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  1. Yep Wire fans always seem to get excited at this time of year. It's normally mid-October when reality starts to kick in!
  2. This is the important fact - losing relevance is a real slow, long and painful decline. We cannot live in the past. Yes, millions used to watch GB tests and Challenge cup finals on the BBC - but they also used to watch snooker and darts in their millions too. The world has moved on and those viewers are not there now (simply because they only had 4 tv channels) they have to be earned. Northern clubs in a predominantly northern sport don't have the right to be relevant. They have to be judged on being relevant based on what they do - actions! One of the things they could have done was to embrace a wider footprint through international games and more expansion in club world. Well they have a choice now to fight that slow decline or to self preserve and decay a little more.
  3. I think the cupboard might be bare as far as the government is concerned.
  4. Disappointing but expected. This is going to hit hard over the next 2-3 months. I wonder if clubs had budgeted for fans late in the season? https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/54246745
  5. What about fans in France and Canada? Isn't it hard on them too?
  6. It hasn't always been the case Barry. Go back a decade and the beeb was getting pumped for low effort broadcasts. They have upped their game massively over the last few years and Sky has stood still - doing bare minimum at the moment.
  7. Sadly Robert, this sort of decision probably rests with 5-6 struggling teams who float around the mid to lower end of SL. They wouldn't want it any other way.
  8. Answer is none. But I agree, we shouldn't be expelling anyone at this stage - particularly one in a new market. If the pandemic hits us hard for another 12 months will will be struggling to put 8 SL teams out in a competition.
  9. You can't name anything relating to animal cruelty anymore. Maybe the Hull Faux Fair Ground?
  10. Do old Sky cards still work if you put them in the freezer?
  11. There will always be a number of clubs on the brink. It has been the case for the whole time I have been watching RL. The difference at the moment is how does the landscape look for those with a bit of cash looking to invest? RL clubs without assets, or crowds, or guaranteed long-term TV income - must be a scary prospect to investors. It could potentially just be bad timing for a club at the moment slipping into trouble. Fingers crossed we don't lose any clubs.
  12. Tyrone Peachy (centre) has been playing at 13 for Gold Coast as a running off the cuff player. Cameron McInnes (hooker) same for St George - play what you see. The smaller versatile 13 is coming back who can play with the ball and off load. This is a shift in mindset IMO and is very welcome.
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