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  1. What 'bout Ben White now. Get him signed next and I think we've got a squad.
  2. Yep , and opposition know that. Linners will know that. We know that. Needs some man management. Like him though. Glad he's signed on .
  3. BISSA keep getting asked for a video/cd/ memory stick of this game. Anybody got it/ ideas?? Contact Colinb please.
  4. Agree. There's our 2 hookers( so to speak). Good signing.
  5. Don't hold your breath Piggy.
  6. Reckon it was a Friday lads night out.As Batley Bob says... classic Mauny....
  7. Cheers Roger. Well done. Dont do PayPal (got scammed) .As Delboy says "Cheque is in the post". Thanks. Colin.
  8. Well done Nigel. Which game is it this week? Have I missed the announcement?
  9. 3mins to go it was 240 tackles only 3 missed. Outstanding.
  10. Totally agree. It's a tough 1 but I would possibly go with friendlies first and 2021 league fixtures to start as they were planned .
  11. Who was No 16 KTF?. Who was the centre to Lee Bargate?
  12. Get in. Bulldogs to get this win.
  13. Think it's a great idea and a competitive price. In the current climate, I understand why the orders are directly requested from Ravensport, so hopefully the Club/Supporters club will enjoy some of the generated income.
  14. International level??
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