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  1. Not really bothered if Newcastle are going PT. Just goes to show it takes time to build a team and support etc. If there crowds improve and the finances are there who’s to say they can’t go back to FT in a few years time.
  2. I need to do some more googling
  3. Makes sense as the pitch does recover quick, there was a brickworks where Asda is now and I have been told a large clay pit was dug where Stollers and Matalan are now situated.
  4. Thanks for posting that aerial shot didn't realise that was the location of the Jute works, is that a pond top left of the pic ?
  5. Listening to the radio commentary he was mentioned a lot in the 1st, not sure what happened in the 2nd, but you can’t turn around a score line like that single handed.
  6. The argument about it being a players mother is irrelevant. The fact is a drink was thrown over a player also an empty pint pot also lands on the pitch. Pathetic behavior if that happened at a football match and it was caught on camera the coppers would be speaking to her.
  7. It was a hot day and their cup final, bound to make them them a bit giddy. It was interesting seeing quite a few of the younger Haven fans all go into a toilet cubicle together when I was having a slash, that probably explains some of the obnoxious behavior.
  8. John Cox I think was the Haven commentator even he wasn’t as blinkered as those 2 today ,they were gutted when Sammut scored at the end
  9. the 2 clowns had it down as a definite York win prior to KO, brilliant result and response after Mondays poor show.
  10. Great win for Barrow I’ve just listened had the joys of listening to Radio York. The ref was the worst ever every set Barrow were offside, what a pair of tools commentating. They dont like it up em the puddings
  11. I agree with Miloudi receiving a ban he did rub his head in Worthington head that’s not in dispute. The reaction from Worthington was a sending off and he will receive a long ban along with the player picking miloudi off the floor. The players know the rules and they won’t and can’t be changed because of provocation. Focus on how well Fax played in the game a good attacking team who on that showing are coming good at the right part of the season.
  12. Agree with you DKW both Fax players are going to get lengthy bans and rightly so. Some Fax fans seem obsessed with it. I wouldn’t be surprised if Yorkshire TV make a documentary highlighting the injustice of it all.
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