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  1. Let's not forget they also had a short turnaround from trip to Newcastle. Credit not only to players but the fitness coaches as well. Also the squad has some great replacements that slot in well. Cant remember an overall group of players as good for a long long time. Brilliant.
  2. And did Logans foot touch the line before he pushed ball back?
  3. I enjoyed it also. Agree we were tested for 80mins. Didnt think we were as sharp as previous games, Newcastle dropped a lot of passes that we could have punished better. We stuck to it, kept at them and we responded well. It showed that we can adapt to different situations, credit to Linners and his staff. Team Spirit excellent, players coming in did well, a good afternoon's work. Now Friday's game will be a bit different. Can't wait.
  4. The referee is a constant target for a lot of speccies.....so counting to 3....would not help them....but the 9oyl would....1.....2......3.
  5. Same Kit/Colours but new shirts for players with correct names on. I doubt the players kit, or lots of them, will survive 2 seasons Phil
  6. Nice one Roger, take care.
  7. Dodgy? More like slippery
  8. Surely there can't be 2 Dewsbury's can there? The stuff of nightmares
  9. Same to you Frank, take care and stay safe, Best Wishes from The Mount & BISSA. Merry Christmas
  10. Reckon Dewsbury is a good shot you could do with a YOUNG half back don't you think BSJ.........
  11. Good signing this. Move the team around the park, confident, skill set, proper half back. that'll do for me. Him n Ben White , cant wait. Welcome aboard Tom. Well done to all concerned.
  12. I remember walking out of ground and my Dad saying after losing to Mysons " That's it, I'm done, not coming back " He did.
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