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  1. This article tears the RFL a new one over the Bradford situation:
  2. Yeah, just seen that he put this on another thread: "We are still working on getting a game on 15/1 at home against former Bradford players. Players & coaches want to play but we are waiting for Rfl approval. More news Monday but not reliant on a new Club being formed next week which i think is wishful thinking. If it doesnt happen it certainly will not be for lack of trying."
  3. Would be mightily impressive if they sort out and get the go ahead for a viable business, form a club, sort playing staff contracts, insurance, red tape, instigate training and get in some match prep before Sunday.
  4. Does anyone know the routine for match entrance / tickets? Is it just simply pay on the gate? Imagine kids with season tickets will need to go somewhere to get a ticket first, which will be fun. It's hard enough explaining "kids get in free" in England / English.
  5. From the BBC just now: Former Super League and world club champions Bradford Bulls have been liquidated after the club's administrator rejected a bid to save the club, reports BBC Radio Leeds. The Bulls entered administration for a third time in four years in November. The administrators hoped to have a deal agreed by Christmas but turned down a bid from a consortium on 29 December. Bradford won four Super League Grand Finals before being relegated to the Championship in 2014. More to follow.
  6. Can anyone shed light on and explain the point of the salary cap? If you can seemingly just spend what you want based on where you reckon you'll finish in 10 months, without having it in the bank TO spend then it surely isn't fit for purpose? If clubs can spend in the current season what they expect to win at the end of that season, and go bust if they don't make that position, what's the overall point?
  7. Good post.
  8. A photo wouldn't necessarily show a knock on though.
  9. I thought it was not given because of knock on? They did a 20 metre restart after didn't they? Shocker of a performance though.
  10. Kids season tickets from the regular season still count for away games don't they? They get in free with them. £13 for juniors is absolutely scandalous.
  11. I can't wait to see the video from today. Bulls first try, directly in line with where we stood and the winger who scored was well in front of the kicker. At the time, I wasn't that upset with A Brown's poor jump to get the ball as I was certain the ref or touch judge would give us the offside. Brambani ground their third try in goal. Best team lost today for sure. Kear was right in that they played the conditions better when it started siling it down, but I'm gutted for the lads today.
  12. Defence was outstanding tonight, we gave them possession in our 20 far too often due to the conditions but more than made up for it. Strange penalty for their first try, but we ground it out with the spirit and team bond we've got. This was a game we'd have lost last year. Hard to single anyone out as it was a tough game, but Patch played like he had something to prove to them and it showed.
  13. Lillycrop back though. I think Rowey needs a rest too, he was flagging a bit last week IMO. Ainscough to come in for Alex Brown too, who's playing for Jamaica in the 7's isn't he? Sean said he was rested last week because of that.
  14. Right. Makes sense now, your review was perplexing before. He was a mile off the pace, maybe 2. My issue is, unless we were down to the bare bones, why was he playing (and starting) when he's so unfit? Fair enough that the spirit of DR is exactly that - to give fringe or injured players match time, but that's got to be to give them final sharpness, not basic fitness. After the big song and dance made about getting Hesketh to a starting level of fitness last year before he was allowed near the squad, this was disappointing. My Cas mate says he's really good though, especially in defence. So I'll give him benefit of the doubt, seeing the decision to start him with the same frown as taking the 2 when 6-0 down.
  15. Is this all you do Blues Ox? It was the same when we played at your place - Fax got beat, you came on our forum to moan about legit tackles that you alone claimed were penalties. It was the non-existent spear tackle at your place, and all this nonsense above after your defeat at the Mount.