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  1. Absolutely correct Dogfather. Also the Club will not announce anything until the Contract has been signed and approved by the RFL.
  2. Or even Jolly Roger.But perhaps not at the moment.
  3. Yes I do. Agree to some extent with your comments, but think our back room boys plus Linners will get them fired up for Dewsbury, then take Bulls on at our house. That'll give us 4th place and that'll do me.
  4. Thankfully all positions remain the same in top 6. Phew. Dews n Bulls next.
  5. Losing 30-10. Where's our defence gone. London tries scored by numbers 1,2,3,5.
  6. Losing 18-4 Half Time. Other than Fax, all below us are losing also. Cmon lads, dig in.
  7. When Tom G joined Batley he did a q n a. His main point was, he had lost his appetite for RL. He had been on loan etc and wanted to get his appetite back. Credit to Tom, he has found this at Batley. As have quite a few other players. Luke Hooley is also a classic example. So ,yes, I personally feel ,we have improved him, as a person, and helped a very talented player get his mojo back. Regards a transfer fee, that's for our Club to sort.
  8. Cheers Bromley, close, but no cigar.
  9. Does anyone know the winning Golden Gamble ticket from yesterday please. Couldn't hear tannoy and didn't see it on screen....Its an age thing.
  10. Just seen on Facebook, neither have a case to answer, both available for Sunday. Posted by Luke Winner just now.
  11. Thought it might be, so the "rumours" regards Suspensions and injuries are a cunning plot then
  12. BSJ...honestly, you had to see it to believe it. I know referees have a tough job, but whoever put him on for this game.....well......they want their head testing. Was unfair to him. And the linesmen were as bad.
  13. Stan Gittins for me ........
  14. Yep I know that Phil, but until the documents are signed " the house isn't yours and you can't move in". We're all in line for Gilmore to stay.
  15. If true...Have you considered the documents may not have been completed and approved by the RFL?. and Batley do not announce anything until it is complete, other Clubs do of course. Just wait and see.
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