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  1. I obviously wasn't referring to myself, haha
  2. Thanks BB. I've probably missed something somewhere, but how come we only play Bradford once?
  3. What a lovely gesture, both by your daughter and by the club. Sincere condolences for your loss and happy birthday xxx
  4. Happy New Year, Roger. Hope you stay safe and well. Xx
  5. Fiiiiixxxxx!! congratulations, what a way to start the New Year
  6. Yes. Thanks BB, just bought a few tickets
  7. Only home fans back at the football so far, although obviously RL fans are much more local to each other, generally speaking. Suppose it depends how the rollout of the jab is going when the RL season starts back up
  8. Thanks for arranging, Roger. My money is on its way via PayPal
  9. With respect, it does matter who is updating the website. It takes someone with the capability and capacity to keep on top of it. I imagine this would have to be paid for, and maybe it's not top of the list of priorities for budget spend? That being said, I do agree that at least the headline news should be put up there for those of us not on FB etc.
  10. Agreed. I like watching it, it's exciting. Or maybe I've been indoors for too long?
  11. They'll contact you and get your bank details for a transfer. When did you win, last weekend? Maybe it's worth the draw vid being posted on here each week?
  12. So your wife orders things and then gets you to log on and pay? The woman is a genius!!! I think I've said this before, it's very much about getting into the habit, and knowing which retailers you can contribute through. Just Eat is another one that is regularly used by lots of people, the little contributions all matter.
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