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  1. Bumping to say I've done day 5
  2. For me, the away kit is the chance to have a bit more freedom and artistic licence. I like the fact it changes fairly drastically and I love the blue kit.
  3. Agreed. I quite like the honouring of the ten year NRC anniversary with the red and white kit but the hoodies, gillets that I've seen are all blue. I really like them, dont get me wrong, but I would expect more gear in more 'traditional' colours to also be released. Hope so.
  4. Thank you. Yes, I'd definitely like to see more of him on the pitch, he has the potential to be a game changer.
  5. I really like both of them, will be keen to see the blue one in the flesh to see what the colours look like in real life. Love, love, love the home kit!
  6. Yes, please, I'm away with work so can't attend. Can't wait to see what it looks like!
  7. Is that the final amount, DD? If so, I'll send across.
  8. Thank you, the standing order mandate was what I was looking for, I knew I'd seen it somewhere.
  9. What's the easiest way to become a BISSA member, please? I've had a quick look on the website but can't see anything? Sorry if I'm being a bit thick.
  10. This. He made mistakes, there's no denying it but we were his first proper coaching job and if he's learnt from them, then I wish him the best of luck. As do many others, based on the FB posts.
  11. We are signing players that fit within our financial means. I've heard nothing but positives from Dewsbury fans about Morton, that's a good enough sign for me. There's not a chance we can afford super league players, BISSA have helped out as it is.
  12. Seconded. Amazing work done by you all, great to see our fivers going to good use
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