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  1. @UpTheRaiders, @Canis Lupus Direct email contact address has been given as ryan@ravensport.com
  2. Really? Your post above says otherwise.......
  3. I couldn't believe what I was reading this morning, absolutely awful. My condolences go to all Archie's family and friends and everyone at the club. Life can be very cruel.
  4. It is, unfortunately, the club have released a statement. Absolutely heartbreaking.
  5. The over-reaction and reaching on these pages really does astonish me at times!
  6. Leeds United kicked off at 12.30pm on Saturday so plenty of time for anyone to get between the two games. Not that I want to tar LUFC fans, I'm one myself, but it's probably not the best plan to schedule two games as such on the same day.
  7. I think it's great that you are doing so well, mixes things up a bit. All the best for the play-offs. You just never know!!!!
  8. Spot on, agree with every word of this
  9. So it's ok for you to throw unfounded accusations about but not for anyone else to voice their opinion? And no, it's not an acceptable response to call a fellow forum member an unpleasant name. There have been some great games to attend this season - Widnes at home, Dewsbury away, both Fax games, York away in the cup. So forgive those non-freeloading, non bottom kissing supporters amongst us who choose to still attend and support our club.
  10. What an absolute gem and an incredible gesture. I can't imagine him with short hair, hope he doesn't do a Samson, lol.
  11. That was a very poor game between two poor teams, neither side looked up for it. Someone put on Facebook at half time that we were playing well, they must have been watching a different game to me. Bulls were there for the talking, they'd have been well beaten by a Fev or a Fax on their day. We just weren't on ours. Onto next week.
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