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  1. Ffs. That's ridiculous. That happens ALL the time, yet that's the first I've ever seen one re-taken. This ref better pull up every other team that does the same for the rest of the season.
  2. Does anyone know what was up with the ref? He didn't seem outwardly injured at the time, hope it's nothing serious. What was the 2 pointer retaken for? Some people are saying someone in the crowd shouted something as he was taking the missed kick? I've never seen a kick retaken for any reason, it seemed a bit odd.
  3. So you're saying that because other threads get derailed somewhere else, it's a green light for you to derail any thread you fancy? Rather than like, trying to stop it happening altogether?
  4. Yes, opinions are fine but forums have rules. If you post an opinion in a thread on something that has absolutely nothing to do with the topic, then it is just SPAM. As such is should be deleted by the moderators (or moved to one of the several other Diskin dissing threads on the forum). It all goes to pot otherwise and people lose interest.
  5. To be fair to the confused, the original post can mean two things equally. Wouldn't have hurt to make it less ambiguous "I'm an Oldham fan and we've got Dewsbury next. What are we up against?"
  6. There's nothing here that suggests very poor man management. If Shaun had been told he was playing, and then when he walked into the changing rooms there was someone elses shirt on the peg and that was the first he knew, that's bad man management. Nothing written above suggests that was the case. If Diskin changed his mind for whatever reason, explained those reasons to Shaun before the game (whether he liked the reasons or not), that's not poor man management. To not change his mind if he had good reason to do so would have been poor management full stop. I personally hope he's playing on Sunday, has a blinder and ends up with a good run in the team.
  7. Is there evidence of bad man management, or are you just equating him being told he's not playing that weekend as bad man management? I hope he gets a chance this Sunday.
  8. Almost perfect! The Mrs had Chandler as last try scorer on SkyBet. 50-1!!
  9. Where do you get your hat from if you ticked the other box on the form? i.e. if you weren't going to the Cas game last Friday?
  10. I think these things go the other way. You see players that have played better than their usual standard picking these awards up. Consistently excellent players (e.g. Brambani, Brown last year) tend to miss out where another player has played above their usual game.
  11. Agreed. I thought Davey had his best game for Batley. He was all over the place with the ball (in a good way). Really creative and sharp. At one point I thought it was a new player I wasn't familiar with.
  12. ###### take. I'd be fuming had I not had Trainspotting tickets on Friday night for ages
  13. This article tears the RFL a new one over the Bradford situation:
  14. Yeah, just seen that he put this on another thread: "We are still working on getting a game on 15/1 at home against former Bradford players. Players & coaches want to play but we are waiting for Rfl approval. More news Monday but not reliant on a new Club being formed next week which i think is wishful thinking. If it doesnt happen it certainly will not be for lack of trying."
  15. Would be mightily impressive if they sort out and get the go ahead for a viable business, form a club, sort playing staff contracts, insurance, red tape, instigate training and get in some match prep before Sunday.