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  1. Aren't they being based in Leeds shortly??
  2. Did you get them from Dave Chilvers ??
  3. Think was 17736.Don't quote me though.
  4. Glad you do Robert. I'm a bit put out by the birthday wishes posted amongst the historic photos. Think John Miller is trying to say something about my age. I'll be having a word. HA HA .
  5. Apologies Gav,I quoted a Dewsbury fan...I think....???
  6. Funny that ....they said they rested 9 players against us. So which 9 are the main players.
  7. He's looking for the Match day programme Rob...Kevin's notes etc. This link seems to be match day tickets??
  8. Wrong again Deano. Watch Breatley hand 7ft in the air...it goes backwards from his hand.
  9. It was 1 on 1. As they rolled over Jouffret let go but Connor Robinson paused split second and actually put the ball in Jouffrets hands. Camera direct on the tackle. Ref missed it. Connor Robinson take a bow. He defo ran it for York though.
  10. Your coach was quoted as saying... " I've picked what in my opinion is the strongest side for this game " The 9 rested may have different opinions me thinks .
  11. Proof reader here Kayakman.....Lean.....Learn..... Youll' find Bi11 leaning on me int'nineoyl at t'mount.....he may be learning as well. Keep smiling. All good banter in the Rugby family.
  12. Batley even. Barley is in our Beer ovareer.
  13. colinb


    Don't forget Stan Thompson . Heel In ground. Proper rugby ball. Ball stood up.Toe first. Wallop. .
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