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  1. It looks like the RFL are blatantly ignoring Ireland now if that post if anything to go by. Nice.
  2. Two years is a long time to train That's more than Rocky did is the snow for the Drago fight.
  3. Yep the Gold Coast Seagulls was a real hit with the locals back in the 1990s :/
  4. Not at all John, and apologies if it has been misinterpreted. I'm not on here as much as I used to be and I just see what I see. Take a look at the mug shots from the last dozen "who's on RL Back Chat" and you get what I mean! I was sat with a bunch of Welsh guys last week and told them I loved RL. They said 'oh yeah, they play that along the M60-whatever". So the challenge is being stereotyped before we even start. We have to stick our neck out much more than we are doing IMO. It is not easy, but nor is anything.
  5. With respect John, that's an easy answer - tell us some names. My media company needed to reflect more diversity amongst teenagers and we simply had to get off our backsides and make it happen. I'm sure I could have said the same thing had someone thrown that back at me. In fairness, it is not just TotalRL. RL in general is failing to reflect society more and more - both in the media and the stands. We just have to make it happen!
  6. Why is Warrington v Hull the 1st semi final? Surely, Saints fans would have stayed behind to see who they were playing, and Halifax fans (no disrespect but you are probably going to lose) would have stayed to enjoy the rest of the day.
  7. Who's on RL Back Chat? It's normally 4 Caucasian men between 30-55 to be fair. Yes I know there was a women's SL player on there recently [she was also Caucasian] There are more than enough people from different heritage/cultures around RL to address this. It is a decent watch but we have to move with the times guys.
  8. My eldest daughter was born in Yorkshire and lived there until she was only 3. Try telling her she is not a Yorkshire lass - she would throw a hissy fit! Any eligibility criteria like Origin will fail when mapped against modern society. We move all over the place and identify with what is important to us.
  9. Police are still waiting for my "mug shot"! Don't know when that will be?
  10. The Dogs and Manly have been nothing short of a car crash this year. Why are there no calls for them to move? Oh yeah, they are Sydney clubs.
  11. Aren't there restrictions on the size of sponsors logos in the Premier and Football league? This is a PR stunt
  12. Growing up in Wakefield it seemed to be all RL. People loved soccer but there was no professional club so some of my friends supported Liverpool, some Leeds, some Huddersfield, some Sheffield Wednesday, some Man United. Schools RL was strong, it was the dominant sport at my school bar none. We had token cricket teams, football teams but the school had a RL team which picked from huge squads in all year groups. You forget how fortunate you were to be around so much RL when you move out of the country.
  13. Ellery is a good call. He wasn't a great passer of a ball but other than that he had the lot. I would have not problem with Hanley being right up there.
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