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  1. It's standard practice, same in other sports. Football transfers are announced by the new club, not the old one. I honestly don't see the problem people have with this.
  2. 100% agree and yesterday was a great day out to finish the season off. I think we all knew what the end result was going to be but our boys did us so proud, as they have all season. Fans were brilliant too, you'd have thought it was us going up, Leigh end looked dead!! Well done everyone, let's hope we are in a similar position next season, hopefully at The Mount next time!!
  3. Oh yeah! Just need to figure out how to lose about 4 stone by Sunday
  4. Ah, ok, thanks. I presumed it was what the team would be wearing, doesn't look like a leisure shirt to me....
  5. Congratulations!!! I love Sorrento, have a good time. Hopefully the Miracle at Manchester will be the icing on the cake
  6. What just happened??? I'd like to watch again on the telly cos I watched the last ten minutes through my fingers and I've only just got in and I think I'm a bit delirious, but for now: Walshaw- what a game!! Leak Manning
  7. And screaming like he'd got six numbers when they scored. Not to mention accusations of time wasting and feigning injury
  8. Nor mine. Let's see if it makes an iota of difference, but I won't hold my breath.
  9. The only person who should be embarrassed around here is the person that can't stand the fact that hardly anyone agrees with them and so resorts to personal attacks. Let's see which new alias they come up with next time.....
  10. I'd include Dane Manning to the target list, he was taking some massive hits all game, along with JC and Hooley.
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