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  1. Barry eaton exit

    Good post Suzzy got two lads on trial playing tomorrow for me that's the best way to try and pick up some hidden gems in NCL who fancy a crack at pro for a club with our resources it would be a good way of recruiting without needing big money win or lose in long term much better strategy then DR
  2. Auckland Nines IN PROGRESS

    Went to this last year had the time of my life the NRL really know how to put on a show
  3. Lazenby Cup

    Marcus Elliott Lee Mapals James Duckworth Mufaro Mvududu Richie Barnett Simon Brown Danny Ansell Michael Haley Jack Lee Lewis Reed Jake Normington Ben Crane Liam Mackay George Flanagan Matthew Tebb Austin Bell Chris Buttery Matt Carbutt Nathan Darby Jamie Milburn Jimmy Watson Team for Friday btw
  4. Lazenby Cup

    All am saying is if people are so unhappy then do something about it not going to games or cancelling Hist will just make Hunslet more dependant on others best way is to call for a EGM and then people can vote for what they want. As for this forum I've no idea because I haven't been on it in a long time you would have to ask whoever runs it
  5. Lazenby Cup

    I'm not falling out with anyone just think you are out of order for saying he is not bothered fair enough you don't rate him but don't see need for what you said if you have walked away why keep boring everyone about anything club does you slag off.Your right no votes have being done and that's because no one has put a motion forward for one to take place read up on supporters trusts rules you will find it is in the laws for any member to do this

    And by the way I can't say I'm happy with Fev sooner have scrapped it just seems a giant waste of time now hopefully don't use any of their players don't need them could understand it with Leeds but not Fev

    Yeah you have got Millionaire bankrolling your team that's why if you were only 75k funding don't think that would be case otherwise and you must be still linked because you had a dual training session with them other night
  8. Lazenby Cup

    Why don't you come down Friday and tell him you haven't been for a year so how would you know one thing to question his record to say he isn't bothered is pretty poor to be honest easy to slag people off on here though no interest in this forum anymore but if you're so unhappy do something about it get people in Hist to force a vote on how club is run time to put up or shut up anyone in Hist can get a vote forced if they have enough support
  9. Mark Castle

    Donny offered more money simple as that

    Go to games and you can
  11. Good to see Adam Pawz Pawsey today think last time was 1973

  12. Still finding it pretty funny how drunk I was on Sunday it was a great day haha

  13. Saw a poor old man at work today in a wheelchair with no helper or anything could never leave someone to struggle like that glad I helped him get home

  14. Get me to New Zealand man today everything went wrong tomorrow is a new day

  15. Not the weather to be picking pallets legs are feeling it now