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  1. Capable of being the best player from both league 1 and championship
  2. Awesome signing if true
  3. We've deffo got the best pack in the league.
  4. I think it's out of Town Newcastle and Oldham maybe even Donny. I just think Haven will need a extra year with a new coach and all.
  5. I hope we have someone joining who's just as good
  6. The signings leeds have made they'll be top 4 easily in my opinion
  7. Leeds have made top class signings
  8. For a start Hurrel and lolohea are great players they've had problems but havr the potential to rip super league up remember super league isn't as strong as the Nrl sound very jealous and bitter to me that leeds have signed top quality players or maybe you just don't have a clue about Rugby league or the players.
  9. Hurrell is a great player what you talking about
  10. Workington have been in the Championship recently and done better than that apart from the last year which they got relegated obviously
  11. I've been told Sammut is back next season as player/assistant Coach don't know if it's true tho.
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