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  1. BISSA POWER! The Batley Independent Supporters Squadbuilder Association have once again stepped up to back the club, with the signature of Half Back Reece Dean being made possible with funding from their members. Already this close season Craig Lingard has been able to add high scoring wingman Dale Morton to the ranks with backing from the group, and a second signing for the new term show the value of the contributions made. Supporting The Bulldogs for over 15 years, BISSA continue to support the players on the field by raising monies via Monthly membership, annual donations, and fundraising via various events, such as the recent highly successful evening with Billy Pearce. If you aren’t a member please consider joining as BISSA have supported over 130 players who have helped the club progress and improve on the field. For full details visit the website at www.bissa.co.uk Pictured above ar Head Coach Craig Lingard and BISSA Chairman Colin Bottomley Betfred Championship Shield Super 8sDat08/09/
  2. Excuse me Piggy.. I've a Samsung and I got it !!.....eventually . Its an age thing.
  3. Ah got it now. Clever. But I'm confused?
  4. Somebody from Driver Hire. Zoomed into top left. That's what it said.!!
  5. Sorry but think you've missed something here. Batley appointed Craig Lingard as head coach a couple of weeks ago.
  6. 7.30 for 8 I believe. Should be a good night. Pity I can't make it.
  7. League weekly are making loads of mistakes in recent weeks. There are several this week which tells me the people writing these piece's really dont know their sport. Anyway back on topic....I like the way our info piece's are being promoted. Breath of fresh air .
  8. 75/200 championship appearances. Good experiences winger. Solid. Welcome to the Mount Dale.
  9. On behalf of BISSA and BATLEY BOYS can I say thankyou to the people who attended last night's brilliant evening. We had a full house of 150, the meal provided by the Lakeside Restaurant was excellent but even better was the MC Paul Halloran , fantastic job , humorous, and ran the show. Thankyou Paul. Thanks to all the attendees for their support via the Heads n Tails and the Envelope Raffle, which raised a great amount for both Organisations. John Miller and Craig Lingard for their words and updates, And then it was topped by Billy Pearce who for nearly 90 mins never stopped.Jokes, bit of music, audience participation, laughs never stopped. Superb all round, thanks everyone Colin.......BISSA.
  10. Certainly radical but I like it. Dont what that says bout me though.
  11. Last 4 tickets for a 150 seat sell out. C'mon let's do it. Support BISSA and support the club. " You know you want to " PM me to reserve
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