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  1. Just watched the game online well done to all involved .Is Raiders TV going ahead if so are the away games being streamed ?
  2. tec


    I agree don't think there are many worse in RL.
  3. tec


    Be even better if the old crest was on it instead of the flaming ball .
  4. You stated the payment made by myself was not a DIrect Debit which was incorrect -as requested please keep up .
  5. Read the above post -please keep up .
  6. Your Direct Debit order has been etc, from the go cardless email confirmation its under DD on my online bank account as well .
  7. Very easy to set up a DD to pay monthly . I made a mess of mine ordering a concession but it was simple to cancel and emails were answered quickly by the club- I think by Jack .
  8. Glad Saints won because of the embarrassing chants from Salford .Best team won .Lets keep football fans bigotry away from RL .
  9. Embarrassing chant you Scouse Bs couple minutes in .Saints are not from Liverpool too many football fans supporting Salford hope them get humped .
  10. Don’t panic only be for 1 season
  11. I would hope the Toal brothers will be signing .
  12. Only RL fans could debate such a non topic.Just celebrate the positive .
  13. I am sure the board will have learnt from the Hock farce .Good signings so far well done to those involved.
  14. Are they injury prone or just been unlucky ?Give the coaching staff some credit they will do their research and know players stats .
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