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  1. but thinking you have a brilliant player who can lift your national team such as Uate who then jumps ship can destroy the national interest in the game. Kids signing up for amateur sides when unde 15 sorts the problem out at least where they are concerned which in the main will be most cases.
  2. Simple the resources go into the youth game which nails down the colours, major investment in the youth game will sort out the international pro game in a decade, why should the likes of Russia not get the chance to compete with the likes of Scotland on a level playing field, its a farce now and all anyone seems to care about is therir own selfish goals including the RFL. Its gonna take a strtegic change and perhaps an initial weakening of some artificial nations in order to strengthen the game internationally in the long run - but I don't think they're brave enough or co-ordinated enough to do it so we'll be having all the same discussions in 10 yrs from now in any case.
  3. Actually it creates a much more level playing field below the top three who none have a chance of beating anyway under the present system - death of Rugby League lol I ask you
  4. Should be like Origin, the first amateur club you play for determins who you can represent - simple final no arguments or work arounds.
  5. Looks like the best play-off series ever is about to begin, I would imagine that three of the four ties next weekend will post huge gates if not produce sell-out crowds which after last years disapointing turn outs is surely not before time. Is this a vindication of a) the play off system, b salary capping and standards leveling out or c) improving entertainment value of the game? discuss.
  6. Well then there would be three rubbish teams in it instead of one wouldn't there
  7. Same as 4 nations, teams play each other once, Yorkshire v Lancs here the rest in Aus top two play a final
  8. Why are so scared, didn't expect such a lilly-livered reaction tbh if we keep that cowardly attitude we'll never beat the test side.
  9. Could we expand the SOO competition to include Yorshire and Lancashire sides, I wasn't overly impressed by NSW this year and think strong sides from our heartland countys could become competitive.
  10. Why not just adopt the same policy as Origin, wherever your first amateur club was situated will determin which country you are eligable to play for - simple and unbreakable!
  11. Great game - result another brand new convert to RL who now can't wait for tonights Wigan Wire game, I think the World Cup has done us a favour.
  12. I'm not so sure, I guess the debate is foe either a top (Ch1 in this case) down or bottom amature division up approach. Ideally, I think you need both - not sure what the Ch1 averages for crowds but I would guess that its also a realistic target for a new venture too. I also think that the RFL should prioritise Ireland and Scotland for the good of the International game as it would be an easier progression for youngsters who come through the amature game and have potential to be kept in Rugby League and are currently being lost to the rival codes broader pro reach.
  13. Agreed, but as a genuine question, does anyone know how much it costs to set up a new Ch1 club such as we've recently seen with the South Wales Scorpions?
  14. I have from nothing and NO teams, its turned into a south west division in less than 10 years - but thats where I am located.
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