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  1. Thank you, the standing order mandate was what I was looking for, I knew I'd seen it somewhere.
  2. What's the easiest way to become a BISSA member, please? I've had a quick look on the website but can't see anything? Sorry if I'm being a bit thick.
  3. At least two sweeping statements here. You don't like him, fine, you've made that perfectly clear. But to say that those who wish him well or aren't full of vitriol are happy clappers is unfair and untrue.
  4. This. He made mistakes, there's no denying it but we were his first proper coaching job and if he's learnt from them, then I wish him the best of luck. As do many others, based on the FB posts.
  5. We are signing players that fit within our financial means. I've heard nothing but positives from Dewsbury fans about Morton, that's a good enough sign for me. There's not a chance we can afford super league players, BISSA have helped out as it is.
  6. Seconded. Amazing work done by you all, great to see our fivers going to good use
  7. It was a really good night, lots of laughs and loads of money raised, too - win win!!
  8. Loved it, great night and well worth the 30 quid! Hopefully can make the next one!
  9. I like it. Prefer the bottom one
  10. I thought he was our new signing when I first saw it on FB
  11. Me too. Am going to the Billy Pearce night too so will see any of you there that are going.
  12. There were buckets dotted around, but I agree, they should have had some shakers coming round with them.
  13. Agree with this, 100%. It's not even just the fact that they've lost a team-mate, it's compounded by the fact that were all there, and in a foreign country away from their families. We don't know the full circumstances of what happened, but it must have been absolutely horrific for those present, something that will live with them for the rest of their lives. Yesterday was charged with emotion, you could see it written all over their faces for the minutes applause and they pretty much left the pitch straight away at the end of the match, not that there were many left to cheer them off. Two weeks is no time at all in times of grief. Lets get this season over, let the lads that are returning have a rest and recover from what's been a truly awful season both on and off the pitch and see what next year brings.
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