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  1. Awwww, man!! I'm at a wedding on Saturday! Groom is a Bulls fan, too
  2. I got the computers/AI names on the wall tonight. Proudest moment of my life I wasn't having a Brazilian at the time though!!
  3. Yes, he's signed. Says he's in for 2022
  4. Hard to choose after such a thundering team performance but: Johnson Hooley Lillycrop
  5. 20? Luxury!! We've played wi' 18 - two wi' limps, coupla broken backs and one wi' no 'ead!!!
  6. Last home game for me, will hopefully be on holiday for the other two - where has this season gone???
  7. Excellent news, well done BISSA, we are lucky to have you
  8. There's been loads of Beatles clues as well. Any Lennons, McCartneys, Harrisons or Starrs we can think of?
  9. And some of the pub landlords in the town centre, I hear there was a merry old time had in one place.
  10. Thank you, that's very kind of you. I hope you continue in your success too and that if you go up, you manage to shake up the old SL fossils.
  11. Aw, don't go, I was just starting to have fun!! We can disagree with each other and still communicate you know, this is a discussion forum not a world summit. Bet we don't even have the same favourite colour! ☺
  12. There is no hatred here, there's a couple of comments about 'the incident', nothing particularly inflammatory or insulting as far as I can see, but we get called pitch-forkers for daring to have an opinion. I wasn't at the game yesterday, so I can't comment on it. We were told up-thread not to visit the Fev forum if easily offended, yet you all seem to be here, clutching your pearls over nothing.
  13. I think you've completely missed/ignored my point but never mind.
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