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  1. EGM

  2. Raiders V Skolars

    Listening to the radio it sounded like the ref didn't have a clue! and seeing the pictures on Facebook it looked like London doesn't have any changing rooms for the lads at half time!! Well done lads for a win?
  3. The Oldham game

    Well done in getting to Barrow and back Ron, with the train service what it is at the moment I wouldn't think about doing a long trip and expect to get anywhere and back in a day. Your a credit to your hometown club or just a madman lol
  4. The Oldham game

    The shirt raffle has not been claimed numbers blue ticket 101 to 105 winner to claim at the rugby shop
  5. The Oldham game

    I thought Barrow have more positives coming out of that game than Oldham, for the most Barrow played as a team with some great defence and even better go forward. Well done to both teams it was a 80 minute game! Not a bad crowd for a damp Sunday with soccer on the box. For my the ref was ok though I'm not to sure the Oldam scrum half was on side for the last try but then I'm a Barrow fan!
  6. Friendly v Barrow & District

    Cheers Paul
  7. Friendly v Barrow & District

    Anyone know who won the signed 2017 home shirt that was raffled today?
  8. 2017 Fixtures

    Who knows until the second half of the season and where we are in the league! But if your going to all the home matches then you should still be quids in .....
  9. 2017 Fixtures

    Hey don't get me wrong I'll get to as many matches as I can and I've paid my money so that is that. I just wished it was announced it was changing to Saturday nights and I wouldn't have bothered. I have a few weekend trips on the go in 2017 and I could make it back for a Sunday game but not a Saturday night! I'm not looking for anything other than notice to be taken by the person responsible to announce any changes to do it early...Please.
  10. 2017 Fixtures

    . Changing the day the Raiders play to a Saturday night after you sell season tickets doesn't help! Yes I will support the Raiders and yes they have my money for my season ticket but I will think twice next year as I will be out of pocket this year.....
  11. Game day

    Looking forward to seeing some rugby today it seems like a long time ago since there has been any at Craven Park ..........
  12. london

    What the ... 42-34
  13. london

    38-28 (
  14. london

  15. london