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  1. tec

    Fev (H)

    1st 20 mins I thought Fev looked good 2nd half was the best we have played this season. Well done to the Barrow Ladies team.
  2. Going off the comments posted by Dalton Desmond-Walker about his accommodation Havens lottery win must have been 2 numbers on the Thunderball.
  3. If it was the same touch judge as we had at Widnes he was doing the same thing then.
  4. Case of double standards from Whitehaven. The then club captains crimes were horrendous so god knows what he has done. I don't understand why they signed him anyway with a court case pending, strange club.
  5. Early days give the lad a break.
  6. You seem more outraged about that than your club captains behaviour how odd.
  7. Yes I agree poor comment should have said salad dodger.
  8. You would have thought so what positives are there to report?
  9. I would expect Oldham to be winners of L1 but you never know.
  10. Doesn't look like there are any really poor teams in the league after the 1st set of games. Early days yet but 8 wins should get into a play off against a L1 team which you would expect a championship team to win whoever that maybe.
  11. I think you have missed the point. It was not a matter of waiting for a court case to see if he was guilty or not, did the club think this was going to just dissappear.
  12. Announcing him as club captain for this season even though he pleaded guilty last year was disgraceful along with playing him on Sunday.
  13. Morals and Whitehaven dont go together when you look at who they appointed club captain for this season.
  14. Last season was bad enough but to find themselves in that same position before the league has even started after signing a load of overseas players is the definition of madness.
  15. tec

    Injury list

    Another ball tampering scandal !
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