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  1. It was , and he did. Its on sky footage and mentioned by commentary.
  2. I'm Mature, I'm not a Kiddie, I also can't give you a figure.....simple reason.... I/we don't know!!!
  3. That's the reason for my comment at the bottom of my original post.
  4. Check out bbc sports site.
  5. According to the BBC website Semi Finals are next Saturday. Toulouse v Batley---16.15 KO Featherstone v Halifax--17.30 KO. Presume there is a time difference in France.
  6. Don't think so, but not definite.
  7. Anyone on here able to help BISSA? If possible can someone record today's game onto dvd, so BISSA could offer copies to help the funds. Would appreciate it if someone could. Please pm Colinb if possible. Thankyou.
  8. "Never" is a very strong word BSJ. Think the word " occasionally " would be better applied in this case. Also other teams "occasionally " don't announce the gate size. It's not exclusive to Batley.
  9. Great news. Wonder if we'll get any "new" players when play offs are done.
  10. Well done Tom..." you know it makes sense".
  11. Same here Roger T. Tbh didn't expect this, can't miss this home game.
  12. Think they are. I know Batley bugle, Dewsbury deporter, Morley ??? and others have 1 reporter for all.
  13. Agree, we CAN win this game. Listened to John Kears after match interview. Boy was he not happy. Rest assured they will be fired up for this game, we all know what JK can do. What a great season this has been, and still is. Cmon the BULLDOGS.
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