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  1. Toronto game was abandoned after 73mins. Thunder n Lightening. Score stands . Both games 46 nil. Does that tell us anything. ?? NAH.
  2. The person you allude to not having time to post due to other current commitments does NOT put any posts on at all.
  3. Proper grass. Brilliant drainage and a Superb groundsman BSJ.
  4. Broadbent IS a Centre. NOT a winger. We seem to have a clash of personality between coach and players. The naughty step has been busy this year. I feel, and this is just my opinion, but there is a distinct lack of Man Management. Call it inexperience if you like but it's taken 3 years to get here.It's like the workplace, some of us react to an arm round the shoulder, other to a verbal " discussion". It's a long time since I've felt these feelings and it's not good. But I will always follow the Gallant Youths, it seems like we have had 6 years(steps) forward and 3 years (steps) back. Rant over.
  5. Yep. Chalmers announced it. Will they play on all weather cos real grass could take a hammering.
  6. Judging by team selections this year...Bizarre ones.....wouldn't be surprised to see Bruce selected for this trip. Like I said ....Bizarre....nothing will surprise me this season.
  7. Not sure for definite but I heard his knee was still an issue.
  8. Why?? Judging by his effort with the interception at ours v Fax he seemed to have lost a lot of pace. Jouffret threw the pass and caught him within 20m. As said Reittie and Galbraith played better when on wings.
  9. colinb


    If he thinks that Reverend I'm sure neither set of speccies what him as a coach.
  10. colinb


    You will be taking the defeat then Graham
  11. Will Sharp intercepted uphill and couldn't get to half way line. Get a grip please.
  12. Go on Graham....tell us.
  13. Thanks. It's an age thing.
  14. According to that release in the Press we've 4 games left?, Thought we played 26 , home and away to the other 13 teams. We've all played 23.Thats 3 left. ??.
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