury and Hunslet were denied entry to SL back in the late 1990s.
  4. Yet Wakefield were provisionally given permission to play at Dewsbury in SL a season or two back
  5. Don't be agreeing with me on here you contrary ####### That's not your job!
  6. So do you suggest we kick the dog or have an unfounded, uninformed whinge on here? If not, what is this message board for?
  7. Exactly, it is so shoddy and can impact on the enjoyment for fans - particularly for those clubs involved.
  8. It's not a new thing, they were in this position last year and had they won they game would already be in SL. Anyone can see what scenario would happen when Toronto went full time in League 1.
  9. I suppose I am someone who just enjoys my sport and could do without all the #### that comes with RL. ####### about with criteria, holding different clubs to different rules. Even Tonga are ####ing about with the GB tour and remember Australia threatening to boycott the World Cup over a spat with the players union. We continually fail to plan enough in advance to get all this ###### out of our administration. That is all over the RL world. Toronto had the will they, won't they this time last year FFS. Is must be so frustrating being a new fan to the game.
  10. No they won't because there is conscious discrimination against clubs that have come into our competition from other areas in the last couple of decades. Even London still get it. It is like something out of the dark ages and it's pathetic. One rule for one, and one for newbies.
  11. Asking clubs for bonds for competitions based on crowds is as pathetic as you can get. Tickets for showpiece games should be like rocking horse #### and the finalists get a set allocation etc. That is what happens in most elite sports.
  12. Maybe. Regardless of what it is, it has happened for decades. We have allowed clubs to win Championships and not know if they are allowed to be promoted or whether there are even going to be more or less clubs in during the close season. How long did it take to make a decision on the 3x8s? When did we make a decision on licensing renewals? We just let things drag on and on and it makes us look amateurish.
  13. So RL authorities asking for bonds and assurances and whatever, probably need to look at bit closer to home when dealing with teams from other countries in the competition.
  14. Nope I am not saying that, nor wait for finalists. If potentially a quarter of your competition are from other countries, it is likely that they will get to GFs in time. The GF final at OT is great, however it was 10k under capacity last year and will be that or more so this year (that is with teams within ####### distance playing). You cannot run a whole competition with the (fingers crossed) hope that 2 well supported clubs make the final. That is an embarrassment. The RFL genuinely thought Wembley would be okay because Saints got there this year - they are bloody deluded!
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