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  1. International level??
  2. Played with "the dark side". Came to us. Last time I spoke to him he was carving ham on the last stall standing on Batley Market.....Roberts'.
  3. Sorry cant Dog forever. All I know is the numbers are allocated once the time has expired to purchase. I'm looking myself on facebook but cant find. Suggest you ask KTF as it was he who posted that info. Sorry cant help .
  4. Cheers Roger. Recieved
  5. Had same ,but I have 2 email addresses, changed it ,new password, and bingo I was in.
  6. Thanks Roger. Where are the numbers on facebook??
  7. Thought the number was the one printed just under the reference number in middle. Last week mine said 98. Week before 400 summat .
  8. Yippee got mine. Changed user name. Changed password. No fan type question on mine Silverback. Was 4 away...94 winner...mine 98.
  9. Thanks Roger. Son gets mine. Not sure if Iro will appreciate all the calls though.
  10. I have only used the link from the club. My sons link works but mine doesn't. Nowt to do with facebook for me.
  11. Put ours on the slate then Roger. We'll enjoy it when it arrives.
  12. Got a be a whisky n dry with ice after that Rodge. Cheers.
  13. Cheers Roger. Mines a Lager Top please. Your good health Sir. Top man. Stay safe. Enjoy the game guys. Theres plenty more to come.
  14. Who's missing this place. Thankyou Luke Winner for posting this on Facebook. Credit Jim Morley as once again he helps the Club to look good.
  15. Currently BISSA have copies of games from Current back to the mid 2000s. We also have a few earlier than that. A few go back to the 90s. Including the one to be shown on Sunday. We are working alongside the club to help supply memorable games. If anyone has any older games which may even be on vhs, and would loan them to BISSA, would you please get in touch with myself. Also I have discovered that a lot were given to the Salvation Army shop in Batley some years ago. If you happened to obtain any of these please get in touch. Help would be appreciated. Thankyou.....Colin Bottomley
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