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  1. That was my first thought as well
  2. Woohoo!! Thank you so much for organising, it will be worn with pride.
  3. I totally agree with you on the tickets and strip, if possible they should be available well before Christmas to maximise gift buying etc. Making the same point endlessly on new signings, however, is boring and completely pointless. We've seen that there are additions to the squad with our own eyes. Just be patient, when they are announced makes zero difference. They are in training and will be ready when the season starts, that's literally all that matters.
  4. I've said it before, we could sign James Tedesco and he'd still be too old/too slow/too Australian for some.
  5. You're assuming the players themselves have decided what they're doing. Season only officially finished for us last week, I imagine they'll have a rest, a holiday and a ponder.
  6. At last, someone with a cool(ie) head. Winning and losing is a part of sport. Yes, dire performances are frustrating, maybe a little upsetting for a while, but those lads have left it all on the park for a long time now, they showed fight and spirit against Halifax at Wembley but currently seem to be in a slump. We are definitely in a transition period, I feel. Think we will see a fair few retirees in the next year or two, but we will rebuild and come again. We are one of the best run clubs in the entire sport, I've got every faith that will continue and, as our friend from over the hill says, we've just to embrace it and enjoy the good bits that do come along. I do sometimes feel like we expect too much and put a lot of pressure on our players, they're part time let's remember. I've been accused of being a happy clapper before now, but I'd prefer that than to fall into a deep depression every time we lose a few on the bounce!
  7. My friend wrote that note and I can honestly say, shes one of the nicest and warm hearted people you could ever wish to meet. I'm so proud that something has come of it, and what a lovely way to honour those who never got the chance to see their boys at Wembley.
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