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  1. Why just for having an oppinion. All sports are trying to kick racism out but when it comes from the top it disgusts me.
  2. Kick them out of the competition.
  3. So we will have to put up woth the grubs next season wrll done london.
  4. 1= Davies 2 = Hardcastle 3 = Missi But really all 14 where men of the match.
  5. 1 = Thacks 2 = Josh 3 = Cooper Good performance from the lads today could have been a bigger margin on what has been a sticky fixture in the past a good win, forwards now to the next game hope we have no new injuries ..
  6. 1 = Holmes 2 = Hock 3 = Robinson Hard to pick three out of a good all round team performance.
  7. Better than talking out of it
  8. We all love you really, what would we do for logs without you.For someone who supposidely comes from shiply you do not have much respect for youre homeland.
  9. The population of Toronto as far as I am aware is slightly higher than Batley, Dewsbury, Featherstone York (who beat you last year ) etc. The comments you put on the forums show the respect you have for people that have been involved un this game for many years and you are probably wondering why you are disliked.For some one born in Shipley I would have thought you would have a little more understanding.
  10. 1 =NEWMAN 2 = WILDIE 3 = HOLMES Would like to keep Newman for the rest of the season. improving every week and seems to be enjoying his time at fev.
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