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  1. Newcastle ? Dress as an Arab billionaire and its free ale all day ! Sadly they haven't heard of human rights that far North.
  2. tec


    Hope Town win be good to have another derby for Barrow along with Haven. To do so I think you need to match them in the forwards.
  3. I hope Fev do get into SL. Stupid thread sums up some RL fans attitude regarding expansion. Success is earned by winning games and not on a clubs locatIon.
  4. Sadly I think your right but hope we are both wrong. Let’s face it both clubs need to be in the championship next season hope you get there in the play offs.
  5. Very distraught chief-than estatic 50 seconds later
  6. The best team will always win the league. Love reading the bitter quotes it has made Barrows triumph even better- keep sucking the lemons
  7. Town players have a good rest 3 games missed due to Covid and still faded away.
  8. Agree with that SJD.
  9. You have well done well. Shame Town missed 3 games eh !
  10. Dry your undies out lads you nearly did it
  11. Won't be missed his discipline is appalling.
  12. You don't get promoted purely on the squad you have assembled they need to do the business on the pitch !
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