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  1. colinb


    RIP Gwen. This is another really sad loss of a true club person. Her way of getting people to part with money or items was legendary. All for the Club. You will be sadly missed. My thoughts are with Ken and the family.
  2. Been away. Wheres Lucas Walshaw? Centre /Second row. Is he injured??
  3. The wind had disturbed some of the lighting under the roof,I'm led to believe. Health n Safety.
  4. colinb

    Sunday drinks

    There's also a bar under the stand for any overflow . Plus 2 outside bottle bars , 1 on each side of the ground.
  5. Currently sorting you a copy. I will be on the stall on Sunday. Look forward to meeting you Dogforever. Is that ok??
  6. I notice from Facebook that the leeds reserve side has a Niall Flynn in the squad. Presume this is the first of our players going in the opposite direction. That's good I reckon.
  7. Think month is to see how it/ he goes. Also, I think, if it was for longer there will be a call back option.
  8. colinb

    Widnes away

    Agree....Leeds reserve team only but 1 way
  9. Regards Toronto. And being practical. Their players would require accomodation at our cost. Then they could be called back. Loads of pitfalls. Also the way the "Rhinos arrangement" is being worded it seems a 1 way deal. Thats how I read it.
  10. Agree....much much better. Was defo an intercepted pass....just got the game and put on dvd for BISSA. Anyone requires a copy...bargain at £5. PM me. Colinb...BISSA
  11. Bowman didnt score. He made a great break for Leak to score. Really like him though he'll be good for us. Thought chisholm try was an interception. Doesn't make any difference though. We were certainly 100% better than last season.
  12. colinb

    HT Draw

    Anyone know / hear half draw numbers please ??
  13. FWIW...The next 3 games for Fev may be interesting. No Chisholm. He was the nucleus and that created the difference. We played well today. Thoughf the ref missed some calls / got them wrong but hey ho. I was very impressed with Bowman. Thought pack was good. Half backs stood up. Couple of tweeks /additions were not a million miles away. Well done.
  14. Hope so. We have loads of pack players but scarily thin in the whole back line. We seem to think players can adapt from Full back to wing to centre to half back to hooker to loose man. Jack of all trades....
  15. Linners in League Express says Tom's work commitments have changed. He will be training 2 nights and Saturday with us,still playing for Cleckheaton and should be fit for us in about 4 weeks.
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