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  1. Me +3 on the Flybe flight on Friday morning. COYL!!!!!!
  2. Paul Davidson


    My John Thomas finds that remark offensive...... it would never be that weak or easily swayed by a crowd!!!
  3. Hard lines Rams. Looks like Toulouse are going to be very strong at home.... a bit like Catalans always were. Let's hope they don't travel well. Hope your fans enjoy the evening in Toulouse anyway. We'll be painting the town blue in three weeks time (a fair good number going over from Swinton). Let us know the best venues for a beverage or three!!!! .... and a decent brekky!
  4. Paul Davidson


    Presumably he'll be getting his money up front ....just in case !!!
  5. Come on folks. Let's make it a party bus to Whitehaven. A win could see us in the Shield semi-final. Reserve your seat now and give the lads the support they deserve in the last match of the regular season and our 150th year.
  6. Thanks for the opportunity to talk about the Trust and the Club Ben. Hopefully see you at Heywood Road on Sunday!
  7. Keith, make sure you let Steve Wild or Abbi know on the Facebook page.... https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1502714896703023&id=1458964724411374
  8. Great idea. Don't forget to have a look in the Swinton Lions Hall of Fame when your having a couple of beers in the White Lion as well. Many a Lions' legend on display.
  9. Thanks Glenn. You're email did actually get through. You're booked on.
  10. All - don't go to the club office to pay. As long as you let me know how many seats you want to reserve on the coach so I know what size coach to book then you can pay on the day. The Trust will trust you!!
  11. First match v Dewsbury will be at the AJ Bell and coach travel is available for £2 return. No news regarding later matches as will depend on outcome of Bury planning committee. I understand the type of stand proposed will literally take a couple of days to erect as it is similar to those used around the greens at major golfing events.
  12. Don't forget to donate to the Support The Stand appeal. Details at: http://lionstrust.co.uk/
  13. I think they call that a "senior moment" Keith !!!! Next you'll be thinking that the modern game isn't as good as the olden days with competitive scrums! :-0
  14. With my Folly hat rather than Trust hat on I'd like to say a massive thank-you to Rob Lever, Connor Dwyer, Chris Atkin and Ben White for coming along to today's junior section presentations at Folly Lane. The lads did the Club proud and presented medals and trophies to seven of Folly's junior teams (the other four are next week). The lads talked to me afterwards about the great team spirit at Swinton and the fact that all the players want to play well for each other. Thanks to John Duffy as well for arranging the players to attend. The youngsters really appreciate it......and I'm trying to get as many as possible to come along and support the Lions next season!!!
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